Samantha Ronson beats Lindsay?

February 8th, 2010 // 49 Comments

Gossip Cop has “debunked” recent reports claiming Samantha Ronson is physically abusing Lindsay Lohan:

Without furnishing any specific time or place where Ronson was allegedly “violent” with Lohan, RadarOnline quotes an unnamed source saying, “One time I saw her [Lindsay] and she had a large welt on her head… She told me that Sam beat the (bleep) out of her… She also said that Sam even punched and choked her one time.”
Again, there isn’t a single detail, just a so-called “source” making allegations.
When Gossip Cop contacted Lohan last week about an equally erroneous story about Ronson punching her in the mouth, the actress told us exclusively, “None of that is true.”

I like Gossip Cop, but did they seriously just take Lindsay Lohan’s word as a reliable source? Lindsay “I stopped sex trafficking in India with my collagen lips” Lohan? And if a history of compulsive lying isn’t bad enough, for all we know she’s getting the coke punched out of her by Lesbian Squiggy. I mean, Christ, it’s a miracle she’s not shitting in strangers’ hats trying to repair the “time crystal.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. ddura

    Do ya blame him? I mean her?

  2. Brooks


  3. odd bird

    Like Lilo is a reputable source for anything but sniffing out where the bag of coke is hiding.

  4. RubYourFeet

    Who is this guy?

  5. Doc Schweinstrudel

    YET another Jewish chick on this website. Samantha Rottenslob

  6. She deserves it

    Good. I hope lindsay’s lezzie scissor sister beats her down on a daily basis. The entitled arrogant self centered drama queen brat definitely deserves it; maybe it will set her straight…

  7. Doc Schweinstrudel

    See even little bag of gold hanging on her neck. Cartman was right!
    On a side note. Can you get anymore gray in one room. I mean c’mon! Even contact lenses!!!

  8. Taz

    That dude is fugly

  9. terry

    probably treats her like the red headed step child and Lindsay probably loves the attention

  10. She looks like a He!

  11. Richard McBeef

    that’s a mean lookin’ dyke.

  12. Mark

    Have to agree here. Gossip Cop serves a purpose, but many times their answer to a rumor is to go directly to the source. Although this makes sense, it also serves no purpose. If you do something stupid and someone witnesses it, are you really going to confirm it when asked?

  13. LINDSAY looks really great here, shes sexy as hell as a brunette/red head. I wanna go brunette!! except my hair would probably fall out, im a really light blonde, SUCKS!!! go lindsay!!


  14. That dude looks a little girly.

  15. Ego

    No lie, that Sam Ronson fellow looks exactly like my boy Paul. It’s scary. On a side note, I’d bang Lindsay, she makes me happy in my pants.

  16. Tad Bit Tipsy

    In the words of my favorite Hip Hop Duo, UnNatural SoundZ….
    “It’s OK to hit a Bitch! Ass cheek, jaw bone, change your damn skin tone…”
    “It’s OK to hit a Bitch! Ike turner’s greatest hits ain’t got shit on this….”

  17. asdasd

    samantha ronson is a nothing. Sure, if I saw Lohan i’d be like “cool”, but ronson? Who gives a fuck? Hey ronson, that peace sign thing whatever is transparent and old.

  18. pimp

    she must have a huge cock to be nailing down any pussy, sure the fuck isn’t cause of her looks. i’d like to take a shit and then shove my shit up her ass…

  19. Alpha Pablo

    What an ugly bitch! You know, sometimes I look at a bulldyke and think…. “Maybe, after a half bottle of vodka….” Sweet Jesus, I wouldn’t touch this thing if it were the last wet hole on the planet. Prolly smells like the hold of a shrimp boat, anyhow!

  20. Ripper Owens

    How is this prune face even in the gossip pages.

    I would love to give her a Swift kick in the Cock!

  21. Rougher than rocco

    “DJ” Does she actually scratch records? Shes getting thousands of dollars just to play a freaking CD ill bet…How do I get a gig like that!

  22. LiLoHo

    Remember… only the attractive girls are used for sex…. the ugly girls are used for cooking and cleaning.

  23. Me again

    she always looks mad….

  24. Dave

    That dude looks kinda like Borat.

  25. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Punch Lindsay a few more times, I’m all for it.

    Sam the man is my hero.

  26. anonymoose

    wow, how old is ronson? she looks 40ish….i guess it’s the anger in her…what’s her problem? then again, i don’t get the attraction to lohan either.

  27. blungle

    I just realized that Samantha Ronson looks like Stephen Malkmus.

  28. Pal

    “How do I get a gig like that! ”

    Have sex with an emotionally unstable celebrity.

  29. what

    What an ugly Zionist Jew bitch.

    Go kill Palestinians like you guys are doing right now in Israel. Go commit genocide on Ukrainians, Russians and Germans like you did while you Jew Bolsheviks were terrorizing Eastern Europe under the Soviet Union. Go nuke Iran. Go build settlements in foreign territory. Go sign your names on bombs before dropping them on innocent Palestinian men, women and children. Go use illegal white phosphorus gas during warfare. Go enslave Africans. Go enslave Slavic peoples like you Jewish Radanites did in the Middle Ages. Go steal money from hard-working families through your banks. Go manipulate the public through your media.

    These are all things Jews do, so this Jew dike should join her tribe and do the same. Live up to you heritage as the greatest oppressors/killers in human history.

    FREE PALESTINE !!!!!!!!!

  30. dancy

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  31. shemp

    i actually think she looks quite pretty in these pics. got that katherine moenning / shane thing going for her.

    but she definitely needs to smile more- i bet she’d be even prettier then…

  32. Although I love linds and sam together,I think they really love their condition right now.GET move On Linds…

  33. I can’t decide if she’s the ugliest chick in the world, or the second ugliest dude.

  34. Perfect Double Tapered

    29. I fucking loved you in Braveheart. Any chance you could make an appearance at my son’s bar mitzvah this weekend?

  35. RaraAvis

    Ya know, some hos need a bitch-slappin’ once an’ a while…I’m just sayin’…

  36. Pal


    I’d be offended, but I’m old enough to know one shouldn’t get too angry at kids who are still looking forward to puberty.

  37. Grazie mille! Questo articolo, me lo faccia sapere un sacco di cose che prima non ho capito!

  38. Anglo Saxon

    Bar Mitzvah? Isn’t that where some old man cuts up a boy’s cock tip? Very barbaric and demented. Didn’t God invent the penis? And you take it upon yourselves to blasphemy creation? Why don’t you just learn how to clean yourselves like the rest of us. I know I know you don’t like to get your little soft hands dirty, that’s what the supporting masses are for. So you don’t have to do anything other than collect “money” (worst invention in history).

    Samantha is one ugly fucking bitch and your can see the hate in her eyes. She makes a ton of money for doing what any 13 year old could be trained to do in a week at best.

  39. God of Thunder

    Easy there E.T. fingers.

  40. LOL

    @38: I think a Bar Mitzvah is a party for when a Jewish boy turns 13 or something. You’re talking about circumcision. o-o’

  41. PostmortemG

    This site just wouldn´t be the same without the racists. =D

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