Sam Lutfi robbed Britney Spears

February 6th, 2008 // 60 Comments

Britney’s father Jamie Spears had given a signed declaration to the court during his efforts to become conservatorship of Britney’s affairs. In it he detailed his visit with Britney on Sunday, where he let her know that items were stolen from her house. Osama “Sam” Lutfi was the culprit. Britney wasn’t surprised, according to OK! Magazine:

“She asked me to help get it back. I told her that I would,” Jamie said. Earlier this week, a police report was filed claiming “valuable possessions” were taken from Britney’s house sometime between the time the pop star was admitted to UCLA’s psych ward and the conservatorship papers were signed.

According to the declaration, Jamie and Britney also reached an understanding about who exactly was keeping her in the hospital:

Britney then became upset, claiming “someone was lying to her” about who was keeping her at UCLA. Jamie said, “No, I’m not keeping you here.” A nurse came in to tell Brit that the hospital was keeping her there, not her dad.

Meanwhile, deep in his secret cave, Sam Luf Laden checks his eBay auction. Damn! Still no bids for the bronzed bucket of chicken he stole off Britney’s mantle. C’mon! Where’s a grave to piss on when you need one?


  1. D. Richards (Sloth.)

    Oh yeah, #49? I ate an entire jar of jalapenos with nachos yesterday for lunch; for dinner, the 20oz porterhouse from Outback.


  2. me

    I liked him better when his last name was LuFti.

  3. Anonymous

    D. Richards,

    I certainly don’t envy what you’re about to go through. Just make sure you take a fire extinguisher with you. I’ll pray for you.

  4. FRT

    Thats what happens when you let Arabs into your home…first they steal the silverware…then the jewelery…then any thing that isn’t nailed down…then they fuck your goats…and then they leave a big pile of steaming smelly Arab poo in the middle of your living room!

    And then run down the street screaming….ALLLLLLLLAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

  5. FIFI

    OMG!!! I think she bought her purse here:

  6. herbiefrog


    that pink wig reminds us
    of our natalie… in
    “closer”… ?

    are we getting closer ?

    or are we just getting closer ?

    etc……………… [told you so]

  7. Just like every Muslim you give em a finger and they end up taking the whole damn hand!

  8. VtFarmboy

    Its sounds more and more like the Spears are setting up lufti to take the fall for all the problems they have created. Dont get me wrong he is the perfect example of the leaches that are out there in this world and the entertainment industry. He is the lowest of low life. The real issue is that her parents did not teach and train thier child to live in the real world. The purpose of raising a child is so that eventually they can go out into the real world and take care of themselves. While little miss brit was living the life of a pop star her parents shoud have been teaching her what life is really all about. Now she is 26 years old at a point where most children are finally ready to be fully out on their own and shes in rehab and has severe mental issues caused by some ass because she wasnt smart enough to think for herself….. shame on lufti but SHAME ON BRITS PARENTS!!!!

  9. bint

    List of good Ehuds:

    Judaism really is a religion of peace; as in a take a peice of someone’s country, and then take the rest of it.

  10. alex oz

    oh leave alone the poor manager who only do his work and make brit account do din dong , she fukin use him

    stop with racist comments he s not even arab , he is latino lover

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