Salma Hayek’s cup runneth over (Almost)

October 6th, 2008 // 67 Comments

Salma Hayek stopped by German TV show Wetten Dass over the weekend sporting a traditional dirndl. There was nearly an international incident when her entire breast almost popped completely out of her outfit. I’m not sure what U.N. protocol is, but I’m guessing Germany would’ve owed us a peak at one of it’s stars’ nipples. On that note, anybody who wouldn’t demand it be Heidi Klum is a terrorist. (It needed to be said.)

NOTE: Pics are LSFW due to them being the closest you can get to a nipple slip without, sadly, being one. It’s like getting ready to have sex with a beautiful woman, and she only has half a vagina. We’ve all been there before.

Thanks to David who gets an “A” in foreign policy for the day. You should work in the White House.

Photos: Reuters

  1. Marino


  2. theonewhoknows

    first again

  3. John McCain

    You know what? The hairy spics have no place in my small-town white America. I don’t care how big their boobs are or how close we are to seeing one of her nipples, complete with 5 thick black hairs growing out of the areola. She’s a non-white big city elitist subhuman dysgenic ghetto girl and she’ll be exterminated like all the others. Leaving only: my friends. (Why do you think I say that all the time? Learn the codes, you morons.)

  4. Marino

    ohhhhhhhh! look who got played to the left!

  5. theonewhoknows

    tied, why the star ??? I have more nip showing than that, and I’m a man!!!

  6. theonewhoknows

    #3 suck my dick, and join the KKK you asshole !!!!

  7. Yeah,those look ready for milking and pleasing…

  8. John

    Those eyebrows are killing my erection…

  9. haroof

    gained too much weight during her pregnancy.

    sorry but she’s over.

  10. m.

    Gained too much weight…wha!!!!! It kills me how if a chick isn’t Kate Moss, she’s fat. A real full bodied WOMAN with tits ass and hips NEVER intimidates me.

  11. n

    please oh please oh please oh please

    let’s not have the fat/thin “real women have curves” debate again. it’s as boring as fucking your wife.

  12. Silsmojo

    Hey #3…get off your sister and leave the sheep alone too while you’re at it.

  13. Silsmojo

    Hey #3…get off your sister and leave the sheep alone too while you’re at it.

  14. Sarah Palin

    Sheep would be less hairy than this monkeygirl. Ordinarily I say “no exceptions” but I have to say I’m sad that she wasn’t aborted.

  15. Leroy

    welcome to bonerville.
    Population: Me

  16. zippythewonderslug

    What a GREAT set of tittys!! I love this woman!

  17. UpChuck

    I love that woman. If she were my girlfriend my tongue would forever be attached to her body.

  18. zippythewonderslug

    If only I could get Kim K. and Salma together for a meeting of the tittys, with me in the middle, I could die a very happy man!

  19. Dick Bush


    Moochaaasss TeeeeeTTaaaaaassss

  20. meee

    seriously? before i scrolled down to her boobs i thought this was a dude in drag.


  21. UK_Matt

    @18 – I hear that.

  22. lloyd johnson

    Whenever I see her, I am reminded of the stripper dance she did in the movie “From Dusk Til Dawn”. Do yourself a favor and google/you tube it.

  23. Rant

    Show of hands…..who wants to titty fuck Salma?

  24. PunkA

    I hear her areolas taste like butterscotch. True story.

  25. nastyjay

    u fukkers have no idea how bad i wanna bang that

  26. Just_As_It_Is

    @ #3 and 14 I bet you 10,000 dollars she is prettier than your mother and sisters together. That’s why the racism against a Mexican woman who is more successful than you! HAHAHAAA This superficial site is packed with jealous fat fucks who always want thinner/younger women. Now only American women? Not even in your homes. I bet a Mexican guy is banging your mama AND your sis.,

    @24 Lame superficial-writer wannabe.

  27. mamadough

    definitely grosser since having a baby. big tits or not.

  28. You know, I’d like to indulge but Mexican always gives me gas

  29. britney's weave

    that’s so NOT NSFW… 1/8″ of areola does not count.

    she’s beautiful, but these pics aren’t flattering.

  30. Burrito Breath

    She looks like a fat, round-faced Mexican peasant woman who sucks cock all day just to pay the bills.

    I’m just saying.

  31. wow

    #3 is either gay or has it bad for latinas. What’s a matter, got rejected by your latina neighbor who wouldn’t touch you with a 10 ft. pole? It’s ok, your hand will always love you.

  32. hmm

    Almost perfect-looking were it not for the mega-80′s eyebrows.

  33. joey joejoe

    i don’t fuck anything you need to shave to find to the hole. and by shave i mean attack with a hedge trimmer.
    she’s gunna be a packing a hairy twat down there.

  34. action jackson

    she was hot in dusk to dawn yeah

  35. action jackson

    she was hot in dusk to dawn yeah

  36. Erotic Gardener

    Yeah all those mexican females have very very hairy bushes and it aint pretty. I have done my share of them in my time as they are now everywhere and have to be the easiest to fuck of any type of woman.
    If you are desperate.

  37. ew!

    EWWW! she looks fat, old, and hairy! grrroosssssssssss! her tits are sloppy too.

    ony hot, blonde women should be allowed to wear that costume anyways.

  38. ummm...yeah

    How OLD is that bitch?

  39. Jane

    Yeah #3 you’re an idiot. I’m pretty sure McCain dated a Brazilian model back in the day: look it up.

  40. be sure: AMERICANS ARE “STARS” IN LOOKING CHEAP, folks!!

  41. honestly, i could feel the saliva flowing so hard when the picture opened up. I have a boner and it hurts.

  42. menotrouble

    so many kids here. go back to your porn-babes, glamour-models, innocent looking hayden panetierres and shut up about real women and how pregnancy changes them and all that BS. this is a full-bodied, wonderful and womanly person, and her sex appeal stems – like any real sex appeal – from her imperfections. It’s a real woman for real man. Wankers and kids should turn to their plastic barbies and shut up.

  43. Gwen Smythe

    Fish, I know we’re talking about boobs but I think the word you wanted was peek not peak.

  44. w

    That is not a flattering outfit for her but why is everyone saying she looks hairy…she doesn’t…

  45. UGH! FAT! And ugly too! What a horrific face to have to look at in a picture! I remember when she was good looking. What happened? She is completely repulsive now. I guess she has to resort to doing german tv shows dressed like a fucking clown. No one else will look at her fat ugly ass. Disgusting.

  46. meh

    Meh, I’ve seen better, and think of her dark hairy pussy, ewwwwwwwwwwwww

  47. Well, she sure ain’t anorexic!

  48. #3 and 14: your mom is a dike

    1. shes not fat
    2. she kinda looks like a man with the eyebrows but whatever
    3. sarah palin and mccain can suck my dick cause theyre fags
    4. if sarah palin got fucked by her cousin and had a gay baby i would die happy cause shes a bitch and she should have been aborted.

  49. havoc

    I wonder what Himmler is whispering in her ear in pic #3?


  50. The only thing easier to screw than a mexican is a filipina. You can get a mexican chick into bed with a efw peso’s and some crappy ear rings from the mall. Man I miss living in California!

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