Sam Lufti as Mother Teresa

February 1st, 2008 // 58 Comments

Sam Lufti pleaded his case to Ryan Seacrest last night and said he has a “moral obligation” to help Britney, according to E! Online:

“You meet her and she cries, and she begs you not to turn on her,” Lutfi said in an emotional phone call to Seacrest at roughly 8:15 p.m. Thursday. “You would do the same for any of your sisters. I have three sisters–I would do the same for them.”

Sam also claims that Britney doesn’t pay him and he hasn’t accepted a dime from the media. He then shared his feelings on Britney’s family and is through trying to keep the peace:

And while Spears’ parents continue to cast doubt on him and object to his intervention in their daughter’s life, they’re the ones who are “incapable of telling the truth and incapable of sympathizing,” Lutfi said, adding that “they’re more concerned about money and their own image than Britney’s condition.”

Sam ended the phone call by getting into Britney’s brand new Mercedes Benz which he drove back to her mansion. He comforted himself by watching movies on her ridiculously large HD TV and helped himself to the fridge. Afterwards he relaxed in the Jacuzzi and wondered if this is how Jesus felt after he helped all those people. Then he noticed something was clogging one of the jets. Aw, gross, it’s a tickler – and a chicken wing. Dammit, Britney.

EDIT: So apparently, after all this time, it’s actually Sam LuTFi not Sam LuFTi. Great, now this douchebag is bringing me down. I’ll get you, LUFTFI!

Photo: Flynet

  1. bhoboan

    he is really handsome. Is he still single? I saw his profile on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called “SearchingMillionaire dot come” .His profile is nice with several recent pics there. Many girls winked at him. What relationship is he looking for?

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  3. crazy otto

    There is a circle in Hell for such users

  4. EuroNeckPain

    “????” (lutfi) is an Arab name. And Adnan is Pakistanese. Britney seems to like oriental men. Just like Diana. Maybe she is possessed by Diana, hence the British accent.

  5. I Forgot It

    One word……..


    Or is it two words, as in Douche Bag?

    Just a second, I am gonna check with the imaginary people that live under the bed………..

    Well they said, “Go fuck yourself!” So I guess the imaginary people created by my tiny little mind could give a flying flip about Sam Lutfi/Lufti or Emperor Dong Blaster as he likes Britney to call him……


    Get your save Britney t-shirt


  7. Pamela Matteson

    Maybe he is a decendent of Svengali. Ya think?

  8. Pamela Matteson

    Maybe he is a decendent of Svengali. Ya think?

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