Samantha Ronson Actually Believes Lindsay

January 10th, 2011 // 17 Comments

Despite essentially laughing about it in the press, Lindsay Lohan has somehow convinced Samantha Ronson that she didn’t mean to move next to her and honestly had no idea where she lived. I’m going to assume there was lots of pretending all the maps and blueprints were nothing but giant coke straws because, let’s be realistic, who wouldn’t fall for that one? “Oh, these are just drug paraphernalia? That actually makes every kind of sense.” TMZ reports:

Our source says Linds is expected to move in any day now and, “Neither of them are mad at each other and everything has been cleared up.”

The two even went out to dinner Saturday night, but seriously, what choice does Sam have in this situation? It’s either play nice or wake up getting stabbed in the penis with an ice pick. He’d literally be better off in prison.

LINDSAY: But I thought we were besties again? Where are you going?
SAM: Some place you can never go. *shoots a cop* Even if you tried.
LINDSAY: Wait, you’re not as famous as me! They’ll send you to pri- Oh.
SAM: Adios!

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Fame, INFdaily


  1. Mortimer Duke

    Is the bald pap in the back about to publicly pleasure himself? Hands are getting kinda close to the cock…

    • lightdragon

      his eyes are focused on another pap. as they are looking towards the viewer and not towards LiLo.

    • Johnny Cage

      For me to accuse that pap of being aroused by Lindsay would be like the pot buried in a coffin in the middle of night calling the kettle black.

  2. Hugh Gentry

    Lindsay just wanted easy access to Sam’s tremendous arsenal of strap-ons.

  3. Bring on the next drunken wave of coke-raged car wrecks and other assorted lawlessness for her to get away with.

  4. whataboutthemeth

    “He’d literally be better off in prison.”

    Nice pronoun there! I almost didn’t catch it for obvious reasons.

  5. I got $100 says a totally unscripted and spontaneous “reality TV” show is underway.

  6. Activia and Human Centipede

    This post is hilarious, SW! I literally LOL’d.

  7. Lindsay Lohan
    suck it
    Commented on this photo:

    looks exactly like 48 year old dina lohan

  8. I can just imagine the midnight fish paste rendevous..

  9. lightdragon

    the things a girl will do to get her woman.

  10. sure, right

    Anyone who doesn’t think Sam and Lindsay didn’t cook this whole thing up, I have some interests in a bridge you may want.

  11. It is so premeditated it is ridiculous. Reality show being filmed as we speak with these two.

  12. Could anyone care less about these two dumpster sluts? Linds is even par with the whole clan of MTV birth defects.

  13. I feel like maybe Fish, you might be unaware of how bored I am with this person. Just lettin’ you know, buddy…

  14. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    Eating a booger! Busted!

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