Samantha Ronson doesn’t hate Ali Lohan’s single

Samantha Ronson is shooting down a rumor that she refused to play Ali Lohan’s new single because it’s a flaming turd. The rumor started in yesterday’s Page Six, and Samantha decided to set the record straight by blogging about it on her MySpace page. But not before playing golf, slathering herself in whipped cream and fulfilling various other lesbian stereotypes:

i mean….. really?
ok- so i don’t make reference to most of the crap said but every now and then my patience wears a little bit thin—-
1- I really like the song- as soon as her myspace page goes up it will be a song of the day-
2- the only person who showed up with a cd for me to play was my lil step brother chris- he is in my top friends- i played his song coz i like it
3- where do they come up with this sh*t????
4- the most pathetic thing of all is that richard johnson is an old friend of my mother’s and therefore could have easily fact checked this one….. however- it would seem that no one cares to do any of that anymore- in fact- i’m sure if i looked up the last 10 times my name appeared on that page i would find that none of it was true.
i wouldn’t be responding to this one- but i’m afraid that people might actually believe that and that’s not fair to Ali. She’s 14 years old- high school is bad enough- do tabloids really need to torture teenagers as well?
well then- with that out of the way- I hope you are all well and check out the single on itunes- it’s a great f***ing pop song!

Alright, I can understand Samantha Ronson pretending to love Ali’s single. It’s her girlfriend’s little sister; I get it. Sam wants to stay flush with fire crotch. But “fact checking”? Now she’s just making up words.

Photos: Splash News