Samantha Ronson is a health nut

Samantha Ronson dropped a bombshell today when she admitted she doesn’t work out. Apparently, the folks at People couldn’t get enough of Sam’s “svelte” figure in a bikini this week. Which leads me to believe they get wet in the pants at the sight of Amy Winehouse – another 12-lines-a-day diet success story:

When asked about the secrets to her slim physique, Ronson, 30, told PEOPLE that less – a lot less – is more: “No gym – well, not in the last five years. All the credit goes to Mom and Dad and their genes!”
Not that she doesn’t indulge in the occasional cardio activity: “Sprinting through airports to catch flights,” Ronson added about her workout “regiment.”
The deejay even jokes about one of her only vices: Marlboro Reds. “I get winded just reaching for my cigarettes!” she said.

She gets winded reaching for her smokes. God, why are all the good ones gay?

Photos: Splash News