Salma Hayek’s cup runneth over (Almost)

Salma Hayek stopped by German TV show Wetten Dass over the weekend sporting a traditional dirndl. There was nearly an international incident when her entire breast almost popped completely out of her outfit. I’m not sure what U.N. protocol is, but I’m guessing Germany would’ve owed us a peak at one of it’s stars’ nipples. On that note, anybody who wouldn’t demand it be Heidi Klum is a terrorist. (It needed to be said.)

NOTE: Pics are LSFW due to them being the closest you can get to a nipple slip without, sadly, being one. It’s like getting ready to have sex with a beautiful woman, and she only has half a vagina. We’ve all been there before.

Thanks to David who gets an “A” in foreign policy for the day. You should work in the White House.

Photos: Reuters