Samantha Ronson has a lot to learn about women

February 25th, 2009 // 61 Comments

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have a pretty volatile relationship. I mean, let’s face it, they’re anorexic coke zombies; shit’s gonna get ugly. But sometimes they remember why they found each other, besides co-dependency, and have a nice romantic moment. Or at least almost do until Sam dedicates a song to Lindsay without paying attention to the lyrics, according to TMZ:

During the acoustic concert at Genghis Cohen in L.A., Sam got “awwwws” from the crowd when she told ‘em “This is for Lindsay,” but the song included lyrics like “I’ll follow you out of control … I’m falling after you, in and out of love.” In her dedication Sam also said “You get your heart broken sometimes and then you unbreak it and break it again.”
Linds was there — sitting front row with a digital camera — and said the song made her mad.

Okay, just to put things in perspective I want you guys out there to tell your wife, girlfriend, toaster (Don’t judge me.) that you’re falling in and out of love with her. See if that doesn’t get you stabbed in your sleep – or your Pop Tarts burnt. I can change!

Photos: WENN

  1. Particle)Man

    LOLZ for days. Transitioning back to the dong in 3…2…




  2. hooper


  3. vanessa

    whoever gave this girl a microphone should be taken out back and shot.

  4. Bickus Dickus

    I just added Lindsay to my Death Pool

  5. Jrz

    Shoulda just stuck to a Melissa Etheridge song….always a safe lesbian serenade.

  6. I don’t want imagine trying to have sex with Lindsey Lohan. I’ll bet her pussy tastes like Grey Goose and shame.

  7. JY

    Or at least almost do until Sam dedicates a song to Lindsay without paying attention to the lyrics

    I’m pretty sure she WAS paying attention to the lyrics, Superfish.

  8. Vince Lombardi

    I guess between all the blow, songwriting, and carpet-munching, Sam couldn’t find time to run by a car wash.

  9. Vessel

    fuck me i stood about 3 secs of that shite before i had to turn it off and resist throwing my pc through the window – total gash

  10. Vince Lombardi

    Maybe with all the extra free time she’s developed staying away from food, Lindsay could wash it for her.

  11. Dr. Phil

    They’re (strike one) lesbians, and (strike two) drug-addicted, and (strike three) borderlines. Angry is their orgasm.

  12. Photoshop Police

    Get this matchstick of a girl into rehab before she falls thru a sewer grate!

    Lindsay, you need to lay off the cola.

  13. Simon cowell must be rolling in his tight Tees…


    UGH. People go out to listen to that crap on purpose? She can’t sing! But I think it’s rad that she dedicated a song about having no truth left in your eyes. They are both bollocks.

  15. Mikey

    @6…LOL !! Thrown in some dirty ashtray and you’re all set!!

  16. steve

    Ronson only played that song because she couldn’t find “Lick My Rancid Tunahole”.

  17. Courtney Love

    Samantha Ronson is like Kurt Cobain. She will end up blowing her brains out to stop dealing with a crazy bitch.

  18. Dixie

    I voted no on the California Prop 8 because it is discrimination but I must admit I do not understand the whole gay thing. I cannot imagine tasting and smelling another chicks pussy. I like the way mine smells of course and I like to shower before sex.

  19. TJ

    Has LiLo turned into a real piece of shit or what….eew.

  20. Yoda

    Knowledge, Responsibilty, Literacy…. the Porch Monkey craves not these things….

  21. mary

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  22. Joe the Plumber's Crack

    It’s easy to understand, especially for men. Like gay men say, “eventually I realized I was gay.” So, for years a guy goes out with girls and tries to be hetero and succeeds in having sex with them, but still, he’s not happy, until one day he wakes up and says “I know! I want a hairy guy’s spurting cock deep in my ass!” Happens all the time. Could happen to any of us. Right.

  23. JayJay

    Oh my God! Ronson’s singing makes Jouquin’s rapping look good!
    Seriously, I cannot believe that there are so many people out there with actual talent that are struggling and this piece of shit gets paid.

  24. Nah, she obviously has a talent, why else would Lindsay stay with her?

    Oh, yeah, but singing isn’t it. Stick to DJing..

  25. daunte

    Seems to me Sam has learned more than enough about women. She is fucking Lindsay Lohan. What star are you fucking?

  26. HalifaxDave

    LOL 6. Morganzola I think the taste would be more like Jameson’s, cheese curds and shame…and come on who hasn’t tasted that a few times in their lifes?
    She is a sad cunt though

  27. charbar

    Is Lindsay’s hairline receding?

  28. I didn’t think the Lebanese approved of girl on girl action…

  29. Sam

    “She is fucking Lindsay Lohan. What star are you fucking?”

    Wait…what “star” is Ronson fucking, again?

  30. EveryonePoops

    More like falling in and out of key…

  31. Chris Brown

    I can’t get enough of those boobs.

  32. Thanks to all who emailed me about my mom… she is recovering well.

    Today’s reading is the entire BIBLE!

  33. Massa'

    @ 32

    Sorry about that, Bible guy– but she said she was used to double fisting.

  34. Jrz


    Less beans.

  35. Awesomenovachcik

    I’m so glad Lindsay is using her nose as a ski lift again…. Making momma proud

  36. kiki

    Wow, she is tooooooo sexy!Then it is not strange why her naked photos were posted at the forum of …..”C e l e b m i n g l e. C 0 M”….., the poster said he was her neighbor, she always enjoy in dating to different men.

  37. dooley

    Damn! She looks terrible! And by she I mean Lindsay. If I had meant the other one I would have said he.

  38. Marketta

    When her next movie comes out you’ll all feel bad about what you say! SHE WILL REMIND YOU THAT SHE WAS A YOUNG PRODIGY NOW BLOSSOMED INTO ADULTHOOD !!!

  39. Ms Anonymous

    OMG.. what a bunch of cokewhores!! Sniff much?!?

  40. Ms Anonymous

    OMG.. what a bunch of cokewhores!! Sniff much?!?

  41. Darth


  42. Delgo

    What a voice…

  43. Darth

    I’m surprised the audience didn’t throw with bottles at the end like in that Patrick Swayze movie.

  44. Darth

    And by bottles I mean ones filled with gasoline and a flaming wick.


    Lohan is addicted to crystal meth. It is so obvious in these pictures. I have the thought Ronson did this to Lohan “lock her down” because Lohan validates Ronson’s mishapenness with her beauty. Imagine being famous and ugly? This is why so many stars are on drugs. The brilliant light of fame shines light on how ugly and poor they are on the inside. In the case Ronson, her ugly exterior is due to an ugly interior.

  46. Bickus Dickus

    Is it acceptable now to classify Lindsay Lohan as a “Former Child Star”, of the Dana Plato, Leif Garrett, Adam Rich, Corey Haim ilk?

  47. Pussy Galore

    I wonder if anyone agrees with me here but, it looks like Lindsay looks like one of those people on “Faces of Meth.”

  48. herbiefrog

    she’s [like] our daughter b*tch

    what… ? [[[[[[shhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

  49. Dust Off

    Lindsay’s cute days are over. She’d be lucky to ever get a movie gig again, so she’d better be kissing up to saMANtha who is obviously her pusher and meal ticket all wrapped-up into one pink taco.

  50. Jas

    These two so called off and on lesbians are so annoying, and i’m not the only one who wishes that they will die. Samatha is a wanna be dude and Lindsay is a so thin she looks like a twig. I want to get a hold of Lindsay and break her in half, just so we don’t have to here anything else about either one of them. If they had any common sense between their two brains you would think they could figure out that the way they look makes people wonder what in the hell they are doing. This is the main reason i just want them to get in a car accident next time they go out. Another thing, why would anybody want to dedicate anything to Lindsay she doesn’t deserve that.

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