Sam Lutfi drugged Britney Spears

February 5th, 2008 // 162 Comments

Details of the restraining order against Sam Lutmcgyver have surfaced and it paints a pretty ugly picture of what’s been going down with Britney. Lynne Spears provided most of the information in the document and it contains allegations that Sam was drugging Britney. TMZ reports:

At one point Britney “picked up a bottle of pills and read part of the label and asked us, ‘What does insomnia mean?’ Sam told her that the pills will help her stay awake.” Lynne continues, “Sam told Jackie and me that he grinds up Britney’s pills, which were on the counter and included Risperdal (an anti-psychotic drug for schizophrenia and bipolarity) and Seroquel.” The docs continue, “He told us that the doctor who is treating her now is trying to get her into a sleep-induced coma so that they could then give her drugs to heal her brain.”

After downing the pills, Sam then tried to get Britney to do shots of tequila. He also told Britney that Adnan is gay and later threatened Lynne:

Lynne claims before leaving for the drug store that night, Sam gave her drugs upstairs “to make her more light-hearted, happy, and fun.”
During a dispute later that night, Sam allegedly said, “If you try to get rid of me, she’ll be dead and I’ll piss on her grave.”
Brit said, “Can I see another psychiatrist so I can see my babies?” Sam responded, “If I told you to take 10 pills a day, you should do what I tell you to see your babies.”

This explains so much. First, and most importantly, yes, Sam Lutfi indeed has an unhealthy obsession with urinating on the dead thus validating all my jokes. Second, this could mean that Britney is not bipolar after all. She’s just been on the longest drug binge of her life. You know, not counting her years in the Mickey Mouse Club. Back then it was all about Barbie dolls and pure Colombian snow. I heard Britney mugged a seven dwarf for coke money. Of course, you didn’t read about that one in the papers. And not because I made it up.


  1. Binky : Cliff – I’m pretty sure you scared them off. Too loud. Asshole.
    Cliff Notes : Sorry. Thought they were ”in the boat’
    Binky : Shit. Frist – you got any beer at your place ?

  2. Of course, Binky. Do you like IPA?

  3. random guy

    So…CNN is using blue to shade states where Hillary Clinton is winning. Shouldn’t it be blue with a streak of white?

  4. Binky

    Sounds good.
    Guess I should go do something.
    Cheers x

  5. Stinky

    Ironically enough, everything else has been an “inside job” (Iraq, for example). 9/11 was broadly distributed incompetence in the face of a much less powerful but determined and single-minded opponent. There’s not really much more competence now, simply more brutality, which is effective in its own way…in the short term. What we need is to have Binky accept the truth, then set him loose to fight the terrorists. The don’t stand a chance.

  6. Good Lord…Binky just DRINK THE ALE!!

  7. herbiefrog

    all is not lost [apparently]…

    My loneliness is killing me
    [and I]
    I must confess
    I still believe
    [still believe]
    When I’m not with you I lose my mind
    give me a sign
    hit me baby one more time

  8. Ted from LA

    Obama is the only candidate left in the race. I’ve had enough of the 19 year Bush-Clinton run. Huckafuck wants to re-write the constitution to make it God based and he doesn’t believe in evolution. We’ve had enough of the lunitic fringe over the past 7 years. Mitt (I’m too sexy for myself) Romney is a cock. John McCain’s temper should exclude him from having his finger on the button. Now, I’d be the first to admit that if I were beat for several years in prison I’d be half fucking crazy, but I’d also be the first to admit that I should probably exclude myself from the presidency and driving in heavy traffic areas. Obama all the way. Britney as VP, provided she gives up booze like W. did before taking office.

  9. Yourfairytale

    If that’s true, that is fucking creepy.

  10. Ted from LA

    Are you talking to ME? Are you TALKING TO ME? THEY CALL ME MR. CREEPY!!!!!!!

  11. Jessica Spitz

    what a bunch of freaky comments.

  12. Jessica Spitz

    what a bunch of freaky comments.

  13. Jessica Spitz

    what a bunch of freaky comments.

  14. Binky

    ( #106 – Don’t worry Frist – I just found a Kilkenny in the fridge.)
    Waz planning to ‘lurk on the shore’ and maybe land a ‘#96′ or even a “#98″, but so far – no such luck.
    Cliff Notes : Loser
    Binky : F – U Cliff. You and your big mouth f’ ed this all up ! Asshole.
    But – I’m with you Ted. Obama. And / or Military Coup.
    Ever heard of Johnny Wave ?

  15. Binky

    Good to see you back herb – cheers

  16. Reina

    this is sad. I really hope that she gets the help that she needs..

  17. herbiefrog

    #115 we generally write this stuff backwards

    easier that way…

    : )

    hey babe : ) feeling bettr yet ? : ))

  18. Ted from LA

    On a side note, does anyone feel that the ad woman with the white tank and black bra is the hottest woman ever shown on this site? That is my vote. That, and Binky for President.

  19. No, I’m the hottest woman on this site and I should be president..

    Nevermind, I change my vote to the glitter freak from American Idol. She WILL be victorious!!

  20. herbiefrog

    both Risperdal and Seroquel are strong dopamine blockers (antagonist)

    dopamine forms the “pleasure pathway” within the brain…


    turning it off…

    well… think about it

    ok, so we need to get out of there…
    …of course we’ll take your medication [ : ) ]
    whatever we need to do to get out

    then we can take stock
    and become stronger than yesterday

    [hang on… this is some public forum

    just post

  21. Binky

    Frist – I thought American Idol has ‘jumped the shark’. Haven’t watched. Caught 10 secs on youTube.
    I’ve refused to watch any unscripted shows the last few months.
    That plan, and my addiction to internet porn, are coming together quite nicely.
    ( Just kidding mom)

  22. Awww…I love porn

    (not kidding mom)

    Wait, Binky, your mom gets on here? Sorry Mrs. Binky for my potty mouth..

  23. Oh! American Idol is on!!!

  24. Binky

    Don’t worry Frist –
    She’s probably still a bit confused about the spelling of first…etc.
    No problemo. Type thing.

  25. AnonHatter

    I wonder if he is the one who might have drugged and raped Britney Spears, causing the whole Shaved Head Incident.


    I pray for her recovery from one human being to another. I, too, battle a mental illness and at times it is hell. Unfortunately, her kids are the only unconditional support and love she has. I think she could be an amazing mother if she just took care of herself and not let others use her so much (including her own family).

    The media mocks her now. I can only hope they are sincerely respectful to her post therapy and hospitalization. Being mentally ill is nothing to laugh about.

  26. Bill Clinton

    I went to school with Lutfi and he stole my girl, Amanda Knox from me.

  27. And in other news-
    Kudos to Willie Nelson.
    Who’s else has any guts ?

  28. Finally read one of my stupid links and read this under Willie Nelson :

    “The cowboys are showing up.
    I knew they would.”

    Can’t beat that one. Rock on.

  29. free willy

    just kidding, i watched it..

  30. (You’re ruining the fucking pathos Frist)

  31. Got any ‘snacks’ at your place ?

  32. lambman

    this is just sad and fucked up.

  33. #132 Lamb – Apparently no one promised us a…
    ‘Rose Garden’
    as they say in the industry.

  34. Janine

    I call bullshit on this one. Grinding up her pills? What, so he can sneak them into her food? Sounds like bullshit to me.

  35. Janine

    I call bullshit on this one. Grinding up her pills? What, so he can sneak them into her food? Sounds like bullshit to me.

  36. Lutfi can’t get away with this! We’re all still behind you Britty like always! 10,000%! 4-EVA!

    Actually I’m thinking someone should fill this slimes pants with krazy glue and nail him to a post in a public place. Throw animal excrement at him for a month.

  37. non

    MSNBC has more details. Here’s my favorite bit: “She [Lynn] said during the evening, ‘Sam had told Britney she was an unfit mother, a piece of trash and a whore, that she cares more about Adnan (Ghalib), her current boyfriend, than she cares about her kids and that she does not deserve her kids.’”

    Does anyone have a problem with this statement?

  38. britney is no good, but sam IS evil.

    74 – no.
    He already had 3 restraining orders against him from different people.
    He told the last person he managed that he hoped his sister was raped to death.

  39. a

    I don’t believe her parents either

    they pimped her out as a child so they don’t have her best interest at heart

  40. My hands, who are my business and personal managers, drugged me yesterday after rolling a fat joint and forcing my mouth and lungs to abet them. They also accosted my penis until it threw up. But where’s my restraining order???

  41. well

    Maybe , but you also must hate justin timberlakes parents, christina aguileras parents, jodie foster’s parents, etc. any parents who had children that were in entertainment young.

  42. well

    her parents didn’t seem to do much different than other show biz parents, britney just handled success differently, when she was an adult and out of their care.
    her father has never really used her money and has a job. i think her parents are better for her than osama.

  43. poor Britney.

  44. pfft.

    140- unless your hands are attached to a different brain than your own, AND you are insane enough to be held in a pysch ward for 2 weeks so a third party would decide that your hands should have this restraining order against them, your hands wouldn’t get a restraining order.

    you are not clever.

  45. TS

    FRIST!!!, thanks for asking. Unfortunately I have been traveling between the land of toothless rednecks and terrible barbecue (North Carolina) and the land of bitchy women and douchebag metro-dudes who wax their eyebrows and wear their sunglasses indoors (Italy). What a bunch of tools. I tell you I don’t recommend either place if you are going for work.

    Rest assured my Scotch comsumption didn’t tail off…quite the contrary for obvious reasons. Someone really needs to fill these Euros in on the wonders of ice though.

  46. Get your SAVE Britney t-shirt


  47. Ice is good.

    Carolinas…not so sure..

  48. #144 – Oh I am clever. Like that time I told this guy tailgating at the Giants game that Miller Lite was better than Bud Light because it’s less filling, and he said because it tastes great. Well you can imagine his surprise when I downed BOTH beers at the same fucking time, belched and agreed with him. I mean, c’mon… that was FREE beer! What’s more clever than that? Oh yea, go fuck yourself, you cheesy Britney groupie… go lip sync your next post.

  49. TS, wherever you are, at least it is not snowing 5 inches a day. Feel good about that. I’m borderline suicidal..

  50. Drug dealer on speed dial


    When you get back the first hit is FREE. I’ll hook you up good.

    Im me on the Blackberry I gave Sam.

    You know the code 69691

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