Samantha Ronson seeks restraining order against Linday Lohan

April 7th, 2009 // 58 Comments

Samantha Ronson might look like a man who’s done time, but that doesn’t mean she’s not afraid to get stabbed in her sleep by Lindsay Lohan’s crazy train. Us Magazine reports:

Samantha Ronson’s mother and sister asked Beverly Hills police how they could obtain a restraining order three days after Lindsay Lohan was banned from a Ronson family event, exclusively reports.
“They were directed to the court to get a restraining order,” Beverly Hills Sgt. Nutall told Us on Monday.

In the meantime, the soon to be legally restrained Lindsay is now acknowledging the split, but claims they’re just on a break, according to E! News:

Now, Lindsay Lohan exclusively tells E! News that reports of her breakup with Samantha Ronson are true: “We are taking a brief break so I can focus on myself.”
The decision was made Monday morning following a rather rough weekend. First, the 22-year-old was barred entry from a Ronson family party on Friday. Then a locksmith was seen paying a house call to Ronson’s abode, where Lohan had resided in recent months.

Lindsay’s taking a break to focus on herself. Right. Then who was she focusing on while she was spending all of Sam’s money? The children?

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  1. Zimba

    Let’s see how much better she can do. Samantha will never get laid again.

  2. Que

    Que juicy gossip.

  3. Snaggletooth

    How shocking is it that Sam has more common sense than Rihanna?

  4. So does that mean Samantha’s available??? Yayyyyy!!!!! (call me, Sam!)

  5. She looks like she ready to kill a bitch.

  6. bahahaha
    thank god <3
    Lindsey will finally be straight again

  7. Humpin frog

    Why does she always look like Gollum following Frodo to Mt. Doom? Well, I mean if Gollum wore pants, a knit cap, and possibly a bra(?).

  8. Matthew

    odds on hohan parties with party mom dina? 10-1

  9. Dita

    I dont like this Samantha girl.. I hope Lindsay goes Chris Brown on her ass, that would be funny.

  10. truk

    who’s that dude?

  11. ishi-san

    restraining order?? What could that skinny bitch possibly do to her? And who the hell is the ‘Ronson family”? I knew she had a famous brother but now its a whole clan???

  12. Ronson looks like she’s been face down in some firecrotch for way too long.

  13. Time to hit the titi bar Sam…

  14. RichPort's Ghost

    Since we’re amongst friends….. I went home last night and masturbated furiously to “Mean Girls” again…

    Anyway…. between the kumstains and the skidmarks in my underwear, I debated throwing them away. But Mommy won’t buy me any new underwear until I wear out my Sears Toughskins. You know, the “husky” sized pants for “husky” lads (read: fat SOBs who’ll never get laid except for the 5-knuckle shuffle, if we can count that….)

    Sometimes the self-loathing overcomes me in waves that would make those 100-ft swells in “The Perfect Storm” look like ripples in puddle….

  15. BUffon

    Is him… Seems he is famous on some tall dating place ____TallMingle.com___ where are many hot models and handsome guys. Many tall singles find their lovers there

  16. johnny

    This chick is sexy! Damn!

  17. @15 that one was slightly enertaining. Keep it up, maybe some day in the far far away future you will actually be semi-funny. Doubt it; but could happen.

  18. Jake

    Ronson being the sane, steady one is like Kevin Federline being the “good” parent.

  19. Dura

    NICE! Now send Lindsey this way for some rough “hate yourself” rebound sex.

  20. Gando

    Important announcement to make;hola!

  21. Jennyjenjen

    @18 Agreed, I was kinda amused as well. But, his vast knowledge of overweight adolescent’s underwear lines has me questioning him..

  22. @15

    @15 – You hold onto that grude. Hold it tight and never let it go! It’s all you have! You think about it at night! You rub your smarmy hands together plotting and planning witty retorts only to reuse the same tired old references…..and everyone reads you and thinks, “God, this guy doesn’t let it go..he must really be jealous of the guy he’s ragging on….” which in turn, only makes the real RichPort more attractive, because he obviously has gotten the better of you and you can’t let it go. So, keep picking at your emotional scars.

  23. PunkA

    COUNTDOWN to Leaked porno for Lilo:

    21 days…..

  24. Objection sustained

    lol @ 23

  25. Jeff W.

    Lindsay has borderline personality disorder and with an upset like this expect a suicide attempt (probably with pills) very shortly. Borderlines fear abandonment and getting dumped is a sure fire way to make her suicidal.

  26. CakeSnifferer

    Probably a stunt.

  27. Clorox Anal wipes

    @27…I dunno about her having a borderline personality disorder. Looks like she’s got a full blown personality disorder to me. HA!

  28. Rhialto

    Who’s respinoble?

  29. dude_on

    Who saw this coming… really? I guess I just misjudged their commitment and devotion. They just seemed so happy and now…. sniff… it’s over? Should we spin the wheel of lilo misfortune and see what’s in store next…whoosh….. rehab…. glue sniffer…. slips a nip…. passes out and goes to hosp… no! the wheel stops on public tirade with a finger salute to the paparazzi. Okay great, now we have that to look forward to.

  30. James Martineau

    @6 I think I can do better:

    I just realized that all Samantha Ronson needs is a pair of goggles and she will be able to tag along with Vin Diesel in Pitch Black.

  31. Mr. Jones

    “We are taking a brief break so I can focus on myself”

    Is there a moment that this c-u-next-tuesday ISN’T focused on herself?

    And passed out in a bathroom stall doesn’t count.

  32. jawhoa

    Who’s Linday Lohan?

  33. jawhoa

    Who’s Linday Lohan?

  34. smarg

    She is one ugly she-male, fo sho.

  35. sam (not ronson)

    I know Sam always looks like a dude, but she actually is quite pretty (if you look hard on the net you’ll find one or two pics where she looks like a woman). Yeah, her rates, fame, etc. probably went up because of Lindsay, but my guess it’s just not worth putting up with the massive amounts of CRAZY that come along with Lindsay.

    Any bets on how long until Lindsay gets a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold ala Britney? Sadly, I doubt neither one of her parents is capable of pulling a Jamie Spears and stepping in to get the girl’s life together.

    Switching the Red Bull for Big Macs would be a giant step in the right direction.

  36. zooey

    “taking a break to focus on herself?” bwahahahahaha

    wtf, i almost spit my mocha-frapa-machiati whatever out…


    did ashton write that up?

    this has to be a fucking joke.

  37. saMAN is nature’s practical joke of trying to combine two sexes into one person

  38. MilitaryMom

    How about Jamie Spears taking over LiLo’s life too? Maybe he can make her do a rehab and cut her off from the world with no cell phones and no unmonitered outings or phones. Yep, her and Brittany can be roomies!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha! Seriously, LiLo is a lost soul and needs someone to get her back on track. Is it “kewl” to have public nervous breakdowns now?!

  39. God damn she’s fucking ugly.

  40. Evil

    I want to fuck Samantha, there I said it.

  41. JustJess

    @ 11

    Google Sam’s family – that bitch comes from a shitload of money and believe it or not…

    talent and friends in high places…

    Lindsay doesn’t even reach her ankles in that dept. – Lindsay’s just two-bit Long Island trash in comparison…

  42. michelle

    i think ronson is kinda cute. i would definitely scissor with her any day.

  43. That’s a woman?

  44. George W Bush

    I don’t know what the fuck Lindsay is packin’ in the bedroom but this this chick looks like she’s been riding a horse!!! Infact, Ms Lohag might’ve driven Herbie right up her love tunnel and left it there. No doubt with a trunk full of blow…

  45. liz4sale

    man that bitch is fucking disgusting. shes whiter than her beloved pile of coke, skinny as fuck, and always looks like she’s hasnt slept in 3 days. that goes for both of them actually, except lindsay is orange.

  46. humpinfrog

    I never noticed it before, but in each of the pics, with Lindsay in them, she’s showing off her watch. Like it’s an award or trophy. Wow, great job Dina. Your 22 year old daughter judges life by material things. That might be a harder habit to break than coke/horse. Again, great job Dina! Hope that, “Mother of the Year” award, pays your bills, from here on out. You destroyed your daughter. And by the way, I understand she’s an adult. She had no guidance getting there! Dina sucks and should be an outcast to society. Sorry for the rant. I hope she reads it.

  47. kels

    I’m pretty sure “taking time for myself” involves boatloads of cocaine and another trip to the hospital for “exhaustion”

  48. I call 'em as I see 'em

    I love how Sam’s holding her keys in the offensive, street fightin’, “I’ll cut you” mode. She means business.

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