Samantha Bee & Glenn Beck Buried The Hatchet Then Ate Each Other

Let me start off by saying I get the point of what Samantha Bee is trying to do with Glenn Beck. Despite all of the crazy shit he says, he has been adamantly anti-Trump, and with his large following, Beck can be a powerful ally in helping America take an orange Russia-manned tornado to the dick for only four years instead of eight. I get it.

However, I also get that Glenn Beck’s online media empire The Blaze is rapidly going down the tubes, which is why the end of this segment occurred on Facebook Live at Blaze headquarters as Beck continues his “apology tour” for his hand in bringing us Trump. And maybe he’s actually sincere! But here’s the problem. While Beck’s audience might see the implicit danger in Trump, they will never get behind a liberal candidate, because most of these people are white Christians who think voting Democrat aborts the Baby Jesus. Not to mention, Beck had to walk back his support of Black Lives Matter. So what you’re seeing is a delicate balancing act of not pissing off his current audience, but still trying to reel in a batch of new suckers who are surprised that Glenn Beck hates Trump and is making seemingly rational statements instead of drawing on a whiteboard about Obama putting caliphates in your kids’ breakfast cereal so they’ll become transgender ISIS agents. (P.S. Matt Walsh still writes for The Blaze, and that Hipster Mike Pence asshole openly tweets about how gays adopting kids is psychologically abusive and destroying the American family. Just FYI.)

But maybe Glenn Beck will help. Who the fuck knows? Donald Trump is the president. A goddamn space alien could be the next one at this point.

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Photo: TBS/YouTube