Samantha Ronson doesn’t hate Ali Lohan’s single

July 28th, 2008 // 52 Comments

Samantha Ronson is shooting down a rumor that she refused to play Ali Lohan’s new single because it’s a flaming turd. The rumor started in yesterday’s Page Six, and Samantha decided to set the record straight by blogging about it on her MySpace page. But not before playing golf, slathering herself in whipped cream and fulfilling various other lesbian stereotypes:

i mean….. really?
ok- so i don’t make reference to most of the crap said but every now and then my patience wears a little bit thin—-
1- I really like the song- as soon as her myspace page goes up it will be a song of the day-
2- the only person who showed up with a cd for me to play was my lil step brother chris- he is in my top friends- i played his song coz i like it
3- where do they come up with this sh*t????
4- the most pathetic thing of all is that richard johnson is an old friend of my mother’s and therefore could have easily fact checked this one….. however- it would seem that no one cares to do any of that anymore- in fact- i’m sure if i looked up the last 10 times my name appeared on that page i would find that none of it was true.
i wouldn’t be responding to this one- but i’m afraid that people might actually believe that and that’s not fair to Ali. She’s 14 years old- high school is bad enough- do tabloids really need to torture teenagers as well?
well then- with that out of the way- I hope you are all well and check out the single on itunes- it’s a great f***ing pop song!

Alright, I can understand Samantha Ronson pretending to love Ali’s single. It’s her girlfriend’s little sister; I get it. Sam wants to stay flush with fire crotch. But “fact checking”? Now she’s just making up words.

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  1. Time for this cherry-popping daddy to pay a visit to ripe little Ali…

  2. rough daddy

    why! hello there young lady,,,man playground in the manking….

  3. f you men


  4. matt

    “richard johnson is an old friend of my mother’s…but clearly not of mine!!!”

    *bing-bong, heyooooo!*

  5. ph7

    She’s got her sister’s nice cans.

    I love nice cans, and these qualify.

  6. Damn, who is she? More importantly, why isn’t she anorexic or knocked up yet??

  7. “Flush with fire crotch” would be a great name for a band.

    Hi troll #1, that was actually fairly humorous.

  8. @5 Her sister doesn’t have cans. She has jars. Big, drooping pickle jars.

  9. veggi

    I don’t care what her birth certificate says, she’s obviously ready for a visit from Buster Hymen.

  10. WHO


    no seriously, Who the hell is this?
    why not just report that Bob down the street ran out of toilet paper yesterday? jeez… all these ‘non-celebs’ making ‘non-news’

  11. miggs

    I can smell her pussy.

  12. pinky_nip

    I’d love to take a long deep whiff of his anus. If he blatted I wouldn’t bat an eye (…so to speak…).

  13. Tom Cruise

    Sportsdvl, perhaps people wouldn’t pretend to be you if you weren’t a dick to everyone on here. Does it really make you feel that much better calling everyone a “douche” almost everytime you post? You sound like a broken record. Just some advice…

  14. Deacon Jones


    I see she’s got her sister’s traits – great tits and hips, and a face that ages 5 times as fast as the rest of her

  15. Karen

    Hopefully soon she’ll have a fat hairy record producer’s saggy balls in her mouth, as he promises her a second album with lots more promotion. Guys are such great human beings!

  16. i really don’t think she has any talent. so why would anybody even want to listen to her crap? who even cares about them or her song?

  17. Actually Tom Cruise – you are a douche. Anyone who would use that alias for posting is obviously a douche. And, if you could read – you’d notice I complimented the troll comment as it was humorous. Now, crawl back inside your Scientology “church” you midget douche bag.

  18. Oh, one more thing. Most of my posts are either comments or laughing and giving credit to someone else who wrote something funny. Pretty much the “douche” is kept for lame ass-hats who post 1st and it is the highlight of their lives. You really should be a little more informed before making your comments. Just a thought.

  19. Samantha

    Sportsdvl I think “Tom Cruise” was just trying to give you some advice. You don’t need to be so deffensive. If you feel the need to call people names, thats fine, but when someone tries to give you advice, either take it or ignore it.

  20. granada

    A little 14-year-old girl who always has that I-just-smelled-rotting-roadkill grimace on her face and who squeezes her boobs in a push up bra in a tight top…Have I just described a celebrity or a common street whore?

  21. Oh, and Sportsdvl you're a ...


  22. surgerylass

    Why is she slways frowning? This is a girl who wants a career n showbiz …
    she better learn how to give the all appealling smile to adoring crowds or
    the people wont think she is all that adoring !! Get with the program your trying to get on Ali.

  23. Disgusting Ted

    I don’t care what anybody says. She looks old enough, she’s fully developed, I’ll fuck her.

  24. suckmysong

    the song did suck!

  25. Anonymous

    Sportsdvl has little man issues. It’s much too obvious.

  26. lala

    so confused as to why she looks like she’s going through menopause when she probably doesn’t even bleed yet! I guess she just decided to skip teenage, years, 20′s, etc. and go right to 50+. All jokes aside, Kim Catrall looks younger than this whore in the making.

  27. moobs

    This is gay.

  28. Michael Lohan

    “she probably doesn’t even bleed yet!”

    Oh, she bled all right…

  29. Oh,

    Oh, Sportsdvl, you are a douche.

  30. WTF……Are you guys kidding. She is the anti-christ.

    Untalented Little spoiled Cunt-Bitch. (Which could possibly be fine if she was ANYWHAT attractive. She’s not. She’s a Hardcore Wannabee… best)

    THIS (and her type) is exactely what’s wrong with the world.

    IHave you met her before?……I can tell you that She truly is a horrible person in the heart.

    I’d rather give myself a Dirty Sanchez followed by a Self-inflicted Donkey-Punch

  31. Donkey Punch I tell you. Followed by ripping my eyes balls out and replacing them with my testicles.

    Please do not every put this hideous creature on such a respectable site like The Superficial. #10 is right…i’d rather here about the guy down the street running out of toilet paper

  32. So What

    Who cares? And, why does his 14 year old have the face of an ugly 40 year old?

  33. Caitlin

    Ugh, what kind of mother lets her 14-year-old daughter go out with her boobs all pushed up one way and her top pushed all down the other way? Seriously, what kind of mother??? Oh, wait …

  34. SimplySarah

    Thanks for clearing that up, Ronson. I stayed up all night worrying that you hated Ali’s crap music. Phew!

  35. Lindsay Lohan has a sister?! Woohoo! Another 5 years of tabloid fodder! :D

  36. tedbundy

    Where did the breasts come from? I saw a bit of her show and she had nothing..

  37. Lulu

    You can’t very well argue “leave the poor girl alone” when she’s trying her darndest to be noticed. “Look at me!…wait! Only say NICE THINGS about me!” She’s now a public figure, time to toughen up.

  38. Only women bleed

    That ain’t a woman, she’s an insignificant creature pretending to be a singer and a bunch of other things.
    So why is the Ronson chick talking like a 14 year old girl anyway?, imagine the conversations between her and Lindsday, both have prepubescent brains.

  39. Cattyluo

    She is my favorite. Someone told me she is datting a young billlionaire on -”"”"”M i l l i o n a i r e4me. c o m”"”. What kind of relationship she is looking for on that site? Long-term relationship or just a date?

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  42. It’s only the giant Klingon-esque forehead & eyebrow combo that’s keeping me from having some seriously illegal thoughts.

  43. Madonna_Kebabsoff

    I think that Sam Bronson/Ronson whatever bloke, should drop firecrotch and put the heat to this hot piece of ass. It all looks firm and tight under the layer action. I bet the teen meat flaps are like trimmed beef, not like old wizard sleeves from the blohan big sis. Is u wit me peeps?

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  45. Dorito Man

    She’s pretty.

    But I have this rolled up section of wet newspaper in my hand, so I’ll hit her with a tsk tsk for wearing cheap glue-on hooker fingernails. Phony nails are a major turnoff.

  46. Madonna_Kebabsoff

    WHOA..where the hell did the rack come from all of a sudden. My first glue on figernails = not hot. Huge rack = that’s hawt. I’d hit it with Ronson’s strap on.

  47. somuchbetter

    has anyone seen her on that lohan show? She’s always whining and pouting like a spoiled little brat. Maybe she started the rumor herself.

  48. be sure: I DO IT FOR HER!!

  49. lameo

    WOW 14 year olds should not be showing off their boobs.

  50. Lola

    really who gives a shit about this little whore? she had a bad attitude problem and she has no talent at all…. i refuse to believe she’s only 15 or whatever the hell age their lying about…. this bitch looks at least 23 years old….. that mother of theirs is a walking shame and disease to all humans…. absolutely no soul at all…. pushing thiese freckled spawns of hers and expoliting them for money…. enough is enough… no one cares anymore…. this girl is ugly as hell and needs to stop pretending she has talent
    she does kinda look like Kristen Davis though…. a whore-ish looking Kirsten Davis that is

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