Samantha Bee On All The Shit Hillary Clinton Has Had To Eat

So, hey, how’s it going? We finally made it to Election Day! It’s almost over. And by over I mean staring down the barrel of Civil War II: Cletus Got Hisself An AK if the Tangerine Twatsnacher isn’t elected president thanks to him graciously setting a booby trap by telling armed fucking morons that if he doesn’t win, the election was obviously rigged because that was cheaper than spending money on GOTV. It’s gonna be great.

In the meantime, some of you have watched in horror as friends and relatives have said in full seriousness that they can’t vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s possessed by a woman-demon from The Bible and will personally rip babies right out of the womb just like she murdered Ben Ghazi and Vince Foster. And if you think that’s hyperbole, go ahead and drive into rural areas then stop by the nearest evangelical church for an enlightening chat on how Satan is a real thing that exists and was given a foothold into the Clinton’s marriage because Hillary wouldn’t bake cookies or cut her hair or kept her maiden name or some stupid shit. It’s a rich tapestry.

So above is the last Samantha Bee take on the campaigns where she spells out all of the shit Hillary Clinton has swallowed to make it this far. And it’s a fascinating look, if not a reminder, that we’re a fucked up, stupid country who absolutely has to the capacity to elect Donald Trump because Hillary Clinton said smart words in the 90s that her husband might’ve listened to, and we can’t have a woman putting ideas in a man’s head. That’s witchcraft, and I’m not even joking because that’s literally the underlying issue here. I’ll be under my desk.

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Photo: TBS/YouTube