Salma Hayek’s breasts are heroes

While on a humanitarian mission for UNICEF in Sierra Leone, Salma Hayek came across a hungry baby and took immediate action – with her breasts. Angelina Jolie, you should probably be taking notes here. NY Daily News reports:

Hayek, 42, discovered the child, whose mother was unable to produce milk, during a tour of a hospital in the war-torn country.
“The baby was perfectly healthy, but the mother did not have any milk,” she later recalled to USA Today. “He was very hungry – I was weaning my daughter Valentina, but I still had a lot of milk, so I breastfed the baby.”
“You should have seen his eyes,” she said. “When he felt the nourishment, he immediately stopped crying.”

I think it’s time we, as Americans, recognized true heroism and put Salma Hayek’s breasts on the one dollar bill. This will allow me to not only tip a stripper, but inspire her to use her breasts for the greater good. (After my lap dance, of course.) I just care about the children.

WARNING: Video is NSFW. Unless you’re a wet nurse.

Photos: Fame, Getty