Samantha Ronson is Pissed About Something. Who Knows?

Samantha Ronson tried to leave her Venice Beach apartment building yesterday, only to find a moving van blocking the exit while unloading boxes into the building directly next to hers. Annoying, but hey, these things happen. Then she found out who the moving van belonged to: The new-and-improved Lindsay Lohan who’s clearly learned so much from her mistakes while in rehab she moved right next door to the ex-girlfriend she’s violently obsessed with. Oh, good. TMZ reports:

… The DJ wanted to make it crystal clear, “Trust me, it wasn’t planned.”
As Ronson tried to get out of her Venice, CA pad yesterday — photogs tried to ask about the situation … but a frustrated Sam replied, “Dude, I’m way too pissed off right now.”

Ha! Man-women. Always pissed about something. Anyway, while we wait for this powder keg to explode, check out Michael Lohan trying to pretend he actually lifted a finger, despite the small army of Mexicans doing all the work, then tries to feign not wanting his picture taken even though the box was obviously a mask for the erection he popped after being noticed. Speaking of, anyone else find it weird he’s walking around with Lindsay’s clothing line catalog full of her in provocative poses? I mean, Christ, the only thing missing from this psychological clusterfuck is Dina trying to make gin come out of the faucets. “What do you mean they’re only for water? No, no, here’s Lindsay’s credit card number – I memorized it. – I want these things spraying Beefeater before she even sets foot in here. I’m a mother.”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin