Samantha Ronson announces plans to marry Lindsay Lohan

September 11th, 2008 // 84 Comments

Samantha Ronson has announced her plans to marry Lindsay Lohan before New Year’s which explains the engagement ring Lindsay’s been sporting. Here I thought she was a busty jewel thief. Damn. The Sun reports:

Sam used her DJ slot at top LA hotel and night spot Chateau Marmont to announce the news, telling clubbers: “By the end of this year, my love will be Mrs Ronson.”
She added: “Tonight shows the power of a woman – to underestimate that is to underestimate the world.”

What’s all this “power of a woman” talk? Isn’t Samantha Ronson technically the “man” in this relationship? And by technically I mean she has testicles because you know what I don’t underestimate? SCIENCE.


  1. Sarah "Mooseleg Strap-On" Palin, Expert on bastard children, guns, strap-ons and lipstick

    I borrowed this strap-on in good faith from Cindy, who swore it was the one and only perfect instrument to control John’s saggy, hairy, grandpa ass. That does not, however, make ME a Palin in the ASS!

  2. lori

    Wipe that stupid frown off your stupid face and close your stupid mouth, Lindsey. You look like an angry idiot, and everything about you is contrived and phony which leads me to believe that you vote republican.

  3. shar

    aWWWW, another jumping ship, men nowdays just can’t satisfy women any longer. But, please do not announce one or the other is expecting twins anytime soon.

  4. john

    Why is she wearing stuff that’s covering her boobies? What a waste of my time.

  5. john

    Why is she wearing stuff that’s covering her boobies? What a waste of my time.

  6. Will

    what a waste…
    if she’s gonna go gay at least go gay with a hot lesbian not a dude minus the penis.

    damn shame….

  7. President Camacho

    I’m with Deacon on this.

  8. Rasputins Liver


    Man, what a couple of stupid twats.


    Hollywood lesbianism, the latest fad to seem like one is a real rebel, too cool for even cool, their “us against the world” shtick.

    * I tell ya, when Twatney Sperms lip locked facial uglies a few years ago with Haggeddonna on the awards show all I could think of is how behind the times they were. It was utterly boring. No shock. No gasps. Just sheer boredom seeing one aged man-armed has-been thinking she’s really being provocative with another corporate pop shlock bimbo.




    So Lindsay Lowdown and her OH! SO SHOCKING twat mate are gonna make it legal. I say, go for it. Like all the others, Ellen & Anne Heche, Melissa Etheridge & Julie Cypher and so many others, it won’t last. This is just a couple of young self-centered, spoiled, wealthy twats, one perhaps a real lesbian, the other an already young has-been actor who can’t figure out how to live in the real world so is trying anything and everything that comes along, thinking it’s just too hip to go the latest fad of being lez.



  9. Shep

    Lilo giving up dick forever? hahahahahahaahahahhahahahaha Who here can see fatal attraction happen when Lindsay falls off the wagon and lands on a dick?

  10. Obama's Purple Lips

    # 30 aka I love A Mad Republican -Nobody’s Mad. Your a pure fool. Go home.

    #25 aka Jaime-You are nasty. Your wit is that of a child. Also stupid. Go home.

    In case you failed to see, this is a celeb blog. The topic is Lindsey Lohan. Not Obama. Not McCain. Not Palin. Only Lindsey Lohan and her strange bedfellow/gal. You took the wrong turn tards. Nobody cares to hear you crow politics, nor would anyone be persuaded by such nonsensical spew.


  11. I hate a stupid liberal

    I love a Mad Republican writes, “Now go put some more lipsitck on that in-bred pig/Downs Syndrome wife of yours and lick your shrine to Bush and Cheney and Karl Rove, because you stupid Republicans are gonna need all the luck you can get once Barack is in office and starts putting all the Republican criminals who don’t get pardoned behind bars, you stupid-ass Republican”.

    Such anger. Where did the rage come from? You need help. Besides, I thought the Democrats had the patent on pardoning criminals. Do the names Carl Rich or Glen Braswell ring a bell? If not, I am not surprised. See the Clinton criminal pardons.

    Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  12. Filthy America Destroying Right Wing Theocrats

    Yeah you right wing radicals sure have done a fine job with this country recently haven’t you? Sarah Palin are you kidding? Who is this inbred whore? Yeah I said whore and meant it.
    As to pardoning crooks what about Richard Nixon you blood stained faggot?

    R I C H A R D N I X O N typical Republican criminal



  14. Stupid Liberal #62

    Can you find a scandal involving the Republicans pardoning crooks that occured in the last decade or the last few Republican terms?

    Why are you so angry at Palin? My God some of you people need anger management. I do not agree with you but I can understand you not liking her, that is your right and your opinion. But why the bitterness and low blow insults? Where does the rage come from?

    What kind of a man (I am assuming you are an adult male) calls a woman a whore? What do you base this on? She has been married to the same man for years and birthed 5 children by this same man. She is a hard worker, ambitious, educated and religious. I bet you would call a deginerate, drug addled, stripper who has children by multiple men, children who are being raised by the state that is. You would call this person misunderstood and a victim of the system. Your values are seriously warped.

  15. Unklejoe

    Even though these bitches are already used up at 25 lydsay britknee etc. id still lick theyre assholes. Theyre still fun to jakoff to and as for sarah pallid id stick my cock up her aszhoe until she screamed. What these bitches need to do is have a yard sale so they can sell their used dill doughs. oh yea dont forget at wal mart they have Hannah Montana panties for sale. I bought a few last week the checkout girl looked at me weird an said i hope your daughter likes them. i said daughter do i look fucking stupid enough to have kids im gonna use these new hm panties for jackrags! Actually im blowing my load into them right now whilst looking at lyndsays saggy tits.

  16. mike

    fuck shes got some delicious chest balloons, let me at em

  17. Loser_101

    This just keeps getting better!

  18. would these two give up the act already! Enough is enough…..
    Lindsey is not a clam lover!

  19. devilsrain

    19. Right because an unqualified inexperienced half black half arab is a waaayyy better choice for president. Oh and that unfit mother has 10 X more experience in office than obama (and not to mention his vp biden). Use your head. Oh I forgot, dems have no logic just insults, sorry.

  20. Dave C

    I love how every topic on this gay blog turns to politics! ‘Tis the season!

    Oh, and alison, #20, “racism”? Seriously? I guess ‘mongrel,’ ‘bastard,’ ‘caveman,’ and ‘jug-eared’ are all new euphamisms for ‘black’ in your world.

  21. Pastor Sunshine

    This is just going to be one of those Sham Marriages like Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie; Jerry Hall and Mick; and Pam Anderson and WaffleHouse Boy. What a Publicity Whore Lindsay is, just another piece of White trash.

  22. Valtrex Exec

    SaMANtha needs to get a grip. Unless she has a cock and balls that she is hiding Lindsay will be out and about partying looking for cock in no time. In the mean time she may want to invest in Valtrex because if thius marriage doies happen you can bet Lindsay will be bringing home something special sooner or later.

  23. e

    Who cares if they’re getting married? I want to know when the sex tape is coming out, so I can send it to all the ppl I hate.

  24. MEET THE sam “THE SHAM” couple 2008, FOLKS!!

  25. Lucy

    I think Lindsay Lohan is somehow transferring all the fat on her body into her breasts.
    Because as the rest of her gets thinner, those boobies look even bigger.

  26. herbiefrog

    > Sam used her DJ slot at top LA hotel and night spot Chateau
    > Marmont to announce the news, telling clubbers: “By the end
    > of this year, my love will be Mrs Ronson.”

    She added: “Tonight shows the power of a woman – to underestimate that is to underestimate the world.”

    unfortunately . . .

    she forgot to ask permission ?

    [w h a t ? ]




  27. ginger

    I love Lindsay’s hair at this length, so pretty, I hope she won’t cut it.

  28. jojo



    HAHAHAHHA, katy perry’s song must have been written for these two lesbos!

  29. ramona putz

    Jojo, you’re retarded.

  30. meridian

    those chicks who shout about the female power and whatever are usually the ones who don’t have it. ronson should know that.

    and what power is she fucking talking about — scoring a girl? oh gee, no man has ever done that i suppose. what a fckng idiot.

  31. Slapp

    They look depressive, sad and hope-LESs

  32. Koloboss

    Ya, I think they try to show that they are happy at any cost.

  33. I think it’s great that they have found love and turned it into a healthy relationship. Lindsay and Sam have my full support.

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