Samantha Ronson’s starting to freak me out, is Lindsay Lohan done being a lesbian yet?

July 18th, 2008 // 86 Comments

Lindsay Lohan attended the Sephora 10 Years of Gorgeous event last night to watch her girlfriend Samantha Ronson deejay. Anybody else starting to get really creeped out by this relationship? It almost seems like Samantha is a gargoyle that hangs on Lindsay and wards of predators with her fangs and leathery wings. And by predators I mean anyone with a penis. KA-KAW! KA-KAW! Wait, bat-women don’t make that sound. PEW! PEW! PEW! Much better.


  1. Bill Braski

    First!!! LiLo is a hot lesbinian

  2. Bill Braski

    First!!! LiLo is a hot lesbinian

  3. shannon


    ick ick ick.

    that is one ugly man.

    BUT… britney’s looking better than ever right there in the green!

  4. Ted from LA

    Is that a chick or a dude in the hat? Nevermind. I just realized I don’t give a shit one way or the other.

  5. BigJim

    LL is trying to beat all her addictions at once: booze, blow, and cock.

    She’s not a “for real” carpet muncher. It’s just like a methadone kinda thing to get her through cock withdrawal.

  6. Ted Mosby

    She appears to be channeling Stan Laurel.

    I can’t see LiLo being a rug muncher. A rug munchee, yes.

  7. J

    Why the fuck does Lezlo think that’s the way to get out of a fucking car? She’s just ASKING for upskirt photos! SLUTTT

  8. sheana

    LMFAO shannon……….. good one

  9. ggggggg

    LiLO looks coked out

  10. sara

    she looks.. weird in these photos.. i can’t decide if she looks drugged, or old, or what it is.

  11. Cash907

    Jesus titty fucking Christ, she looks like an L Word Cliche`. I know quite a few lesbians, and even the bullest of the bull dykes don’t have that crappy of fashion sense.

    Lindsay, honey, please for the love of God… you’re making Paris Hilton’s dating standards look high in comparison.

  12. granada

    From the way she’s been looking lately, these pictures are a huge improvement. It’s too bad about that outfit….

  13. Greasy Weezel

    That ugly bitch has to have an amazing tongue!

  14. Blech. As a straight guy, I think I’d rather toss the salad of Thai lady boy than dive into that manly vagina.

  15. She is an ugly thing… but I would tolerate her in a threesome with me and Lindsay… all long as she sits at the bottom of the bed while I go to town on LiLo and she doesn’t mind me using her as a pushoff device.

  16. steve

    Lindsay’s not drinking and driving, she’s not attacking people, she’s not passing out in public. Let her suck her Ronson in peace.

  17. BigJim

    Once upon a time.

    Very long ago.

    I thought LL was hot and I wanted to fuck her.

    I was quite masochistic back then.

    I’ve grown out of it.

    I treat myself much better now.

    I cut myself.

  18. Ted from LA

    Didn’t you cut LeRoy Brown too?

  19. lloyd johnson

    I didn’t know lindsay was going with joel/benji madden.

  20. uh-huh

    Why does it always seem that Sam is wanting to get away from Lindsey…I mean, LiLo is always grabbing Sam’s hand, and kissing her neck, and the Samster always looks so annoyed…or maybe that’s just her face?!

  21. JJ Daddy-O

    SR has a serious Uncle-Fester-Throwing-Up-Gang-Sign vibe going on in that picture.

  22. dude_on

    I think it is great that LiLo is now officially playing for the other team. It isn’t like she is some great loss to any known male fantasy. I wish her many years of strap-on love with that scrawny wannabe penis-envying bull skank.

  23. alisa

    god lindsay is so pretty and that dyke is not…………… not even a goodlooking dyke……….. just ugly…….. but yeah yeah yeah looks arent everything..

  24. rough daddy

    she has a new kind of crowd now right? cause ive certainly lost interest,,,it aint the same no more….

  25. Joshonce' Knowles

    Nicely done. Somewhat limmerick-ish in nature.
    It immediately inspired me to write a little poem of sorts:


    “It’s a little bit funny…
    this feeling inside….

    I’m not one of those who can…
    easily hide…

    I don’t have much money…but…
    boy if I did…
    I’d buy a big house where…
    we both could live.

    If I was a sculptor…
    but then again, no

    Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show…
    I know it’s not much but it’s the best I can do
    My gift is my song and this one’s for you.

    And you can tell everybody this is your song
    It may be quite simple but now that it’s done

    I hope you don’t mind.

    I hope you don’t mind

    that I put down in words….
    How wonderful life is while you’re in the world.”

  26. rough daddy

    something tells me theres a fisting party somewhere with these four…

  27. Jimmy Norton

    They look like those white dirty cunt Yuppies that live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

  28. majek

    I just want to know…. is that hat the new “plaid” for lesbian girls? first the “girlfriend” is wearing it, then Lohan is wearing one too…. even hetero couples know better than to dress alike.

  29. BW

    I thought LL was dating Pete Doherty when I first saw this. Looks like the same dude to me as in this picture:

  30. It’s impossible for me to believe that Ronson smells or tastes like anything except cigarettes and anus. Lindsay’s last splooger must have had a serious urethral infection or something.

  31. adeliza

    “Lezlo”…….that’s great!

  32. Kevin

    If you were a girl and Michael Lohan was your father, you’d give up the snake too.

  33. WTB

    Waitaminute there, Superficial Writer…

    …”STARTING” to freak you out?!

  34. Cata



  35. Joe C

    Is that ugly bitch throwing gang signs?

  36. I dont care if I'm first

    Does that dike ever NOT wear that hat?

  37. an_observer

    Her lips look so gross stuffed with all that collagen. Her hair is nasty too.

    But U know she is loving this attention – look at her face, she’s beaming.

  38. FUCKING HELL! when is that dude fixing her roots!

    it is disgusting yellow and ugly, she should call the hairdresser of britney maybe she can fix her the bald look!) BBLLUUHHH


  39. Kingsley Amis

    What’s with the dog in the first picture, the one in the awful yellow sweater from the 80s? Didn’t I get drunk and fuck her in my dorm? Cause I’d never fuck her sober.

  40. CYNCYN

    yak!!!! does anyone can see they already have matching earings and matching tatoos with a star on lindsay´s hand? does this gilr is crazy or what?
    samantha is sooooooooooooooo ugly!!! I could not belive this relationship until this last pictures witch show more than I could tought!

    But to my opinion you american girls must need a lot of moral education, and much more of your parents attention, this is why because gilrs so cute like lindsay end up like this…… so shameful….

  41. NARC

    Lindsay has really lost a lot of weight since she’s been hanging around with dyke woman. I don’t think Lindsay is with her for sex.

    Good drugs: Crack, Ecstasy, Coke, LSD, maybe, whatever takes off the pounds you know. Lindsay looks really great now, it will be interesting to see how much she has shrunk by next month, my money is on that she’ll look like she just came out of a Nazi prison camp.

  42. no thanks

    #41. Thank you for noticing that the reason she looks different is the weight loss. It just annoys me immensely when people can’t pick up things like that. Hmmmm she looks different I wonder why, her freckles look less stretched, what could have caused that??? HELLO.

    Ronson was the bad influense that got Lilo all coked out in the first place and Lohan looks out of it, almost zombie like, and thinner gee I wonder what could be causing this. This shit went down a few years ago; fake unflattering blond hair, weight loss and drug addiction. C’mon Lohan the only thing you have done differently is parade your lover around town this time. Think of something new to entertain us, your fame is hanging on for dear life, boys don’t like REAL lesbians and the real lesbians doubt your sincerity and girls aren;t jelous of you anymore because well you let that thing go down on you. Society, in terms of entertainment like lipstick lesbians and they don’t like pretty girls getting with ugly people way below their league it ruins the shiny image (look at how Catherine Zeta Jones fell off the face of Holywood oh and she got old) so get a hot girlfriend, make a sex tape with her and then get arrested or pack your bags and take your one way ticket to Hasbeenville.

    Sadly I’m not sure Lezzielo will ever date a hottie she has that “I have to be the hot one so I’ll only date hideously ugly gremlin things” which is such an effin buzzkill.

    Also note the rainbow dress, GAY PRIDE ANYONE?

  43. I don’t know why everyone is making such a big deal about her being a lesbian like this is news to anyone, HELLO she’s been a carpet muncher for years, she fucking dated Wilma Valderama very publicly for like two years and Wilma is the biggest bull dyke on the planet. I can’t believe it’s possible, but you actually traded down Lohan.

  44. Jake

    I don’t know if it’s the lighting, camera angle, or what; but her face looks swollen in some of these pics. Like she was stung by a bunch of bees or something.

  45. Lindsay is starting to look cracked out again. Another round of rehab is on the horizon. Sigh.

  46. lipsticklova

    The problem isn’t whether or not Lilo is gay. The problem is that she has decided to throw a bunch of free PR (or is it?) to the talentless Ronson clan. Jesus, didn’t we all think that Foreigner had crashed and burned decades ago? And yet that twat Mick Ronson produced not one but at least 4 lame-ass spawn last I heard. “Celebrity DJ”…”Celebrity Clothing Designer”…”Celebrity Producer”…God help us all.

  47. PetermanRealityTour

    She looks like goddamn Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice. Only not as hot.

  48. skinny blonde

    At least one of these photos is Photoshopped. Lilo’s arm doesn’t match up with her armpit and her hair stops and then starts again on her arm. What’s up with that??

  49. This Samantha chick is another typical Hollywood lame ass DJ who spins top 40 bubble gum horse shit. For a bull MFing dyke she’s alright looking but what’s this gang symbol signing with her hands. Tool.

    Real DJs spin drum n bass and house. Any fool can drop that sorry ass hip hop and r&b track playing that’s not even mixed. Wanna hear the real shizit click my name bitches!

  50. friendlyfires

    Such an unhot lesbian. Lohan’s demon deejay makes baby jeejee cry. Wait, isn’t the Lohan Catholic? Yes, call an exorcist, banish the demon deejay. Recite thirty three thousand four hundred and ninety two Hail Mary’s and fiddle with ninety eighty pounds of rosaries and don’t forget the incense. Yes, there will be blood, demon blood, TONIGHT!

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