Salma Hayek still very pregnant

March 20th, 2007 // 53 Comments

Salma Hayek probably has the weirdest pregnancy body I’ve ever seen. It’s like her baby is growing in her boobs or something. Most women just grow a little belly but she’s turning into The Incredible Hulk. I’m pretty sure eight months into this thing she’ll be a solid block of concrete.


  1. Nsomniac

    Oh yeah, I would. Hulk belly and all. I don’t have to tell people it was in her ugly days. I just say “yeah, I hit the Hayek!”


  2. bedbugsandballyhoo

    She looks like a blueberry. I keep thinking about Willie Wonka.

  3. HollyJ

    AP : “Today, the rare Mexican blue hippo, once thought to be extinct, was spotted near Central Park.”

  4. MrSemprini

    When I look at her, I think of one word and that word is ‘clumpity’.

    Somebody get me a latte’!

  5. Snarkington

    VIOLET! You’re turning Violet, Violet!

    [She's gonna have a blueberry for a daughter...]

  6. Italian Stallion

    Looks like she’s busting ass……

  7. howlingatthemoon

    chewing chewing beauregard…doh! u guys beat me to it!

  8. Hecubus

    Oh man, those big soft pregnancy boobs. I’d like to kiss that baby right on the lips, preferably while it’s still inside her.

  9. She’d do in a pinch. Knocked up and all…

  10. DrPhowstus

    Imagine how big her tits are gonna be now. It’s sad, I tell you, just sad when Scary Spice is more fuckable than you are.

  11. Nikk The Templar

    *thinks about Salma bursting out of her clothes like the Hulk*

    Oh, that’s a warm thought….I like that….a lot. That’s hot.

  12. She’d better watch where she’s going or else she’s going to trip a fall down.

  13. HollyJ

    I wonder if she’s got the pregnancy penguin waddle yet.

    In other news, my son just climbed up on our couch and took a huge wet dump.

    (He’s 2, btw, not 28.)

  14. These photos are much better than the last ones, she looked rather dumpy in those.

  15. jrzmommy

    She should take some maternity fashion tips from SJTLQ…Salma would look WAY better if she wore someone’s discarded Old Navy T-shirts and Payless Sneaker Clogs she five-finger-disounted…and then accessorized with chunky lime green necklaces.

  16. ponk

    damn you JRZ, i was just going to suggest the SJTLQ fashion tips.

  17. BarbadoSlim

    That’s some massive breastage. I’d still do her and her unborn fetus.

  18. Her hooters were nice before.

    I’ll bet they are spectacular now.

  19. jrzmommy

    There’s so much more going on….Keanueaueuaueuaeu Reeves ran over a paparazzo with his car and psychopath Naomi Campbell began her community service today and we get a big fatso in a bubble dress.

  20. Ruby

    What’s with the tea cozy on her head?
    Remind me: “Sara Jean Loves The ____”?

  21. jrzmommy

    nope….Sarah Jean the Lilac Queen…..she kinda sorta overdid it with the fucking lilacs at her wedding.

  22. mmmBitch

    She needs to wear form fitting clothing to show off her famous curves. Lebanese baby girl needs to show she’s still fit. At least her legs are still great.

  23. BarbadoSlim

    @19 …tell me Neo really did that!

    AWESOME, and there is no spoon…

  24. drew51

    I’m still very disappointed that she is engaged to and impregnated by some frenchy.
    I thought she had more class than that.

    I’d still do her twice a day and four times on Sundays.

    hmmm….Maybe if I challenge that french idiot to a fight…we all know that the french surrender at the first sign of a fight.

  25. I keep telling you people. I’m FRIST!!! I will always be FRIST!!! You CANNOT be FRIST!!!
    You can be first, though. You see, I have dial up, therefore I can never be first. I can only be FRIST!!!

  26. roselynnerae

    I wonder how she gets up from bed every morning? All that load and all-(And I don’t mean the baby).

  27. DrPhowstus

    Now we’ll see what her REAL body weight supposed to be, not that finger induced svelteness we’ve been known to rub one out to. She’ll be walking around with curlers in hair in no time. Ay que co

  28. jrzmommy

    Slim– apparently it was more of a graze

  29. schack

    13. she’s not even moving in the picture, and i can tell she’s waddling.

    and to answer your question, fish dude, her breasts look ridiculous because they were already enormous, but then she got IMPLANTS.

    to the nay-sayers:

  30. schack

    when you augment your body so that it walks the very borderline between real and cartoon, any amount of bloating is gonna break the levy, sts.

  31. lambman

    how long has she been pregnant? Wasn’t she just announcing the Oscar noms like a month ago, and appearing on Ugly Betty. She looks like she should be half way through her pregnancy by now, but its only been a few weeks

  32. D'oh Eyes

    Pretty soon you’ll be able to see her boobs coming around a corner before she does.

  33. imran karim

    what’s with the hat

  34. biggertechnerdthanRP

    I see Salma has powered up her forward disrupters.

  35. D'oh Eyes

    She looks like that Blueberry doll from Strawberry Shortcake…the name escapes me…?

  36. N@ughty

    Oh man. Pregnancy can be such a wonderful thing. especially when you gain at least 40 fucking lbs a month and you can smell almost everything. and what about your husband? he doesn’t even wanna come near u cause you just keep gaining and gaining and next thing you know, you look like a giant twin fucking tower! and the labor..OH the labor. such a HORRIBLE experience! i mean its just unbearable agony! you’re pushing and pushing and next thing you know, your insides are falling out and u hear this screeching noise and…
    .oops! sorry people. hehe got caught in my own little memoir there. um…who wants lunch?

  37. teetee

    Come on!
    You squished that picture in photoshop!

  38. jrzmommy

    It’d be tragic if the baby has lactose intolerance.

  39. jrzmommy

    Or even worse if it’s lactose defiant.

  40. PrettyBaby

    If Salma’s plan to extort hundreds of millions from her fiance doesn’t work, I could definitely see her putting the baby in a pot of boiling water. She’s just got that look.

  41. whitegold

    What was that movie called…After the Sunset or something like that? That was her in the movie, right? She was damn hot in that movie!!!

  42. Ithrowball,youleave

    #41 that movie was called From Dusk Til Dawn. I’m not even a lesbian, but I got wet watching her do that snake dance…

  43. Truthseeker013

    What #1 said.

  44. iamsosmrt

    What is with pregnancy that makes women who once took care of themselves suddenly start dressing like discusting gross losers ….
    Oh it’s because being pregnant is a lot like being FAT … the world makes sense again.

  45. Fifth Stooge

    Check out Salma’s boobs here.

  46. rfun6

    oh my,I must have looked terrible then. I know I looked like a vw bug. I was huge. Some woman you cant even tell are pregnant and others you know are. It is not how much they eat it is your makeup. Leave her alone, quit being so hard on people and wanting them to be starved stick people. Dang.

  47. iamsosmrt

    Fat girls only have good taste in food so don’t expect them to dress well.

  48. Lindsay

    What do you get when you guzzle down sweets, eating as much as an elephanteats, what are you at getting terribly fat. What do you think will come of that? I don’t like the look of this. Sorry I couldn’t help myself. Salma is a beautiful woman, I know many of you agree. Sometimes when your pregnant you are just not attractive. Obviously she’s having a girl, cause all her beauty is gone, and all went to her unborn baby girl. Is she having a girl?? I looked like crap when I was pregnant with my daughter… She was beautiful, and I was so looking like crap. I had huge boobies too… Salma is carrying the baby in her chest.. I must say that’s better than carrying the baby in the “ass” ya’all know what I mean…..

  49. velveethra

    Every woman carries her pregnancy differently. Some gain in the boobs, some are all tummy and some get huge asses. Salma appears to be carrying in the hair.

  50. llllllllll

    Why must here tits always be on her shoulders?

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