Sam Lutfi finally served restraining order

February 22nd, 2008 // 68 Comments

Sam Lutfi was finally served the restraining order yesterday that effectively requires him to stay 250 feet from Britney Spears and have no contact with her whatsoever. The restraining order was set to expire today, but the judge in the case extended it to March 17, according to the AP:

In court papers, Jeffrey Wexler, an attorney for her father, James Spears, wrote that “after three weeks of apparently evading service,” Lutfi was served at 11 a.m. outside his Los Angeles apartment.
The order, which requires Lutfi to stay 250 yards away from Spears and her home, was set to expire Friday. Wexler had asked for the order to be extended.

Poor Sam Lutfi. He must miss Britney Spears. I bet he walks in on random pap smears just to remember the good times. Surprisingly none of the women really cared until Sam started throwing Cheetos at them and screaming “Where’s the checkbook?! I’ll feed you to Satan!” Then it got a little weird.


  1. Auntie Kryst

    @50 the antithesis is everything you write about in your little screeds is incorrect. There is no conspiracy, 9/11 was not an inside job, Freemasons do not secretly run the world, and you actually are of no importance to anyone.

    Goering may have had a high IQ (and a smart cross-dresser if I do say so), but you’re a dumbass.

  2. Hey Auntie, that is not Binky..

  3. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    #50 “Are any of you Imbeciles capable of holding an intelligent debate? ”

    because, after all, that’s what we do here at The Superficial.
    take your self-important smug ass and preach to a mental hospital where they will appreciate your intelligence and passion. You can be a god, man! think about it, seriously.

  4. D. Richards (Hands.)

    #38 — I take my gay at ass-level, champ; no need to use a three dollar condom when a twenty-five cent one will do.

    By-the way: What was your point? And are serious? I mean, c’mon . . . that’s the best you can do?

    And, Frist, you traitor! I will not speak to you again (for fifteen minutes)!

  5. LL

    With Ass Crack Face out of the way, Mr. Spears can fulfill the ancient prophecy and prepare for the Ascension. It started with 9/11. Yes, that’s right, Britney Spears’ dad is the evil genius behind it all. Britney is doing her part to deflect public attention away from his nefarious plot by acting like a dumbass. While we’re busy speculating about her mental condition, Jamie (The Chosen One) is preparing the way for… Xenu!!!!!!

    Da duh duh….

    How’s that for intelligent debate, dipshit? It’s all Jamie Spears and Xenu. They will soon rule us all. And there isn’t a goddam thing Tom Cruise can do about it.

  6. Cromagnons would be better conversationalists than you

    Wow I am clearly wasting my time with this dull bunch of semi-literates. Has anyone here ever read anything other than Blueboy (D. Richards) or a tv guide?
    My point was to answer Sambo the Ass Pirate @ #6. You mental midgets are a waste of time. I will no longer discuss any of this shit here until the next time I discuss this shit here with the shit here.
    #51 you are a too stupid too even consider. You know and say nothing. Nah uhhh was probably your favorite childhood expression.

  7. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    #56 don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

  8. Auntie Kryst

    @56 Actually my favorite expression was NAZI PUNK NAZI PUNK FUCK OFF!. Seriously dude listening to podcasts from Mike Metzger and reading a pamplet about “ZOG” (you know what I mean) doesn’t make you intelligent. Keep working on the GED, mein swinehunt. PS, have fun at the Screwdriver concert tonight, wash your white laces.

  9. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    i love when the self-proclaimed ‘intellectuals’ get pwned.

  10. D. Richards (Scumbag.)

    #42? Okay, obviously you know things that us mere mortals are too insipid to cromprehend — maybe you’re an alien; I don’t know — but I would like for you to enlighten all of us as to what person’s are responsible for this ‘sinister power’ that evidently controls our breathing world.

    How do you know about the ‘sinister power’? What books have you read that detail the ‘sinister power’? Are the authors of the books that speak about the ‘sinister power’, credible? Are you making this up; have you watched a little too much History channel? Are you a paranoid schizophrenic? Yes?

    Admit it, you have no basis for these allegations: You talk, and type, and say the same things over, and over again, but you never come out and explain what you’re talking about and how you know these things. If it’s as important as you imply, how is it that you even have time to type; and why don’t you do something about ‘it’?

    Get to the fucking point.

  11. D. Richards (Cro-magnon.)

    Above was intended for you, sir — #56.

    You’re nothing but fluff, filler.

  12. D. Richards (Homo nonerectus) - Gay Pride Activist

    Dude in terms of fluff you never day anything other than make blasphemous rants and threaten to hurt children. You write like a homosexual, consider your post here art (as for myself, I do not even spellcheck as I know this is all just fun and could give a fuck less) and thus yourself a writer!???????!!!!
    Dude you are too easy for me. Too easy.
    I find it hard to believe that people can go through life and not find it astonishing enough to see their way of life change before their very eyes and not have the curiosity to find out the reasons for the change.
    The dark forces or sinister powers are known to anyone that does basic research on the subject. I already mentioned the Trilateral Commision and Bilderbergers. NAFTA has fucked up millions of jobs in this country. Corporations get rich while citizens lose their jobs. Central banks and privitization takes away the ownership of commodities from an indigenous population and puts it in the hands of big business and the only people that really matter are the wealthy shareholders.
    Remember Forbes 400 had almost 100 too many billionaires last year. In 1991 we had 7 in this country and now Russia has over 300. These characters are oligarchs and the government by the rich for the rich (as we all know by even following these celebutards and how they get away with murder – take O.J. for instance)is called a kleptocracy. The rich steal from the poor to get rich.
    Federal Reserve. Read all about that one. And who owns all these central banks? Some verr very very wealthy characters like the houses of Morgan and Rockefeller and Rothschild (you should really read about this family it will freak you out) Warburg (Big Daddy Warbucks from Little Orphan Annie).
    The Jewish Lobby is the largest in this country. Is that fair to you?
    Lobbyists are not even remotely fair. So the goverenment is is controlled by the interests of the very few who coerce the government to do their bidding.
    Read “War is a Racket” by Smedley Darlington Butler – the most decorated marine of the early part of the century. Then read “The Plot to Sieze the White House”. This one will blow your mind. These two were written by an American hero.
    As to my point, all I am saying is you better be aware that there are powerful people that more or less own the rest of us and we are like animals on a vast planet scale farm. (Are any of you aware of the Talmud?)
    Can any of us speak of the mathematical properties of quantum mechanics? No? Does that mean it is not real because most of us are not aware?
    I am not trying to be an asshole, I am saying we are being lied to big time.
    You don’t want to think the world is wretched? C’mon all of history has been the story of the priveleged doing whatever they have wanted to and we do their bidding and live in squalor.
    Ahhh the came the industrual revolution. The age of machines and technology. Then computers and automations (frightening as robots will replace most standard humans, right?) Everyone had access to monstrous amounts of energy. Coal and oil. Well we fucked up our soils (most important aspect of any coutry cuz I don’t care what you drive or how many cores there are to your pc, you gotta eat) and atmosphere and have used up all the easy to access oil. Now we are going to suffer. Wait and see.

  13. Ript1&0

    Suffer, suffer!! Let the blood rain down! Let the poor starve, let diseases spread!!

    And then when it’s all over, you can emerge from your bunker, stand tall on a pile of bodies and say “I told you so”. God, we’re all so stupid, to not listen to you now. If only we knew in advance that all these conspiracies were true. If only – we’d had the knowledge and foresight to read an anonymous person’s ramblings on It was all right there for us. If only we had known, God. If only. We. Had. Known.

  14. D. Richards (Unhappy.)

    Man, you’re reading too much in to this stuff. Sure things are bad and completely fucked, but what you’re talking about are hypocrital mega-corporations that are corrupted and run unchecked until finally imploding on themselves; I don’t see the conspiracy in it. Just sadistic greed.

    The people you have listed are money-thirsty and souless; not some covert group of despots bent on world domination. The American dream is what dominates our world — The ones who have found, and established themselves in it.

    I will say that the rich do control the world. Money is power. We all know that.

  15. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    #62 11″ of blathering ravings and not one reference to Xenu. You really should be ashamed.

  16. anbmeei

    This guy has posted his personal ad to a celebrities dating site for several months. That site called “”. I just visited his profile page yesterday seems he is a certified millionaire there.

  17. Scientologists and Trusts

    Dear family (64,65), we all know there have been powerful families that more or less largely have had their war with this country’s governmental policies for well over a century, after the industrial revolution when man began to seriously harness not only oil and coal, and timber, but also exotic minerals all over the world. The only way to have uninhibited access to the geological formations was to dominate the geographical/anthropological formations (loser humans). And so the world itself has been assailed and plundered at an exponential pace since then.
    There is indeed one true dark power that orchestrates all of the lesser dark minions. That one being is Xenu. He is indeed back. He lies in wait and the hour is nearly upon us. All hope is not lost though. There is a force growing in strength to resist his evil. He fears this.
    We Scientologists offer a shield and a sword and will protect this Earth from his further ravages! But we need a greater army of Brothers and Sisters to confront him.
    All know (our elders) that Xenu has supported the Bush administration in all it’s miscreances since it’s inception of power in this country.
    Won’t you please consider joining the ranks of warriors now, as the shadow of fear throws a pall over all we hold sacred ? Time is short and his patience is long.
    With all respect,
    YOUR Scientologist

  18. Bug

    Hey some one should take ( SAM ) for a ride and BRAKE bolth his LEGS

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