Salma Hayek’s breasts are heroes

February 11th, 2009 // 139 Comments

While on a humanitarian mission for UNICEF in Sierra Leone, Salma Hayek came across a hungry baby and took immediate action – with her breasts. Angelina Jolie, you should probably be taking notes here. NY Daily News reports:

Hayek, 42, discovered the child, whose mother was unable to produce milk, during a tour of a hospital in the war-torn country.
“The baby was perfectly healthy, but the mother did not have any milk,” she later recalled to USA Today. “He was very hungry – I was weaning my daughter Valentina, but I still had a lot of milk, so I breastfed the baby.”
“You should have seen his eyes,” she said. “When he felt the nourishment, he immediately stopped crying.”

I think it’s time we, as Americans, recognized true heroism and put Salma Hayek’s breasts on the one dollar bill. This will allow me to not only tip a stripper, but inspire her to use her breasts for the greater good. (After my lap dance, of course.) I just care about the children.

WARNING: Video is NSFW. Unless you’re a wet nurse.

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  1. francesca

    lol @ rich port’s ghost

    the mocking romantic ad is quite funny. you did spoil it by the usual sexual lewd commments but overall quite funny!!

  2. #101 – I’ll take that as a yes, especially to the facial bit, you saucy little minx…

  3. francesca

    LOL U REALLY ARE A JOKE and crazy

    but highly entertaining i think i prefer to be mocked like this than criticised harshly for expressing a valid view. or hearing that black people are apes or any of that other ‘facts’ people here vomit on a daily basis

    i’ll pick YOU up and drop you in the nearest asylum

  4. francesca

    LOL U REALLY ARE A JOKE and crazy

    but highly entertaining i think i prefer to be mocked like this than criticised harshly for expressing a valid view. or hearing that black people are apes or any of that other ‘facts’ people here vomit on a daily basis

    i’ll pick YOU up and drop you in the nearest asylum

  5. francesca

    p.s but do refrain from the negative stereotypes you have of particuluar people and i do like how to reference current situations with the chris brwn fists i think in a way it ties up all you want to say about certain people without saying it

  6. bootlips

    When will negroes stop bothering the world to feed their fukking kids.?????

  7. jimmy

    Kid has stretchmarks on his mouth!

  8. #104 – Amazing… I didn’t know they let patients use the computers… the reference to being tied up just made my pants tight.

  9. francesca

    oooh he fights back

    though shouldn’t i be using that line on you minus the pants being tight, i always buy my size ;)

  10. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    That is such a beautiful story if it’s true, of course you fucked up in the head Yanks will find it weird because you are so repressed about breasts and breastfeeding.

  11. Wow. I see the “I Hate America” crowd is all here.Of course, they’re as relevant as “Paint By Numbers For Dummies”, but at least they made it to the party.

  12. Salma Hayek does not look 42! She ages sooo well! Good karma maybe?

  13. bootlips

    Can Salma be held responsible when the little monkey grows up and robs, rapes, and kills, an elderly woman?

  14. francesca

    perfectly valid point bootlips *rolls eyes*

    i’m also wondering whether she can be held responsible if the little CHILD grows up and becomes PRESDENT of his country? i’m not too sure maybe she can but i’m sure your contribution to society will be more worthwhile though. i mean what will we without your reasoned and educated comments on irrelevant blog sites?

  15. Fati

    I guess it was also the white men that gave the world a wonderful thing called AIDS? Hmm, for all I know, it was a perverted disgusting dude in Africa who fucked a monkey.

    Francesca, YOU need to get over it. If it had not been for white men, Africa and its people would still be exactly where they were a few hundred years ago – living in tribes, swinging from trees, worshiping sticks, sacrificing virgins and eating each other. I don’t know what the fuck it is, but they really are unable to take care of themselves, and never have been.

  16. francesca

    lol you are only spewing what you’ve been brainwashed with. i know you like to think white people are so superior but weren’t they once living in caves and beating each other on the heads? so as they evolved that would have happened to the black race. i don’t know what you have been reading or what films you have seen but black people weren’t swinging from trees that is what animals did.

    they were infact busy making and using medicines YOU use today, starting the pottery industry which led to a range of items including that mug YOU drink from, producing iron, trading with neighbouring countries glass, jewellry, etc i could go on…
    so i do believe that without external influences or should i say opression i think Africa would have been fine but i guess your prejudice mind can’t comprehend that

    the truth is africa was doing fine, there was no AIDS, had natural resources, had intelligience, inventions were occuring and had the greaatest potential to be successful. their weakness was in being too peaceful not being devious enough against the opressors.

    try banging your head with that knowledge!

  17. sote

    clap clap clap @ francesca

  18. don't ruin my fantasy

    I agree with #117
    Francesca – your are my dream woman! Please don’t ruin my fantasy of an intelligent, self-expressed (and, because i’m a guy, I’m picturing) BABE(!) with a great sense of humor by turning out to be a man.
    You inspire me (are you secretly Salma Hayek?)!

  19. I have a new found respect for Salma. That was more than a selfless thing to do for that baby, and my best friend just had a new born baby. She tells me that it’s not an easy job breast feeding, and can even cause some soreness too. God bless you Salma.

  20. francesca

    lol @ 118 i’m definetly a lady, i could tell you i’m a babe but then i could be lying ;)
    you would have to decide lol

  21. Smatt584

    Jesus, more “us versus them” bullshit. Two delusional assholes on opposing sides of the argument. This is exactly what I’m talking about. If you want to use the actual science of evolutionary theory, then EVERYBODY originated from Africa, black or white. Why the fuck do you people think it’s called “the cradle of civilization” for. That means that “your” earliest achievements are actually EVERYBODIES’ earliest achievements. This is exactly why racism is such bullshit. As for Francesca, I can see what you’re dealing with, but when all you do is fight bullshit with bullshit, you don’t help a fucking thing. The truth of the matter is that “the white man” didn’t introduce famine, or war into Africa, it has always existed in EVERY human civilization. All you do is put your own predjudices out there to combat some asshole who’s just trying to piss people like you off, and how do you come off? Like an actual racist!

  22. smatt584

    …oh and xenophobic too. Did you even entertain the idea that the idiot you’re spouting off to was from anywhere other than “America” (By the way, there are more than one; North, Central, and South). I’m assuming you meant the U.S. with all the Obama cracks. I don’t suppose you think it was the U.S. that colonized and ruled over many African nations, (Until very recently might I add)? I believe the nation you’re thinking of is Great Britain. And that bullshit war going on right now?perhaps you think Tony Blaire was away at the time? If I were to say something so stupid about any other country, I would be considered “just another U.S. asshole, but people can talk shit all they want about the citizens here. Hey, guess what? Every country does shit that the citizens don’t like and every country has a stupid fucking easily mislead populace, just look at how easy Germans were led into mass genocide or hey, take a gander over at Palestine for a fucking second and tell me how perfect it has been there over the last few hundred years. Pull your biased head out of your ass and realize that you are no more enlightened than any of the more outwardly spoken assholes out there. Oh yeah, a fucking beacon of understanding you are.

  23. alex

    I was going to rant about how horribly cheap and shallow all of you are .. and then I saw the website title .. I’m out of here.

  24. francesca

    lol @123

    lol @ smat i hope i don’t sound as angry as you in my posts your anger is radiating through my computer screen.

    about america i said i’m not african american and i don’t care for the americans don’t make me out the be a american basher because i’m not i’m only stating like other countries america is messed up too. too many times i read and hear alot of comments from countries mocking and saying derrogatory comments about others put isn’t it time you took the log out of your own eye before you inspect the log in some1 elses.

    as i’ve also said i know the opressors (i prefer to use that word as is incorporates the specific people who forcefully implemented their methods) came from UK too. i see you are only passionate when faced with a negative comment about white people if you were to use this same passion against those who are continually negative against black people this blog might not be saturated with purely idotic comments

    im not racist i like everyone white black asian mixed race hispanic and anyone else i might have forgotten but i’m aware that when stating my opinion i probably do come across racist can’t help it because i believe the opressors who you might not know were mainly white instigated SOME of the problems in africa. and you want to know how they can start war well if you enter a country and create boundaries and take sides that can rile people up, supply weapons and you can start a war. but that is a really simplified explanation that hasn’t incorporated all the factors but basically its like the kid in school that whispers into a couple of ears and turns best friends into enemies.

    i could go on but this essay is getting ridiculous,africa isn’t innocent no country is but i’m sure if someone is to follow me with another idiotic comment about black people you will be silent then. won’t you? who is the predujice person now??

  25. Wow. The kid should live to tell his story. I sucked Salma’s nipple

  26. Nat

    “What a world! A Mexican PROVIDING welfare. Next thing you know you’ll hear about a successful black-ruled African country. (Nah…just kiddin’…)”
    Typical white person
    Well, considering raped enslaved black women from black-ruled and raped African countries gave up their breast milk to feed their Masters white children, Id think twice about trying to use your father’s humor….Archie!

  27. meee..

    awwwww shes so nice. thats so kind of her to do. there needs to be more celebs like that. i mean seriously a hungry baby in a 3rd world country like that. how could you not help it? awwww this is so sweet

  28. meee..

    awwwww shes so nice. thats so kind of her to do. there needs to be more celebs like that. i mean seriously a hungry baby in a 3rd world country like that. how could you not help it? awwww this is so sweet

  29. Smatt584

    Well considering that I ignore blatant stupidity in favor of clueless, unassuming biases such as yours that go continuously unchecked (I mean who here doesn’t know these offensive posts are flat-out ignorant and horrible to read, but you should probably understand by now that these assholes say that shit to get a rise out of people) as I probably won’t come back to this post except to check for a reply, you haven’t made any kind of argument regarding my being prejudiced. And you still just assumed all the racist comments on this post were from white, U.S. citizens. What, there isn’t racism within any other racial group or country? You didn’t consider it, you just assumed it. You may not think of it that way, but if you put yourself in my shoes and I sat here and wrote the same bullshit regarding your race and nationality just as everybody seems to do, you would be a tad bit pissed. It just seems that the more you write, the more you reveal how deeply-seeded your own predijices are and rather than understand why I would be upset at your comments, you try to turn it around without any logical basis to do so. What does that tell you about yourself? Probably nothing, you just go about your day thinking that just because you stood up for Africa and don’t use racial slurs that youre not predujiced. That is much more frustrating than blatant stupidity to me, blind prejdice.

  30. momo

    that’s beautiful … good on her … I’d do it

  31. Artemisa 55

    Bravo mi hermana! solo una mujer Mexicana y bella no tan solo fisicamente pero Espiritualmente haria algo tan humano como tu lo haces Salma…eres un verdadero ejemplo a seguir!! Disregard the extremely ignorant comments of certain imbeciles so shallow…Viva La Salma!!

  32. francesca

    @ SMAT im here to check for replies too i guess we are both sad in that respect now regarding what you said…i’m well aware that these people like bootlips say this stuff to get a rise out of people and if you are okay to keep silent that is you i on the otherhand will express my opinion. imagine that ey! expressing an opinion on a blog site!

    im also well aware that there is racism in every race against every race but i’m here to talk about the racism displayed here and it is genreally against the blacks whether you admit or not. if you want me to talk about the racism against whites i’d be glad to do on a comment page where they are being racially opressed. yeah that’s right on this blog site i couldn’t find one either.

    my input on this site had been defending africa you might not like my methods or respect the truth within my comments but we all can’t sit on our thumbs and read the idiotic comments posted here and remain mute can we? you might not like to think that some of the white poeple in the past did wrong against african people, but they did. not all white people and not not all white people are to blame but without their presence alot of things would be different in africa for better and worse.

  33. kiko

    why would we want them to survive? to have more starving kids and spread AIDS? i mean come on. let the kid die. he is a waste of resources.

  34. Alameen

    salma u are the best ever,i wish i could have a small chat with you

  35. Larry

    This lady is amazing. Her body is perfect. Her face is gorgeous and her voice is sexy as hell. Love her.

  36. amjad

    what afantastic Salma ,i have no exact words to express but at least ,you r really ,pretty,briliant ,in short u r perfect hope chat with u one day i love you toooooooooooo threeeeee fouooooor much

  37. Speedy Gonzales


    Your’e either a fucking retard or you live in some sort of disorted parallel reality in which only overly stupid assholes are allowed to inhabit… First of all, America is a fucking continent, not a nation. Second, if you were refering to the United States you are indeed part of this idiotic-moron’s-only inhabited reality, why the HELL would a nation that allows a bunch of retards to play with their money so that they can start a crisis and fuck them all be the greatest??? why the hell a nation with coward people who live their lives with fear of whatever their goverment tells them to fear be the greatest???, why the hell would a nation so easily manipulated by the media and fucking Coca Cola be the greatest???, why the hell would a fucking nation inhabited mostly by fucking zealot farmers and cowboys with no education and dark age religions be the greatest?? because of their money???? HAHAHAHAHA, the fucking richest person in the world is… a MEXICAN, the bulk of all United States population is either mid-class or foreign… HAHAHA!!!

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  39. Everyone wanted the land for the new chief niggs divides the main food producing areas into smaller parcels so that everyone could own land.

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