Samantha Ronson doesn’t do lesbian bars

Lindsay Lohan’s man-thing Samantha Ronson turned down an offer to host a benefit for Rubyfruit “a landmark lesbian watering hole” in New York. It turns out Sam doesn’t do gay clubs, according to Page Six:

“At first, her agent said it was $8,000 for the night plus airfare and hotel. Then, he was informed it was a gay and lesbian bar, we were told she doesn’t do those kind of venues. She doesn’t do gay and lesbian bars and clubs. I thought it was kind of strange considering she’s a lesbian. It would have been really great to have her in there and help . . . It’s really like betraying her sisters. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Curious move – except not really. You see, folks, these two aren’t a gay couple. For more evidence, pick up a copy of my upcoming exposé: “Lindsay Lohan is Not Really a Lesbian Because Samantha Ronson Has a Cock.” Okay, maybe it’s not so much an exposé as an illustrated children’s book, but you get the gist.

Photos: Splash News