Sam Lutfi is probably going to jail

February 28th, 2008 // 37 Comments

The LAPD officially announced that they are looking into the allegations that “someone” drugged Britney Spears. They haven’t launched a formal investigation yet, but I hear they want to prevent future drive-by vadge-ings so the chances look good. The AP reports:

Police Capt. Kyle Jackon said in a statement Wednesday that the allegations “are being considered” by the Robbery-Homicide unit to determine if laws have been violated. Jackson says no suspect has been identified.

And by “no suspect” they of course mean “we totally know who it is.” Even Patches the Blind Crime Dog knows it was Sam Lutfi. Ask him who drugged Britney Spears and he’ll say “Ruff!” which everyone knows is dog-talk for “Asshat Supreme.” Then Patches will rub his nose signifying he’s not going to rest until he bites some Middle Eastern nut-sack. I swear that pooch is practically Robocop but with surprisingly less leg-humping.

Photo: Flynet

  1. toolboy

    Shawshank his ass.

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  3. Auntie Kryst

    Make some room at Gitmo.

  4. mimi

    “ME” and Superfish SUK!

  5. QB


  6. Kingsley Amis

    Once again at a loss to understand, and hoping (sincerely) that one of you can help explain this to me. Okay, so she is certainly a moron, and her hillbilly parents rode her gravy train regardless of the damage it brought into her life. But how does an utterly supreme douche like Lufti, an ugly, greasy bastard to be sure, gain such Svengali-like control over her life and, make no mistake, her money?

  7. Hemlock Queen

    fucking awesome @1.

    This guy is a burglar and a psychopath. I hope he get’s ass raped many times for all of the nasty things he’s done to the mentally handicapped. Now Butt-Pirate will have a whole new meaning for him! hahhahhahha!

  8. hitler's good side

    he only drugged her if by drugged you mean “inserted his small uncut cock in her festering poon and then he shook it all about.”

  9. havoc

    Send him to Abu Ghraib……..


  10. Mel from the Diner

    Sam is going to get his ass plugged by a Tranny in prison.

  11. hairy ballsack



  12. D. Richards (#2.)

    Send Lufti the solitary for life — for wearing that stupid fucking shirt.

    Frist? Oh, Frist? Where are you, my little butt-plug?

  13. Son-of D. Richards

    to soli.*

  14. i wish adnan will go to jail too… someday

  15. Bmurphy72

    Hey guys I’m King Doushe and a I’m new here in prison…………Oh wait NO…….I’M DOUSHE I Don’t need any type of colonic packing or cleaning………………………………..HEY….HEY…………..HHhheeeeeyyyy………………………………………………………………………………………………….Maybe thats not so bad after all………..and you use jelly or syrup too……………………if Britney only knew about this while we were with K Fed………..
    We might still be together (Her money and me, of course)………………

  16. The White Urkle

    I think I took a pot shot at this rag head last year when I was in Iraq. I would have hit him but the smoke from the burning feces was making my eyes water. That and all the cough syrup I was drinking.

  17. Alice

    This guy has posted his personal ad on a celebrities dating site recently. I just visited his profile page yesterday. Is he looking for a serious relationship or just for fun?

  18. Why do I believe that this guy, like every other celebutard, will get away with his crimes?

  19. Harry Ballzack

    11. hairy ballsack – February 28, 2008 10:10 AM


    HAHAHAHA ……What a fucking loser ! You still can’t find your place in life ….
    you can’t copy my name right either !!

  20. Grunion

    Can’t they just do some “extraordinary rendition ” shit on his ass and bundle him off to Guantanamo ?

    I’d say more but Bush is spying on my computer…

  21. Awwww #12 misses me..

    Fantastic then…wait, you use a butt plug? That’s pretty gross, mister..


    Come on down boy !! We got a sayin here in Walla-Walla State Prison ….
    “ASS – The Other Vagina”

  23. Sury

    Aside from all the kids on here with their rather disgusting visuals, I’d like to say I hope they arrest him. Not a Britney fan but I believe his goal was to keep her so out of it she would sign stuff over to him and, if she died in the process, all the better. You can live pretty well for years on someone else’s money while their family fights you in court. A person doesn’t get 3 restraining orders against them from 3 separate people without reason or merit.

  24. mike

    Notice how FRIST just had to join the conversation on a sodomy thread.

  25. D. Richards (Sack.)

    Just your fingers, Frist.

    Seriously, I’ve got to use something to stop the flow. And, please, call me ‘Mistress’.

  26. hausfrau

    Just a fucking fat asshole wearing a fucking t shirt.

  27. dude

    Thanks Fish, for hilarious commentary. I’m still laughing. This made my morning. “Asshat Supreme” Love it.

  28. #24 – What’s wrong with a girl being interested in anal? It’s not like I lost my virginity yesterday. Once I was with the right guy and he gave me the most mindblowing orgasm of my life during anal. Now I feel sorry for all the fearful inhibited girls. They have no idea what they’re missing.

  29. Anonymous

    Hey Alice,

    How the hell should we know? Why don’t you tell us?

  30. #6 the same way a pimp gains control over women. You become their source of self esteem, and you become their source of addictive drugs.

  31. Dirty Slut ...the amazing Frist - butt toy of D. Richards

    Jesus man! You are aware that the anus’s primary function is to excrete feces? Any chance there might be bacteria covering the penis afterwards? What? You suck cock after sodomy? Damn.
    Well I guess since you are allowing Dicks dicks in there he may not actually have enough girth to compress a stool. It may just slide on by. I guess that makes it ok then.
    Proceed. Sorry.

  32. OutRunner1

    Wait, wait, wait… Why are we still talking about Lufti Lutfi? I’m now much more interested in what Frist has to say. More Frist, less Man with Stupid Facial Hair (Lutfi’s Lakota name).

  33. Grunion

    #31 compressed stool describes this site perfectly.

  34. joseph

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  35. Matthew

    sam lufti better prepare himself for big bubba

  36. Blarg

    I bet that if ol’ Lutfucki does go to jail, the guards will mention that Sam’s actual first name is Osama where other inmates can hear it.

    Then they’ll go on break.

  37. Alice

    He is a playboy, still hunting young sexy girls on

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