Salma Hayek isn’t marrying a billionaire anymore

July 18th, 2008 // 123 Comments

Salma Hayek and French billionaire guy Francois-Henri Pinault have called off their engagement, according to a statement issued to USA Today:

“We are sad to announce the engagement of Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault has been canceled. There will be no further comment,” Hayek’s rep said in a statement.

It should be noted, however, that Salma gave birth to Francois-Henri’s child Valentina last September. I believe there’s a technical term for this type of situation. What was it again? Oh, right: CHA-CHING!

Photos: Splash News

  1. tp

    WTF is she thinking?? She was set for life!!

  2. snarf

    I think this guy wasn’t too hot. Maybe older? Hot like Trump probably. She is super hot. She can get a new guy super fast. Her baby is so cute too.

  3. jake

    why is anyone suprised? who says SHE called it off? obviously the billionnaire is a player and he’s wants to fuck other babes. He’s gonna throw tens of millions of dollars at Salma and that’s that.

  4. wanks

    @1 yeah i think she still is considering the child support

  5. What??? You mean we al thy lov er. com was lying? I swear, you can’t trust no one on the innernets…

  6. veggi

    She’s old and she got really fat during pregnancy. He probably just got a good look at her when she was naked and saw all the stretch marks, the sagging deflated boobs, the loose skin, the permanent gunt flap, and the angry red scars from the vaginal tearing. Poor guy, I bet he has nightmares. He did the right thing by getting rid of her, as most guys would in this situation if they had the money.

  7. Are all spic babies this ugly??? Jesus (“Hay-zeus”).

  8. fun fact

    The veggi and FRIST trolls are really retarded

  9. meloyelo

    Not all spic babies are ugly its the white part of the baby you’re looking at. Not even all the money in the world can get you a cute baby. The latino part is beautiful but all the white she has in her makes look cheap and bought out kind of like all the honkies did to the indians when they got here. Learn to love your fellow man and the world won’t hate you whitey!

  10. Jesse

    Well, maybe the white part makes the baby look ugly, but it’s the spic part that makes it retarded.

  11. yeah, he’s super rich but I don’t think she’s living on beans and rice. she’s got plenty of bank herself.

  12. Sam

    #10 – and lazy.

  13. meloyelo

    What’s the matter Frist, that modem connection at your trailer slowing you down? Maybe take the wooden blocks off and roll that sucker to the nearest pool hall if youre not already there. Don’t worry craka I’m sure you’ll have more opportunities in the good ol USA when you get a black pres. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when a black man is ruling your so called precious nation.

  14. You’re not soooo HYPOCRITICAL anymore.

  15. Wendy

    #12 – and a habitual criminal.

  16. Aunt Jemima

    Why do Hispanics use their children as anchor babies? Most of the time its to cheat their way into America. Now its being expanded in to French wallets? That’s why you get not respect Speedy G.

  17. Erik

    #15 – and foul-smelling.

  18. fun fact

    The veggi and FRIST trolls are really retarded.

  19. meloyelo

    That spics about to take that white biotch to the cleaners.

  20. elmer the fudd

    I used to hit that, sure miss that big black bush

  21. Barak Obama

    Good to see she is not as big as a house anymore.

    What did Jesus say to the Mexicans just before he left?…”Don’t do a fucking thing until I get back”.

    Vote democrat, millions on welfare depend on you.

  22. A

    I don’t think she was after his money. I don’t know if it was love but she’s got her own money, I’m sure. Sucks for the baby having to grow up without her father. Don’t people get married first and THEN have children anymore? Seems to be a trend for wedlock babies lately.

  23. Ellen

    I’m betting he dumped her. When you take some skank from a third world country and make her rich and famous, she becomes completely unbearable. Plus, in her case, you’ve got that awful rapid-fire high-pitched yip-yip-yip sound she makes when she uses her native monkeychatter language.

  24. meloyelo

    # 23- You too will in for a treat when Obama takes over. Shes from Mexico you moron. Do you know the def. of a 3rd world country or is your dad Von A-hole?

  25. BigJim

    It’s all quite simple really:

    Billionaire’s have small penises.

    Women who’ve calved have huge vaginas.

    Billionaire’s can afford women with tight vaginas.

    Do I need to draw you a picture?

    If you were that rich, would you want to be stuck fucking some chick whose labia looked like some nasty old stingray flopping all over the place?

  26. Mink

    The baby is cute, parents not so much

  27. Canuck

    Wow, the ignorance in this forum off the charts. Pretty much what one would expect from Americans, eh?

  28. mamadough

    don’t you all realize what this means? this is a great way to save our economy! we’ll start outsourcing poon and rake in millions! hurry everyone, start to round up the whores, well just send them over to europe in a big boat (slave style).

  29. BigJim


    I’m Canadian and you will note I did not make any disparaging remarks about anyone’s race.

    I am only prejudiced against women with big vaginas.

    And fat chicks.

  30. Sid

    I bet he couldn’t bear the irony of her suggesting that they hire a mexican maid.

  31. Barak Obama

    Meloyelo, mexico is a 3rd world country. corrupt, run by drug lords and crooked military and poloticians. Shootings every weekend in Tiajuana. Yep, 3rd world for sure. I would rather go back to Iraq than mexico.

    Canuck, stay there in canada and enjoy your government supplied heroin. Just don’t come here for our medical care since your “free” health care sucks.

  32. ugly american

    Oh no, we’re getting called out by a pasty overweight person from a nondescript country.

  33. Jose Lothario DeJesus Santa Anna

    He wrecked the Ferrari, and now he wants to get a new one.

  34. jen

    #29- what if she had a C-section like britney and angelina jolie?

  35. roastbeef

    Yuck, she needs to condition that rat’s nest

  36. meloyelo

    # 31- You’re so right I feel much safer here in the states knowing that since we aren’t a third world country that we know how to behave ourselves. In all actuallity, this country has the worst crime rate in the world. Peolple kill each other here for nothing. At least in Mexico they’re doing it for money.

  37. jay

    #25 BigJim. ….”labia looked like some nasty old stingray flopping all over the place.”

    Dude, I laughed so hard I just choked on my fucking lunch pal. thanks a lot.

  38. BigJim


    Welll….. I might be able to forgive that, except for the scarring, stretch marks, cottage cheese ass…


    I called no one out except for fat chicks with big vaginas. Do you fit this criteria? If yes, then you are worse than Hitler.

  39. White dude

    meloyelo, shut the fuck up, get off my computer, and finish cleaning the toilet.

    Fucking illegals. Sure, the money angle is great, but it’s like having a poorly trained helper monkey loose in the house.

  40. meloyelo

    # 31- Two questions- Do the POLOTICIANS in Mexico ride horses as in Polo? Or did you just mispell it. Another uneducated whiteboy that had all the opportunities but threw them out the window. And where the hell is Tiajuana. Try typing into an email and spell checking. It will save you much embarresment.

  41. meloyelo

    #39- White dude- When I’m bangin your mom tonight cuz she needs money to pay for your trailer I’ll leave you a little spooge on the night stand so you can taste my monkey meat.

  42. nono

    White people in the US have no clue. Take a look at your country….it’s going down baby. Down I say!

  43. Yankee

    I see #27, Canuck, has taken a few too many hockey pucks of his touque covered head.

    Also, where do plug your computer in your igloo?

  44. White dude

    meloyelo, we both know you left the splooge on the night stand because you were watching Univision instead of working (big surprise) and you saw the Bumble Bee man bending over. Now get back to work.

  45. Chewbaka

    White dude- Univision has some hot ass chics in it. You probably been craving a latina since your white girl cheated on you huh? That pussy was all wore out from your best friend hittin’ it. Isn’t that how your people do it…share it all around and than toss it to the next of kin

  46. Trover

    I’d still stick it in her pink taco, and enjoy every minute of it. Bet she is wild te first few times too. Then probably gets boring and well, ya know, it gets old.

  47. Barak Obama

    Only a mexican would spend $1,400 on wheels and rims for a $800 car. My spelling sucks because of all the ESL wet backs I had in class durring high school. That and I am a product of the California school system.

    “In all actuallity, this country has the worst crime rate in the world”…Realy? Where did you get this information? From that racist group La Raza? Umm, so far I have not seen any police beheaded by drug lords here in the USA.

    Now go pick my strawberries while I fuck your little sister then call immagration on her.

  48. Superman

    She became pregnant by the guy just so she could collect child support until the kid is 18. Funny how just after the kids birth she broke off the engagement, guess so she woundnt have to sleep with him again. Since hes a billionaire its going to be some hefty change. The guy should have seen this coming.

  49. White dude

    #45 – sorry, I’m only familiar with English.

  50. meloyelo

    # 47- After I finish fucking your mom and giving her a dirty sanchez I’ll be cumin all over your pillow sham to show you who your daddy is again

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