‘Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?’

June 9th, 2010 // 97 Comments

While Salma Hayek, Maria Bello and Maya Rudolph sat down with Extra to promote their new movie Grown Ups yesterday, a large snake crawled across the set sending Salma Hayek into one of the most insane panics I’ve ever seen. Seriously, she’s like Indiana Jones if he had huge breasts and a propensity for using Maya Rudolph as an expendable human shield.

MAYA: Indy, why is the floor moving?
INDY: …. *shoves her in, walks across her back* Best archaeologist EVER.

Photo/Video: Extra

  1. cc

    She looks and sounds like a fucking moron. I wished she had over the railing and fallen into the ocean.

  2. poopy mcshit

    if shes afraid of snakes then how do you explain this


  3. KJ

    If you people *really* liked to waste time filling your heads with inane celebrity trivia, you would know she has a severe snake phobia and had to use hypnotherapy to shoot the snake scene in Dusk til Dawn.

    But clearly, this is not about inane celebrity trivia, but boobs and dick jokes. We’re stuck on Dick Joke Island with only tittie-shaped pool floats to save us.

    AND there’s snakes. This vacation sucks.

  4. anonymus

    where the fuck is the full video?

    it says “see the full video at extratv.com”

    i don’t see shit but the same thing

  5. Gweb

    Jesus! Calm the fuck down, bitch! You’d think the shark from Jaws had just surfaced in front of their chairs….snake phobia? No wonder she’s such an icy cunt!

  6. Cull the stupid

    People with phobias are retards. Defective. As to this dumb mexican whore requiring money wasted on therapy to shoot a scene with snakes proves my point. She is only relevent because she once was attractive. Now she is old. And has a phobia of snakes.
    She is not only a monumental gold digger, but also a retard.
    Deny it mudsharks.

  7. qwerty

    @17 Yeah..must have been a toy

  8. v-tard

    Strangely…that made Salma…VERY attractive to me.

    Suddenly her whole iron maiden act isn’t irritating anymore.

  9. datroof

    Salma Hayek: Short skirt, high heels, sexy accent, ability to precisely balance herself awkwardly on furniture, and feral screaming when encountering a thick snake.

    My fap fantasies have been proven correct.

  10. Fati87

    Shut the fuck up, morons! You are all so brave behind your mothers’ computers, but I bet you would crap your pants at the sight of a smallest snake. Some people have inadequate fear of snakes, and they cannot help themselves when they see one. I have a snake phobia too, and I sometimes have nightmares about snakes. Its not very pleasant, trust you me. So you know.. stfu and fuck you.

  11. notsomuch

    LOL@#15 — maybe her billionaire husband can buy her a spine so she won’t have to resort to using the nearest black person as a flotation device next time she sees a snake. And I’m so disappointed in Maria Bello. I thought that chick had balls. How dumb are these broads not to realize that a snake’s not going to slither up your chair and attack you?

    • tia

      are you kidding me? they said it was a large python that was striking. and she has a snake phobia. of course she was scared. and it very well could’ve attacked them if it was already striking.

  12. Katy

    that bitch she was trying to crawl over should have moved.

  13. sam hain

    I just wish I was in that chair on the left!

  14. Synchg

    typical inconsiderate mexican.
    and i saw a medium sized wild snake when i was walking on a sidewalk-less road, last week. i didnt freak out, i just thought “holy shit a snake!” and kept walking.

  15. Holy-Shitballs selma tried to crawl inside mia roudolph like a lesbian migit in fetish porno.

  16. She fucking freafred out!!!!! hahahaha that was awesome.

  17. iola

    OMG! Poor Maya! That chick was literally on Maya! Hopefully them heels didnt stab anyone. Yikes!

  18. Mandi

    Poor Selma! I am the same way about spiders… although I have never climbed anoher human being while wearing heels to get away from one.

  19. Yaz

    It sounds like she is being killed in a horror movie.

    I laughed really hard.

  20. Mary
    Commented on this photo:

    I would have done the same … I am terrified of snakes, worms, eels, anything dead or alive that resembles a snake.

    Get them out of here …. eradicate them from the face of the earth. I don’t need them.

  21. Nice legs. Oh great, here I am just another snake in the grass.

  22. Lissa

    It’s called a good padded push up bra. Too round, and not much bigger than a picture of her in a normal bra http://www.celebritydietdoctor.com/?s=sarah+palin

  23. M Danae

    I am terrified of snakes and will not even watch one on TV or look at pictures. Someone once scared me with a wooden snake and I almost passed out and had to go to bed with a migrane headache. I would never laugh at anyone who is afraid of something.

    We all have something we fear. One of my sisters is terrified of frogs, another cats, another rats and another lizards. We respect each otehr and would scare each other or laugh at their fears.

    Some people need to grow up and act like adults and treat each other with respect.

  24. Kari

    good for her! don’t like her. “America, dumbed down, drugged up, and distracted”. :P

  25. Anthony

    What a bunch of dumb bitches

  26. Staci

    I would have loved to have her climb on me in those $900 heels……

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