‘Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?’

June 9th, 2010 // 97 Comments

While Salma Hayek, Maria Bello and Maya Rudolph sat down with Extra to promote their new movie Grown Ups yesterday, a large snake crawled across the set sending Salma Hayek into one of the most insane panics I’ve ever seen. Seriously, she’s like Indiana Jones if he had huge breasts and a propensity for using Maya Rudolph as an expendable human shield.

MAYA: Indy, why is the floor moving?
INDY: …. *shoves her in, walks across her back* Best archaeologist EVER.

Photo/Video: Extra

  1. RoboZombie

    Cue “I got your snake right here” comments in 3…2..1..

  2. Jon

    Holy shit! I’ve never had one freak out on me like that.

  3. lolz

    hahahahha poor selma…that’s hilarious

  4. Bongo


  5. What a fucking coward beta male this bitch is. She should be removed from the gene pool. Typical liberal.

  6. eriiiin

    this would be the same woman whose career was jumpstarted when she danced with a snake in ‘from dusk ’til dawn’?

  7. haha shit. phobias suck.

  8. @ 6 – hmmmm. good point.

  9. jake

    How old is she? Jesus Christ!

  10. mATT

    6 – this is true and funny

  11. Addy

    The snake would’ve been 100 times more scared than any of them!
    Poor bastard.

  12. Jimmy Fury

    You do have to commend her for be able to climb up on that chair in those heels though.

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  14. fatguyinalittleshirt

    hahaha… THAT was funny. wow.

  15. vampire princess

    “oh thank you” *sobs* lmfao

    if it would have been attached to a billionaire she would have sucked it…

  16. HLM

    If I was Maya Rudoldh, I’d have shoved her ass off the railing into the water. Don’t climb on me, bitch!

  17. Xbiggdaddy

    Wasn’t Selma Hayek dancing with a snake on in “From Dust to Dawn” Wow, relax girl!

  18. JB

    SALMA: Flash your breasts to hypnotize the snake!

  19. CJ

    Maya is like..”fool, get off me!”..lol.

  20. Stingerc

    Man, she is acrobatic in heels and has some lungs on her. This woman just keeps getting more attractive.

  21. Rob

    I’ve got your .. oh, right :P

  22. Radioactive Penis

    were they having sex?

  23. That’s the same shit she pulled when I pulled it out last night, too.

  24. CS


  25. Randal

    There’s certainly nothing funny about fear when it overtakes you the way it did with Salma. She might have been looking acrobatic to the camera but one slip could have seriously injured her or worse, sent her into cardiac arrest if she fell onto the stage where the snake was.

    Salma, glad you came out on top.


  26. PoisonIvyLeague

    Hahahahahahahahahaha! Dumb broad.

  27. hahahaha……thanx Superficial…you totally made my day. Poor lil Selma.

  28. Jeff argudo

    and the movie they’re promoting is called ‘Grown ups’ hehe

  29. TS

    What a fucking idiot

  30. qwertyuuasdfghjklmnvxz

    This is the same lady who danced with a python in from Dusk Till Dawn?
    If she’s afraid of Snakes, she must have had some sort of traumatic experience between then and now.

    The only other option is that movies are somehow not real, but I’m not willing to entertain such rubbish.

  31. bitch PLEASE

    LMFAO!! Boy that bitch was REALLY trying to get somewheres wasn’t she. lololololol. I bet she’d have jumped over that rail into that water if she coulda. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  32. Justin

    #30 That’s a great point. I also wonder why she all of a sudden thought that maya rudolph had simply become an inanimate object upon which she could climb to safety.

  33. Me

    There’s a HUGE difference between performing with a known snake with a handler on site, and being surprised by something you don’t know.

    Many who are picking on her would likely react the same if a mouse ran out from behind their refrigerator.

    I bet the moron (yes, anyone who thinks this has anything to do with a political position is a moron) who thinks she’s a coward would crap their pants even thinking about the stunts she’s done.

  34. Minuteman

    cowardly mexican scum

  35. James


    • Nancy


      I felt so bad for you when I viewed this video. Nevertheless, you can walk on anything with those heels.
      People should not say stupid shit about it. They weren’t there to experience it with you.
      Thank God nobody got hurt.

  36. Hefe

    Damn Salma nearly drove her high heel right into Maya’s eyeball.

  37. jinkies

    oh man, can you imagine how loud she is in the sack/ Scream Salma Scream baby

  38. Stupid

    Salma could’ve hurt herself acting like that. She would deserve it. Luckily she didn’t hurt Maya. Love how women always want to boast to us about how superior they are, about how if they were in charge there wouldn’t be any wars, about how tough they are…. blah blah blah …. bullshit like that.

    They see something like a spider, much less a snake, and they’re screaming and yelling, falling all over each other, and asking US to kill it.


  39. KT

    HAHA I liked the signs behind them saying “grown-ups” It was a bit ironic

  40. what?

    What the hell does her nationality or politics have to do with this? Nothing. Grow up.

  41. jason shockley


  42. ironman

    What a piece of shit, grow up already. What’s her IQ? 63? Sad, just sad. Maybe she should take some of her millions “earned” from acting and buy a spine. She needs to get a real job in the real world. Scumbag bitch.

  43. gogo

    geezzzzz….how cau u all be such dumb retards? IT WAS STAGED!!! to get some attention for their new movie..they are actresses… hello..anybody?!?

  44. What a stupid Mexican cunt. If a little snake like that scares her, it just proves Mexicans and Asians have peanut-sized pricks.

    Salma “Never Been with a Brotha” Hayek. Salma, call me. Once you go black…

    P.S. On the internet, no one can tell you’re a divorced 48 year old Chinese woman.

  45. Carissa

    okay idiots, I was actually just reading yesterday on imdb that she has a HUGE phobia of snakes, so much so that she didn’t want to do the scene in From Dusk Til’ Dawn. She had to have intensive therapy for two months because of it. Obviously it still exists. Bam Margera is the same way. It doesn’t make people inferior or stupid. It’s something they can’t control. Artards.

  46. Taz

    I also expected a good upskirt from that.

  47. canonman

    probably fake. that chick protecting her is smiling the whole time.

    • tia

      i think she thought it was funny how freaked salma was. i mean, if you don’t have a phobia of snakes it’s kinda funny to watch someone FREAK THE FUCK OUT about it. i laughed.

  48. mai-tai

    that’s true terror. when you are so scared of something, the panic goes off immediately and you just want to get away. i’m like that with bugs. *shudders*

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