Samantha Ronson brings Lindsay home the bacon

February 2nd, 2009 // 52 Comments

Samantha Ronson apparently wants people to know who’s the bread-winner in her relationship with Lindsay Lohan. The two attended the ESPN Super Bowl bash Friday night where Sam DJ’d while Lindsay decided to add narcolepsy to her fake repertoire. I have no clue. NY Daily News reports:

Lindsay Lohan caught up on some sleep while girlfriend Samantha Ronson manned the turntables. “Lindsay was kind of moping around, and Sam had to keep checking on her and cuddling her,” our spy dished. The duo checked out Maxim’s bash before telling guests they had to catch an early flight back to L.A. “Sam was DJing at Portia de Rossi’s birthday party on Saturday night, and then flying right back to Florida for more gigs. She was telling everyone, ‘I’m making that money!’” our spy shared.

Wait. Is Lindsay just with Sam for her money? GASP! All this time I thought their relationship was based on mutual physical attraction. Sort of like a Beauty and the Beast-type thing but with lots more shame and vomiting in a locked bathroom.

Photos: WENN, Pacific Coast News

  1. dave

    smells fishy first

  2. Allen's Woody

    Not going to declare “First!” like the rest of you jackass fuckos.

  3. Jrz

    “I’m making that money!” Is that dyke code for something sexual?

  4. Beth

    #3 – yes. It involves greenish discharge. I don’t think anybody wants to hear the details.

  5. your mom bltch

    fuck ass shit cunt cock

  6. Lu

    yeah right she brings the money……..but she is famous cuz she hooked up with lindsay! if not she would be nobody!

  7. ___

    #2, Not only are you about as unoriginal as #1, you are just as much a jackass fucko as he is too. Well done, dipshit.

    And sweet name, by the way. Not even one bit clever.

  8. CakeSniffer

    Can one really make all that much money by putting on records of other people’s music? One would think that’s a minimum wage gig…

  9. Damn, she’s looking hot again. Can’t she just pick one and stick with it, then maybe I won’t loose interest. lol

  10. ishi-san

    Wow! its very clever to pull your head back and let the world look into your nose when its covered with expensive white powder!

  11. Right Fury

    bleech. just bleech. goes to show what kind of damage a pair of screwed up parents can cause.

  12. Portia’s hot. if I were a lesbian, I would do her.
    Samantha’s not hot. If I were a lesbian I would not do her.
    So…there you go.
    Well, unless she bought me a kilo of blow. Then I would consider it..

  13. Tim

    Samantha Ronson brings Lindsay home the Jessica Simpson?

  14. Lu, you are an idiot. SR had her career before LL and will have it after she finally wakes up and gets rid of her. People, like you, who only know about her because of her relationship with LL do not matter to her.

  15. me

    samantha ronson is my #1 on my hollywood fuck list. although, i wudnt fuck her. i want her to do me.


    Who is this blond bitch? What happened to that slutty, gorgeous redhead with all her anger at the world that I used to love? She went into rehab and out came an empty shell – bland, sexless, broken and dull. I want the old Lindsay back. I want the old Lindsay back.

  17. Jack

    Try as she might, Lindsay will never be able to stay with the stinking fishhole. In time she will giving to her craving for spurts of hot salty ropey semen.

  18. Foreigner

    Samantha Ronson is a HORRIBLE dj. Really useless. Her brother produces crap music that nobody will ever listen to 3 months after it’s release. And I believe there is one more Ronson cunt who is clothing “designer” and her line is shit.

    These people were raised by Mick Jones of FOREIGNER! (step-dad/anal rapist). And tha,t in 2009 America is enough to make them “celebrities”. Next time anyone sees any of them, please go up them and say “FOREIGNER! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! COLD AS ICE! HAHAHAHA! FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME! HAHAHAHAHA

  19. Blah

    Cocaine nosejob

  20. Ali Knievel

    Wow, in the 1st pick you can see the transdimensional black whole that sits where her septum used to be. Stupid coke whore.

  21. Mary

    It’s sad that she brags about profiting from making Baby Jesus cry.

  22. Really?

    So Frist, you are admitting publicly to being a coke-head?

  23. llism

    “Manned” the turntables is right.

  24. Sydney

    She’s still really pretty

  25. Anon

    After years of telling men that its wrong to and disrespectful to boast that you’re the “breadwinner” and everything earned is also theirs.

    Women now want to rub in their partners face when they are the “breadwinners.” (or at least earning slightly more) and make sure they know who’s money it really is.

  26. Randal

    Sam continues to spin a mean set on the club scene and it’s great that she was asked to DJ the ESPN bash. Don’t count Lindsay out though, she has a few movies lined up for 2009.


  27. #23 Really? – You think every comment I say on here is serious??? Wow. No, I was only joking, dumbass.
    Why, do you know where to get some??

  28. i think their relationship is based on not being pathetic alone and need for attention

  29. Think that’s first set of covetable hair extensions I’ve ever seen!

    Wouldn’t want that colour mind, and we haven’t seen the back, where I guess there’ll be some nasty join, but, give the girl Some credit….

  30. ramona putz

    Note to Sam:
    Stop responding to Michael Lohan’s comments.
    Anyone worth their salt knows he’s shit & that everything that comes out of his mouth is shit & always has to do with finance.
    Stop giving this man an audience and more importance than he deserves.

  31. ManiacFive

    And she aughta rememebr that if she wasnt scissoring with LiLo she wouldnt be making that money. I can’t believe anyone would seriously hire her for a DJ’ing abilities. There are 14 year old boys in their bedrooms who DJ better than she does.

  32. buzz_clik

    Beauty and the Beast? Pffft. Sam wishes she looked like hairy Ron Perlman.

  33. Italian Stallion

    I’ll bring her home the sausage…..

  34. JJ

    I think you mean coke-winner.

  35. kate

    WOW Many her fans are chatting this on my favorite community called ***sugardaddyconnect.C o M*** where I met many cute, sexy girls

  36. Troutpout

    Looks like Li-lo got her lips re-filled. How much fishier can it get than a dyke with a trout-pout?

  37. John Farmer

    What the hell is this? “Attack of the deathly skinny fembots from Mars”?

  38. We all know that the most difficult circomstances brings out the best things in humans.
    There is ONE exception though:
    ……………………………………………….lindsay lohan.
    (she simply loves SHIT)

  39. norton

    Methinks the Celebu-twat, over the top fun making has become tiresome.

    It’s time for a revolution.

    Enough of the Hollyweird coalition. Enough of the overpaid ‘celebrity”. Enough of the plastic “who you should be”.

    Advertising, advertising, advertising.

    Even this site promotes it, even incidentally.

    Help! From mainstream America. Help!

  40. Nathiest

    Financial stability is one of many reasons why couple stay together these day. Its normal and healthy.

  41. Nathiest

    Lindsay reported earnings for 2008 was a little over 6 million dollars. Trust me the only reason why Lindsay is with Samantha is because she loves her!


  42. SIN

    Sam doesn’t bring home the bacon, she brings home the red snapper!

  43. Particle)Man

    I’d still beat up that pussy, regardless of whatever bonus stds. Now where is my fleshlight?

  44. Katherine

    My sis is a publicist for ESPN and was hosting the party. She said Lindsay and Sam both look like a size -2 and that Lindsay looked like SHIT. And apparently she saw them get into a fight….HA.

  45. Alex

    ^ Yeah, everyone I know that has seen Lindsay in person in clubs mutually agree that she looks used up, especially her eyes. She has eyes like a 40-year-old meth-addicted prostitute that’s been selling her ass to score her whole life.

  46. Lu

    r u kidding me? ronson a career?? c’mon…she honestly SUCKS! and will continue to suck all the way through

  47. mds

    Gotta credit the NY Daily News with accurrate reporting, though. “Manned the turntables” couldn’t have been more accurate…

  48. wza

    but unfortunately not the sausage, heyooo!

  49. I think if Lindsay And Sam are happy people stop putting them down and start supporting them, because they cant help the way they feel inside!

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