Sam Lutfi is broke. Who saw that coming?

While nobody, including Sam Lutfi, thought his lawsuit against Britney Spears and her parents was for anything but money, TMZ has uncovered information that shows Sam is up to this douchebeard in debt:

According to documents obtained by TMZ, a lien was slapped on Lutfi’s condo back in April. Lutfi never paid the debt, which grew to $18,507.58 by November.
The lien was filed by a debt collection agency on behalf of the homeowner’s association where Lutfi has a condo.
According to docs, Lutfi has until February 10 to pay up or the condo could be forced into foreclosure.
And Lutfi has other financial issues. A bank that issued Sammy boy a Discover Card filed a lawsuit against him last month, claiming he owes $7,966.98.

Of course, legal eagle here has an iron-clad case with his alleged text from Britney Spears that reads “Sam, so that’s fine, I want you to be my manager. You were right it’s 15 percent of my money but for 4 years not 5.” Because it’s not like anyone could prove in court he had access to her phone while she was off her Frappucino rocker. Oh, wait.

Photos: WENN