Sam Lutfi finally served restraining order

February 22nd, 2008 // 68 Comments

Sam Lutfi was finally served the restraining order yesterday that effectively requires him to stay 250 feet from Britney Spears and have no contact with her whatsoever. The restraining order was set to expire today, but the judge in the case extended it to March 17, according to the AP:

In court papers, Jeffrey Wexler, an attorney for her father, James Spears, wrote that “after three weeks of apparently evading service,” Lutfi was served at 11 a.m. outside his Los Angeles apartment.
The order, which requires Lutfi to stay 250 yards away from Spears and her home, was set to expire Friday. Wexler had asked for the order to be extended.

Poor Sam Lutfi. He must miss Britney Spears. I bet he walks in on random pap smears just to remember the good times. Surprisingly none of the women really cared until Sam started throwing Cheetos at them and screaming “Where’s the checkbook?! I’ll feed you to Satan!” Then it got a little weird.


  1. Racer X

    Dudes with that shit under their lips should PUNCHED IN THE FUCKIN’ FACE!

    /fo reals

  2. deacon jones

    First you fucking hairy crotched pussies!!

  3. brianj

    Hello, my name is King of the Douches…….Can I ruin, I mean run your career.

  4. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    We ARE winning the war on terror.

  5. BillionaireCupid

    BillionaireCupid is an idiot!

  6. LL

    People have been calling him “crotch face,” but I think his chin looks more like a hairy ass crack.

    Just thought I’d share that. I know it doesn’t have the cool factor and cachet of “First!” but hey, we can’t all be wordsmiths.

  7. Someone needs to serve this cunster some chin wax.

  8. The Office Whore

    .Nice one LL!!

    Did you guys know that run and pineapple juice fucking rocks!!

    Sweet, gulpable, and I don’t have THAT bad of a hangover.

    Auntie Kryst, I thought you were joining me!! I just kept on drinking and drinking and drinking..It was the courteous thing to do after all. I’m a giver. And a drinker

  9. Sapphire Eyes

    You’d think those pictures of Brit’s Middle-Age meltdown would be enough to make any restraining order moot.

    Sam Lufti — Loser

  10. Auntie Kryst

    Lutfi, what a dumbass. He was stupid enough to open his door when “the delivery guy” tricked him with a fake delivery order from Falafel King. “I got your baked kibbeh and babaganoosh order sir. Syke! You’ve been served beeyotch!”

  11. Auntie Kryst

    @8 I was there in spirit and spirits. Really great news actually, the bitch bartender at my local that never gave away free drinks quit!

  12. editor

    its 250 YARDS, not feet, superfish

  13. The Office Whore

    That IS good news! My best drinking buddy just bought my favorite bar. I’ve got a cot in the back now and I NEVER leave. My liver moved out though..

  14. D. Richards

    Sam Lufti is unstoppable. Restraining orders? Psshhwuah.

    He’ll be back. Like a rodent, he’ll be back.

  15. Hailey

    Yea! The guy is an absolute jerk. Let’s hope they can get him on something along in here so he ends up in jail where he will probably still try to control things from the inside like some two-bit mob boss but at least he would be locked up. I sure hope they make that restraining order permanent to protect Britney for the rest of her life from this snake.

  16. War on Terror is ...

    …a front for the end game. World Totalinarian Government. Remember Papa Bush was the first world leader (haha of course a Bush would be do your history stupids) to state that there was a new world order.
    New World Order. Novus Ordos Seclorem. Look on you $1 dollar bill class. You know that funny Latin inscription above that bizzare symbol of the all seeing eye. Yeah the one that says :New World Order”.
    Scared yet? NO? Really? Wow!! I guess you guys here don’t read your history and are not aware of all the bloodshed and great wars and establishment of central banks all over the world. Communism and fascism this century.
    We are now repealing civil liberties here supposedly due to the “War on Terror”.
    Ok. I am probably wasting my time with dullards so never mind it is waaaaaayyy over the heads of idiots.

  17. Jamie

    Finally! I’ve got you all to myself now, baby. You remember the drill…oil up and I’ll hit the play button on “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”…

  18. Auntie Kryst

    @16 “Totalinarian” What?

  19. Readers of The Superficial

    #16 – no, don’t stop! Please continue, in this thread and all additional ones today. I believe you have important things to say and this is the place to say them. People often log in and don’t bother to scroll up and read previous comments, so be sure to repost each of your comments several times. Thanks in advance!

  20. amma

    No. #16–no sh!t. You seem all excited, like you JUST figured it all out. This is old news. We are *&$ed. We are $8#3ed. Yeah, we all get that. Your gushing about it just makes me think you DIDN’T know until…uh, this morning?
    Anyway, Lufti is a douchebag {and not a member of the Skull & Crossbones society}.

  21. Whor, did you mix pineapple juice WITH the rum, or did you drink pineapple rum. I have some of that at home. When I’m feeling extra health conscious I mix vodka, pineapple rum, peach scnapps and o.j. (not Simpson)


  22. gits

    Binky (16) is so cranky in the morning…

  23. The Office Whore

    Juice WITH the rum. I don’t know WHY I haven’t had that before. I feel like I should step down from my self proclaimed status of drunkard..

    Your concoction sounds like a little slice of wonderful!!

  24. Heroiny

    #6 Dude….

    I’m not on the Fish to read 300 word essays on World politics and the “New World Order” (wasn’t that a gay boy band from the 90′s?)

    If you need to vent, call Bill Fucking O’Douchebag.

    Otherwise, STFU.

    Thanks for your attention to this urgent message.
    Fish Readers

  25. Heroiny

    I mean’t #16. **ggrrr**

    Sorry #6.

  26. Harry Ballzack

    HAHAHAHA ………….. you losers who think you are going to be first ………
    FIRST of all , let me say you are NOT first 9 out 10 times so why bother trying to awe us by showing off your radient wit and extensive vocabulary ?
    You chime in with the HUGE word of “first” and nothing else even though you show up anwhere from 2 – 10 ….HAHAHAHA …you losers must be tied to ole Sam The Sham and his shit-stained chin(which he got from “Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places”. He’s not particularly smart either.

  27. D. Richards (Mohammed Atta's girlfriend.)

    #16? You say all of this really important information, that, honestly, makes so much sense, and frightens me so, that I’ve tinkled the women’s underwear that I have jammed up my ass, but what are you doing, or going to do about it?

    What’s that? Speak-up; nothing? Oh, I’m sorry I misunderstood you. You’re posting entries in a celebrity blog.

    Paranoiacs, lame.

  28. Guy

    I’m just a bit curios, I heard his profile was on FUCK OFF YOU SPAMMERS I HATE YOU

  29. jrzmommy

    I’m with #19. If #16 wants to try to educate the mentally challenged degenerates of the Superfish, I think that’s great! They’re like children so they’ll probably get upset, but that means you’re doing your job.

  30. Yeah, WhorE so good I forgot the E on your name a few minutes ago. Well whatever I can’t type worth a shit anyway, but what is weird is that I’m NOT hungover today. So, where is Sam Lufti? He was supposed to bring me my pills hours ago. I do NOT have a restraining order out on him. Stupid late bastard..

  31. Cowards laughing while men are fighting

    I posted 16 as a response #4. I find it unusual that this site is filled with vulgarity and hate and idiocy for it’s own sake. All of that is fine if taken as comedy. Open forum on homosexuality and stupidity is good here.
    As soon as someone talks sense it angers the traitors here (republicans ?)
    I will say whatever the fuck I want. Freedom of speech remember tools? You little commy queers. Now post something stupid about the nice man. If you don’t like what someone writes don’t read it.
    I believe that you dumbasses are all starting to finally realize that you sheep have been shorn and the wool off your back is now being used to cover your eyes up.
    Remember when the Pres was told about us being attacked how he just sat there with the little kiddies reading that important book? Yeah that’s a normal reaction to disaster. Just sit with little kids and do N O T H I N G !!!!!!!
    OK fags, go back to chompin’ cock and don’t forget to spit it back in your man’s mouth after you French (freedom, sorry) kiss him. Silly little idtiots.

  32. #27 is - - -

    G A Y. Yeah you are not even a real man. Sissy it would be. Effeminate. Sodomite. Obvious sassy faggot.
    What am I going to do about things? Well, I plant lots of trees and practice a biodynamic lifestyle, solar energy. I do not watch much tv and try to stay outside and read to keep the electric bill down. I bicycle when I can. I am extremely fit by the way, weightifting tennis swimming, fucking (that would be women Nancy boy so don’t get your little butt cheeks trembling). I talk about various subjects including this “paranoic” shit as you call it. All emotions are natural reactions to the exigencies of life. Being paranoid is not irrational if there is a rational basis for the paranoia. Can you spit the dick out and pay attention. Did you get that? OK good a baby step.

    You characters really should be frightened. If you had any idea you would not be amused and I know there are more and more people that are being made aware so those that are should not be angered unless it is so unpleasant that you tired of thinking of it and I don’t blame you and I guess I should not discuss these things here.

    Let’s stick to fun stuff like whores and drug addicts and douchebags n fun n frolics. Fiddle while Rome burns.

  33. Harry Ballzack

    #16 – Speaking of idiots ……Can you say – Paranoidal Schiziophrenic ?
    HAHAHAHAHA ………….. I love Superficial in the mornig

  34. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    16. Binky, is that you? welcome back.

  35. HuckyDucky


    You have identified yourself with Democrats. I am shocked, SHOCKED that you would do such a thing. I never saw it coming.

  36. D. Richards (Saint.)

    #32 — you’re exactly right, honey. I’m a faggot.

    We have so much in common, you and I; I too enjoy planting trees (Willows, ’cause they’re sexy), bicycling — although I think of bicycling as ‘gaycycling’ because there is nothing ‘bi’ about my lifestyle — (to work), tennis (love the shorts), reading (erotic man-on man novels, anything by John Waters), and weight-lifting (nude).

    Biodynamics is where I draw the line though. It’s just too straight for me.

  37. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    #31 Binky, now that the writer’s strike is over, shouldn’t you be busy writing scripts for Jack Bauer?
    (oh and btw, it’s spelled i-d-i-o-t-s)

  38. #36 Honey and the Birds and the Bees

    Nature did not intend this to imply ass sex you greasy cheeked citizen of Sodom. You did not mention swimming. I guess that would be dipping your skinny in another dude’s ass.Planting logs anally does not constiute a good horticulture either. And regarding tennis, the only love between us would be me routing you each and every set. I wear a jock strap cuz I lift HEAVY weights, not the little pink 5 lb. lady dumbbells dumbass!
    Your choice in literature asounds me. I thought there would be a more studious approach to your intellectual endeavors. Subject like Applied Colon Hydrodynamics or Towards a More Sensual Enema for Your Inumerable Gay Lovers, Deep Fisting and Anal Contraction, How to Speak Gay in Several Languages on a Butt Romping World Tour and so many other awesome tomes for your “culture”.

  39. Auntie Kryst

    @31 Is it possible to be both a traitorous republican and a commy queer? I had no idea that the militant radical centrists even existed.

    You obviously have neither a grasp of national nor global politics. For that matter, much of a grasp on reality at all. Time to start reading your second book; something else beside the Turner Diaries. PS, for vulgarity and hate and idiocy own’s sake “FUCK!”

  40. meh

    You know what made this story hilarious? As I began to read it, the Vandals “F’d Up Girl” started playing on my i-pod. I ghighly reccommend that you all re-read this story while listening to that song. It’s fantastic. It’s on the album Hitler Bad, Vandals Good if you’re interested.

  41. meh

    You know what made this story hilarious? As I began to read it, the Vandals “F’d Up Girl” started playing on my i-pod. I highly reccommend that you all re-read this story while listening to that song. It’s fantastic. It’s on the album Hitler Bad, Vandals Good if you’re interested.

  42. #39 (Illiterate Hag)

    You stupid bitch. The republicans AND democrats are toothless in terms of controlling anything. The power lies as it always has behind the throne. The Nazis and the communists were both funded by the same sinister power. And the same power runs this country now. The centrist bankers that some of our founding fathers fought to keep out of this country. Well they lost with the establishment of the Federal Reserve.
    Your Bushies and republican neocons are in league with them and yes commies.
    You my elderly lady are living in a dreamworld of “believers”. The world is nothing what you “believe” it to be.
    Aging yeast queens like you should stick to knitting and changing the diapers of their grandchildren. Your useful time in this world is spent. Now go review your will m’am. The next generation is going to require what little assests someone with such limited resources may have accumulated in such a boring expanse of time. (I suggest cremation as a burial wastes your children’s money and after they inherit from you what little you leave them they won’t come to your lonely grave anyway dear).
    Have a nice day!!!! Cheeriness!!! (Your friend the paranoid schizophrenic)

  43. $42…umm….Auntie Kryst is a man..

  44. Xanthia

    #39 I agree with you!

    Personally, I think someone needs to take a nice big Thorzine shot and slip into their white jacket with the reaaaaaaally losleeves and all the shiny buckles. Then the nice men can tuck them in for a nap.

    Either that or they can sit down with their happy meal and then go back to the juvie center…….

  45. Auntie Kryst

    @39 Illiterate? Ok, not even worth my time. You are obviously more learned that I am. I can tell you must have read tens of books. I will, however, suggest Microsoft word for you. *Hint* it helps catch your typos nimrod. When did you get broadband up on Ruby Ridge? PS, Herman Goering was a HUGE faggot, literally and figuratively. Just kidding, 88 my brother!

  46. Xanthia

    #39 I agree with you!

    Personally, I think someone needs to take a nice big Thorzine shot and slip into their white jacket with the reaaaaaaally long sleeves and all the shiny buckles. Then the nice men can tuck them in for a nap.

  47. #44 Awesome Retort!

    Wow! How did you do that what with so little brain power? Very intelligent! I stand refuted and will now go away and realize that reality is just what the nice politicians with the cool American flag pins on their lapels tell us.
    Damn I bet all your uneducated pals here are giggling themselve into pissing their pants (like the weak bladdered D. Ricards alia “Brown Fist”)!!!!
    Damn you sure are a troubleshooting analyst of the first degree. I would have expected something like “Hey suck a dick dude, take a chill pill, Yo”.
    NIce work. You won.

  48. Anonymous

    Office Whore,

    I see you’re just learning how to drink.

  49. Auntie and #47 whoever you are (my new hero because of your blatent dislike for D.Richards) are cracking me up! TGIF!!!

  50. Auntie Cyst @45

    I do not spellcheck my rants. I was not aware how important these rants were to some of you. Ha ha ha ha . Pathetic!
    Yeah like your mom was to that pimp, Goering was just another tool. Who cares and what does that fat fuck have to do with anything and yes when the sewer comes to power you get C- students and scum for leaders. (By the way Goering had the highest IQ at Nuremberg)

    Suggestion for Dummies: Are any of you Imbeciles capable of holding an intelligent debate? You have not made a single counterpoint or antithesis to my argument. (I guess not)

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