Samantha Ronson doesn’t do lesbian bars

September 23rd, 2008 // 72 Comments

Lindsay Lohan’s man-thing Samantha Ronson turned down an offer to host a benefit for Rubyfruit “a landmark lesbian watering hole” in New York. It turns out Sam doesn’t do gay clubs, according to Page Six:

“At first, her agent said it was $8,000 for the night plus airfare and hotel. Then, he was informed it was a gay and lesbian bar, we were told she doesn’t do those kind of venues. She doesn’t do gay and lesbian bars and clubs. I thought it was kind of strange considering she’s a lesbian. It would have been really great to have her in there and help . . . It’s really like betraying her sisters. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Curious move – except not really. You see, folks, these two aren’t a gay couple. For more evidence, pick up a copy of my upcoming exposé: “Lindsay Lohan is Not Really a Lesbian Because Samantha Ronson Has a Cock.” Okay, maybe it’s not so much an exposé as an illustrated children’s book, but you get the gist.

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  1. wow

    I was just going to comment about the sup.writer slamming a lesbian for being a lesbian. Uh – what? I mean, if she’s into L.L. that’s her problem. I mean, physically there is nothing wrong with L.L. but to just go into Ronson like this bcause she’s with this hot chick is stupid…but then I read the comments about Obama, how good looking girls can’t be lesbians, and how we have to pray for the girls…I mean – wtf is the matter with you?

    If one of these two is serious about caring for the other – great!
    Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

    and that stupid stupid comment about Obama.

    You need to grow up dude…

    This whole posting reads like little boys holding their little useless dicks because she female without a dick took the hot girl away and the next prez is going to be a black guy…

    you all need to grow up…deal with yr shit.

  2. Jeff W.

    All of Lindsay’s behavior is consistent with borderline personality disorder.

  3. Alicat

    If you’re gonna date a chick that looks like a dude just date a dude!

  4. HorribleJudgment

    Really, I don’t give a shit what Samantha Ronson does or doesn’t do. Cause holy shit, is that bitch ugly. She looks like a fucking weasel-faced hermaphrodite. She’s got a nose like a blob of play doh smushed onto the middle of her face, her eyes are all beady, and sunk down into her flesh, into these dark sunken holes with bags under her eyes, and she’s got these repulsive sausage lips that make you want to vomit. Her whole face makes you want to vomit! That’s not even all of it! She’s got eyebrows like Bert from Sesame Street! She’s got a skull shaped like a corpse. She looks like a corpse dug up from a cemetary. I bet she stinks, too. She looks so repulsive, ugly, and disgusting, I bet she’s one of those hermaphrodites that smell bad.

    Not that Lindsay is any prize either. Her freckled faced is all weathered and leathery. She’s got the face of a 48 year old. Yuck. That hermaphro hypocrite and fake lesbo deserve each other.

  5. they r just doing for publicity … and I also wonder how those pussies taste like
    mmmmmmmmmmmmm they must be using dildos together instead

    ROFL !!


  6. Mistik

    I ean **ridiculous lol :p

  7. Mistik

    who cares really..

  8. Mistik


  9. hoho

    all of you are losers. but lindsay’s hot. she should find the true path soon

  10. katia

    sam seriously looks anorexic!

  11. Lmaolos

    wow! I am not the last one! LOL~
    she is still sexy and hot. the last time i saw her PICS was on
    ___MatchRich.CoM___ the club For celebs,Wealthy beauties,Is she looking for a serious relationship or just for fun?

  12. hendero

    How cute – Lilo’s shoes match Sam’s box of Marlboros which match the highlights in Sam’s shoes – which match Lilo’s fire crotch.

    A totally coordinated couple.

  13. friendlyfires

    Samantha Ronson – small boy’s penis or very large clitoris – you decide – ooh wait, this just in, hey Sam, Seth Rogan called, he wants his genitalia back, NOW! Cat’s out of the bag, Seth has the testicles, Sam has small or oversized rubbery thing, you decide, Lindsey has … the FIRECROTCH … !!!

    People fight over that?

    Where’s that extra berth on the ISS?

  14. She is an “OPERATED”-FAGGOT?

  15. with other words: A LESBIAN WITH A PENIS?

  16. HughJorgan

    Maybe she just has a seven inch clit /cock

  17. Grunion

    I just hope this doesn’t affect Lindsay’s amazing acting career


  18. kyle

    She is playing at WETBAR in atlanta, and it is a very GAY club. See her there!

  19. blah

    Here is the fact: Her girlfriend is pretty fucking cute girl-guy.

  20. kp

    ronson played at wetbar this weekend in atlanta… a gay bar

    and lindsay wasn’t there.

  21. kp

    ronson played at wetbar this weekend in atlanta… a gay bar

  22. it's a boi

    Gay bars perpetuate the segregation and intolerance. They exist because of homophobia. It makes a statement to by openly gay while not participating in what can be considered a divisive concept. Why does this girl get so much trouble? If the media wants us to ‘love to hate’ her, i’m not picking up on whatever they see.

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