Salma Hayek’s breasts are heroes

February 11th, 2009 // 139 Comments

While on a humanitarian mission for UNICEF in Sierra Leone, Salma Hayek came across a hungry baby and took immediate action – with her breasts. Angelina Jolie, you should probably be taking notes here. NY Daily News reports:

Hayek, 42, discovered the child, whose mother was unable to produce milk, during a tour of a hospital in the war-torn country.
“The baby was perfectly healthy, but the mother did not have any milk,” she later recalled to USA Today. “He was very hungry – I was weaning my daughter Valentina, but I still had a lot of milk, so I breastfed the baby.”
“You should have seen his eyes,” she said. “When he felt the nourishment, he immediately stopped crying.”

I think it’s time we, as Americans, recognized true heroism and put Salma Hayek’s breasts on the one dollar bill. This will allow me to not only tip a stripper, but inspire her to use her breasts for the greater good. (After my lap dance, of course.) I just care about the children.

WARNING: Video is NSFW. Unless you’re a wet nurse.

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  1. NoName

    Why do I have the sudden urge to show up at Salma’s front door and cry hysterically that I’m malnourished?

  2. Erica

    Wow, she is absolutely gorgeous. Good for her. (:

  3. francesca

    hmmm why is africa in bad shape @ 49
    well briefly its due to the white man raping the country of its natural and synthetic resources.
    and to all the usual ignorant racist comments i’d like to see you repeat them to a black person’s FACE. that’s right because if you did you wouldn’t be able to type out your trash. it is TOO easy to hide behind a computer screen but enough of the attention to you guys. seriously sad but do continue i just know you guys are all going to continue after me so don’t let me stop you

    have a good day

  4. sari

    Imagine that the MLB merged the Red Sox and the Yankees into one team and told the fans “Y’all are one nation now, so get along”. How well would that go over? Well, that’s pretty much what Europe did to Africa. Kinda effed them up for a couple hundred years.

    Salma’s awesome. HIV can be transmitted from an infected mother to the child, but not from an infected child to the breastfeeder.

  5. sari

    (Yes, I know Africa is not one nation, it is a metaphor. But Europe basically carved up the entire continent into countries with no regard for tribal/ethnic lines or rivalries)

  6. Commen tator

    How long does it take africa to get on its feet for crying out loud.

  7. Angelonline

    #37 Do you think that Salma feeding this infant one time is going to keep him from starving? Is she going to hang around and feed him every 4 hours?

  8. sari

    With the exception of 4 countries, no nation in Africa gained its independence until after 1950. That’s not even 60 years of independence. Just sayin’.

  9. JaniceGunit

    This is amazing. Salma is georgeous and I’ve always loved her but I really love that she is a proud breast feeding mother. Boobies are wonderful, they are nice to look at but they can also nourish babies so have some respect!

  10. Lowlands

    I totally agree with her.Milk is good for lil’ babies

  11. Medela

    All of you ignorant idiots that went off topic to argue about “Africa” should concentrate your efforts on these facts:
    Children in impoverished nations need to be breastfed because of the lack of clean drinking water and nutrients. Regardless of the mother’s diet, breastfeeding a child still ensures their survival.
    Formula companies knowingly supply formula and bottles to countries where it is difficult if not completely impossible for mothers to have regular access to clean drinking water and sterilization methods.
    Think about that the next time you eat something from Nestle!

  12. edamame

    Salma has always been my husband’s dream woman (LAMINATED list), and I have to give her props….that was an AWESOME thing that she did!

  13. SATAN

    this story gave me a buh-buh-BONERRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  14. Gazongas

    Damn straight people, I love titties and love that they can entertain and nourish. You go Salma! Incidentally, I think I would much prefer to see Salma’s breasts than Angelina’s…I just don’t get the deal with everyone being so attracted to Jolie.

  15. Just_As_it_IS


    That only applies to Americans. It doesn’t affect the rest of the world.

  16. poon tang

    i wanna suck those big tits too!!!!!

    waaaaaaaaahh waaaaaaaaaah

  17. My eyes would light up from the nourishment my ass was receiving too if i was suckling away on those bad boys. Her rack amazes and astounds. Just ask Colin Farell. Remember that flick they were in and he sees her naked teets and dudes eyes are bigger than that baby’s were.

    The Rake

  18. randomguest534675

    God dam, lucky SOB of a child getting to suck on those sexy ass tits!

  19. Fati

    @ 61 – hmmm.. okay… so what’s bad about that? would you rather that babies have no food at all? so Nestle is benifiting from the situation, but because of them African babies have at least some kind of access to food.

    @ 53 – if black people are such tough asses, why do they let the white men “rape the country of its natural and synthetic resources”? get over yourself, you africa lover.

  20. Dane

    Hope the baby didn’t have AIDS

  21. Wow, Salma is great. Suck on that Angelina? Now you have to go to Africa and breastfeed orphans on camera!

  22. lola

    I am proud of being a mother and I tried to breastfeed both of my children. Unfortunately I did not make enough milk. Women are being told that they have to work, be beautiful and strong to have respect. The truth is that being a mother should give you all the respect you need. I feel we are so disconnected from what nature drives us that it is hard to be truly happy. I should not have to explain why I should be “able” to stay home with my kids and cook healthy meals. I think that it is sexist that I MUST go make money with little regard to how much work there is to be done at home.

    I am a firm advocate in w omen’s rights. And being a mother is nothing to laugh at.

    Babies that are bottle fed formula have twice the occurrence of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and have weaker immune systems.

    From my point of view it was a wonderful thing that Salma did and I would do the same.

  23. Britney

    There ain’t no milk left in ‘em, but if y’all just wants to suck, y’all can suck ‘em.

  24. Sweater Meats

    #57 – Yes, of course she will. Everybody in the world knows that Salma feeding an infant one time can keep him from starving because Salma’s milk is super fortified with Extra Special Bouncey Hayek Hottness, the vitamin enriched milk of the Titty Goddess, and there’s nothing better on earth, ‘cept making babies with the owner of these tits. Babies fed with her milk will not only never starve, they’ll never need to be feed again!! Just looking at Salma’s titties can bring eyesight to the blind!!!! Touching the grand exalted Hayek tits cures multiple sclerosis and all symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, mind you!!!! There is documented proof of these facts, just ask every man who has ever cupped her boobs and you’ll know for sure.

    I know cuz I’m a double expert.

  25. kate

    She is really pretty. But it is said she is wondering on ***sugarmingle. c om***, I do not know why. She wants to find a young man there? or just some celebrities she loves there? Really funny, haha!

  26. Smatt584

    You’re a fucking racist just like #49 you know, you may not like it, but you can’t blame the worlds problems on “the white man”. Africas most horrible atrocities have been committed by it’s own citizens; war, genocide, even slavery (who do you think helped capture the slaves sent to the Americas?). Like it or not, but you’re a fucking racist. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black (oh, I’m sorry, I meant African-American)

  27. 1 MILF Hunter

    That kid got a buffet. Those cans could nourish most of Africa.

  28. timmy the dying boy

    Pic #6: I’m pretty sure that my eyes would look like that were I in the same situation.

    Seriously though, folks, I think that not only is she ridiculously gorgeous, she’s a really kind and down-to-earth person, based on interviews I’ve seen. Kudos to her. She’s actually being proactive, not just running around trying to attract attention to herself, like that over-tattooed stick insect does.

  29. Truth Doctor

    “when he felt the nourishment he immediately stopped crying.”

    oh good god. Exaggerating natural reactions for the win, Alex.

  30. the big kahuna

    is it just me or is this fucking weird?
    you’re gonna let some kid who may have all sorts of diseases suck on your tit.
    fucking disgusting.

  31. sin

    Some people in here are saying that Africa is in the shape its in because they got rid of white rulers only 60 years ago. Hmmm. So that mean Obama has no chance to do anything positive because a white man had the power before him. Its not the color in charge. Its the Nation. America is the greatist Nation on earth and it was created and ran by nothing but white men. Africa was somewhat the same way until the white gave up the power. Now look at it.
    Its the people in Africa that are poor leaders. They still function basically on tribe mentallity. That can not work for a large population. Lets not forget the warlords who decide who gets to be the puppets in charge. Its all blacks destroying black. Don’t forget AIDS. thats were it started and it is still an epidemic there. They still try to blame it on the whites. Pathetic. hey have done it to themselves.

  32. Amy

    @69: “okay… so what’s bad about that? would you rather that babies have no food at all? so Nestle is benifiting from the situation, but because of them African babies have at least some kind of access to food.”

    The history of companies creating markets for milk formula in developing countries is atrocious – so many babies end up being far more malnourished and sick than they would have been had they been breast fed because companies like Nestle convince mothers to feed their kids formula that isn’t actually complete milk formula for babies.

    And @ 76: While it might sound racist to blame Africa’s problems on “the white man” the fact remains is that it is COLONIZATION that has created the problems – and the colonists were European. So yes, saying it’s the white man’s fault is overly simplistic – not all white people were colonists – but the fact remains that all colonial nations in Africa were white. It’s similar to many of the problems in the Middle East now – many ongoing conflicts have their roots in the arbitrary carving up of land and peoples in the colonial era.

  33. Delgo

    I loved her as Superman’s maid.

  34. bootlips

    Negroes will never evolve until they take responsibility for themselves. The worst thing that could happen to negroes is to have to live without any help from humans. They can’t survive without adult supervision. Have you noticed that just about every negro drives a Lexus, Mercedes, or a BMW? They have a desire to be looked at as important. It hides the fact that they are just lowly simians who wouldn’t know how to feed themselves if left on their own.

  35. HALLELUJA, now we’re taling, folks!!

  36. Fuck You

    Salma Hayek is God.

  37. booya

    Well, she is certainly not lacking in milk, judging from them suckers… pardon the pun… thank you to her for sharing…

  38. sin

    Another idiot claiming colonization. While subject to British rule, most African countries had ample food, security and an income source. Take away the WHITE influence and with in a few years it all went to shit. They all wanted land so the new niggs in charge divided up the large food producing areas into much smaller plots so every one could own land. Guess what, There is not enough land to grow the amount of food they need. So now they have famine and rely on other nations to feed their stupid asses. The white colonist had everything set up for them. All they had to do was step in and follow there lead. They are too damned incompetant to run it right.
    By the way, did the colonist create the AIDS disease, no. The local were able to do that themselves. Looks like the entire continent of Africa is on welfare.

  39. kingsblade

    You’re just getting to this story now?

  40. Somebody

    First I missed the free Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s now Salma Hayek’s boob juice. THAT’S IT…I’m BUYING AN ALARM CLOCK!!

  41. filoderba

    I don’t know any woman that would attach an african starving baby at her breasts.
    So, I think we should just admire Salma Hayek.

  42. filoderba

    I don’t know any woman that would attach an african starving baby at her breasts.
    So, I think we should just admire Salma Hayek.

  43. lawrence

    She is really a beautiful mama! It is said her profile is at a beautiful models site where many hot girls are looking for love.

  44. Cris

    OK… about my post in #7, I DID NOT say that the comment of #1 was racist in anyway, I say it was STUPID, as in lame and uninformed . “The Revange of Moctezuma” referes to the diarrhea that is suffered by tourists when travelling to unresourceful regions in Mexico (which I can assure you, Salma does’t frequent…), so, the joke has no point…

    @12, 10, 16, etc… read well!!!, you are the ones who have the “RACIST CHIP” all activated, It’s ALL IN YOUR HEAD. I don’t know WHY you do that ALL THE TIME in your country??. I mean, I like the U.S. very much! but, right now, you are all traumatized by the subject of RACE… get over it and stop seeing it in every topic!!!.

  45. #94 – You’re the maroon that goes to comedy clubs and reminds both the performer and the audience that what is being said is completely untrue, aren’t you? Encyclopedias must have you in stitches, given that there are so many facts in them… What are you, her fucking publicist? And we all know her breast milk tastes like Negro Modelo, you humorless fuck.

  46. Brad Pitt

    Kid’s first word will be “bitty”.

    Us white racists are at fault here and it is time to own up. I am getting a little tired of all of the secret meetings we have to go to to keep minorities down anyways. Always poking fun at them just because they do stupid stuff. Enough is enough. We all know that if there had not been white people, the world would be in a much better place.

    Just kidding. If the white folks fell off the earth tomorrow, the world would look like a dumbed down version of Escape from New York in a matter of months.


  47. michelle

    wow, this is awesome! she should also leave some for the baby since it is a hospital – i’m sure they have a good refrigerating system!

    the video of this is beautiful.

  48. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Trillion at a time

    Shit, now I am hungry too! I’ll stop crying if you pop those titties out for me ;)

  49. francesca

    first of all i’m not african american and i really don’t care for the americans at all

    2nd without sounding like a consipracist who do you think is behind these wars, that supplies weapons etc???? please think think beyond your soap box

    how was africa raped, well if you storm into a country kill people who oppose you and set up your own rules i think you will find it pretty easy to do what you want. i’m not saying africa is innocent there is a lot of problems corruption (like in every country) crime (like in every country) etc. but there are situations that africa didn’t start and now are struggling to recover from for various reasons

    plus don’t act like america is a wonderiful country because we all know that is a lie

    and im not racist but i get tired of all the africa black ppl bashing comments its so overplayed get over it!!!!!!! your country is ruled by a half black man your country was messed up by a white man

  50. #99 – Hi francesca. Do you like Chinese food and moonlit walks on sandy (unAmerican) shores? Do you enjoy sitting for hours with friends discussing world politics and human rights concerns sipping lattes and snacking on tapas and laughing until the sun comes up? Do you like when your boyfriend brushes your hair and massages your shoulders, laying the occassional and sensuous kiss on the neck or ear? More importantly, do you enjoy having random men jam their meat in your gaping exit hole while fishhooking you from either side and pounding you like Chris Brown’s fists, just before smacking you on the ass so you can turn around to have a map of Indonesia sprayed on your face? I am a romantic American. Call me.



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