Samantha Ronson has a lot to learn about women

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have a pretty volatile relationship. I mean, let’s face it, they’re anorexic coke zombies; shit’s gonna get ugly. But sometimes they remember why they found each other, besides co-dependency, and have a nice romantic moment. Or at least almost do until Sam dedicates a song to Lindsay without paying attention to the lyrics, according to TMZ:

During the acoustic concert at Genghis Cohen in L.A., Sam got “awwwws” from the crowd when she told ‘em “This is for Lindsay,” but the song included lyrics like “I’ll follow you out of control … I’m falling after you, in and out of love.” In her dedication Sam also said “You get your heart broken sometimes and then you unbreak it and break it again.”
Linds was there — sitting front row with a digital camera — and said the song made her mad.

Okay, just to put things in perspective I want you guys out there to tell your wife, girlfriend, toaster (Don’t judge me.) that you’re falling in and out of love with her. See if that doesn’t get you stabbed in your sleep – or your Pop Tarts burnt. I can change!

Photos: WENN