Salma Hayek has a keen fashion sense

November 10th, 2008 // 45 Comments

Salma Hayek attended the 2008 Hollywood Domino tournament last night in Manhattan which she presumably thought was a costume ball. Otherwise, you got me on the “East German Princess Leia” look. On that note, goddamn, Salma Hayek is one solid woman. If I ever got locked in a bank vault with one celebrity, it’d be her. Solely for the fact she could pummel our way out using only those breasts. But only after she renders me unconscious for trying to repopulate the planet – which I still maintain wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Won’t somebody think of the children?!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Cliff Clavin

    Hot body!

  2. Here, she’d almost pass for white, except for that unmistakable blank look of subnormal intelligence. Damn you, DNA!!!

  3. dork

    Sorry, Fish. You know what they say, once you go Wookiee you never go back. I think the last pic says it all. It’s only Wookiees for Salma from here out.

  4. Dan

    She looks sooo goooodd! fuck!

    Angelina vs Salma? Salgelina ;)

  5. Bickus Dickus

    I’d like to fuck those titties, but damn this chick has an annoying fucking voice.

    I was flipping through stations and saw a movie called “Bandidas”, and it was Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruze, apparently the plot was about which one had the most annoying fucking mexican accent on the planet.

  6. awhellno

    frist, that was incredibly offensive (of course you know that).

    just so you know, i am a latina as well, and my iq is 145. zelosa, much?

  7. ju

    Looks like a hotel maid wrapped up in a hotel curtain.

  8. #2 isn’t me…fuck

    And of course that’s offensive, my troll is a sick piece of shit. I’d bury him, but I got a bad feeling he’d come back.

    Sometimes dead is better..

  9. But now for MY comment, I agree with 7, curtains or something, and that hairdo??? WTC is that all about. I think the fish is right, she must’ve that it was Halloween. Now I wouldn’t mind seeing her in the costume she wore in Dogma….that was hot!!

  10. whyd she wrap those tit buffet in a gown…

  11. Hm. But speaking of hideous fluffy white dresses, I gotta go try on wedding dresses. Yup, FRIST is getting married..

  12. #6 – 145, yes, that’s right. 145 Escondida Drive. You did ok the first time but remember to clean under the toilet seat as well.

  13. #12 get help. Seriously. And never have kids.

    Well, I’m outta here. See ya

  14. am i invited frist?

  15. mike

    Wow, yet another guy who wants to pay for free milk?

  16. *Wonder if the groom knows Frist name her favorite dildo, Rough Daddy!*

  17. Off to the Stretchmarks BGone Bridal Shoppe?

  18. coffeebean


    “just so you know, i am a latina as well, and my iq is 145. zelosa, much?”

    Just so you know, IQ means Intelligence Quotient, not how many onions you can pick in an hour.

  19. She could show up in her bra and panties and still be hot..

  20. yougottabeshittinme

    Hey FRIST!!! TROLL, your mother has, and is, a filthy fucking cunt. And the apple doesn’t fall far from the filthy cunt. You’ve had your fun, now act your age and move on.

    The real FRIST!!! is awesome. TS

  21. fancy

    I think she’s trying to pull off a flapper look like off an art deco print – think great gatsby posters – but its too random and obscure a reference – even for a domino tournament a flapper costume is a costume. (anyway the ladies in those prints were typically flat chested so its a stretch for her) Maybe if she carried an allegorical symbol, like an aztec sun clutch, we would have gotten it, but overall very princess leia. halloween was last week lady, i wanted to come to work as a bumble bee today but i refrained, i think cosplay should come with posse.

    Though in light of the financial crisis / neo depression I think all women should wear garter belts and hip flasks – it might see us through these hard times – and homeless men should be issued fedoras!

  22. mike

    Check it out – Frist’s fiance is here (#20)! Dude, you kiss your bride with that mouth??? Actually, it doesn’t matter, you’re gonna taste the semen of 100 men anyway…

  23. veggi

    If you had a big pie chart representing retards, it’d be filled with FRIST!!!’s troll and mike. And a small slice of mimi..

  24. She looks like Wonder Woman’s mom.

  25. mike

    If you had a big pie chart representing boring predictable commenters, it’d be filled with Frist and veggi. “Hey, veggi, do…you…want…to…start…drinking…now… ha…ha…ha…”

  26. Hey mike. Kill yourself. Not for me, for the world. And do not procreate, you are bringing the intellingence average down and we can’t have that…

    Now what’s the freaking deal with stores being closed at 10:50??? Fuckers..

  27. k.

    seriously now: beyonce’s dress at the EMAs. am i the only one truly worried for our children?!

  28. mike

    The stores are open, but only for REAL brides – young and pretty, not old, stretch-marked, cynical, and dragging along a bastard kid.

  29. Kahlee

    She ruined it with whatever that is around her head. other than that she looks good.

  30. Aw, mike, if any of that were true, I might just have a little tear in my eye, but thankfully the only thing that is a little bit true is that I’m cynical. For instance, I am pretty sure you are a 19 year old fatass pockmarked couldn’t get laid with his own hand piece of shit.

    But hey, I could be wrong…(I highly doubt it)

  31. mike

    Frist, don’t get all defensive, I’m sure it’s a lovely adventure living life backwards. But you’re telling your daughter to stay off drugs and wait until marriage to get pregnant, right? We can’t let our own rationalizations get in the way of solid parenting advice.

  32. mike, oh!!! You have been my troll this whole time!!!!! So, from now on, I call you trike.

  33. To Mr. Redneck

    #2, you spend your days on this website to write in remarks about every race, it’s SO obvious you feel treatend by other races. Get a life, i would like to see your wife, i’m sure she’s a typical American girl, overweight, unintelligent and easy. If you knew anything about international relations you would know other countries, particularly those outside of Europe are oppressed by Caucasians , partically Americans and English so therefore they can’t exceed. But obvious you just look on the outside which is why there are many dumb American people like you around, ohh, we call them rednecks and white trash. How do you like your new 1/2 black president and his black wife? Again, you are losing your appeal slowly but surely.

  34. mike

    Well, no, but you can ride me any time you want.

  35. Parker

    As long as I could bend her over and not have to look at her tits I think I could have some fun fucking her in the ass. Probably pretty loose back there but so what. Spanish ass is hot. Which is why it’s better to use a condom cause the residue from all the spicy food they eat will burn your weiner off.

  36. #33 read the entire thread fucking geek

  37. To Mr. Redneck

    # 36, i’m not refering to you stupid dork.

  38. that’s not what the people are are saying. WOOT WOOT! They think it’s good looking

  39. Turd Ferguson

    Is this an Animal House costume party?
    I’m pretty sure she’s wearing a toga and that looks like Stork in a couple of those pics.

    Ha-ha…”What the hell we ‘sposed to do, ya moron?”

  40. ummm...yeah

    That is one fucking ugly bitch, with no sense of style or class whatsoever!!

  41. ow

    A George Lucas interpretation of the flapper look.

  42. nastyjay

    Somebody, plz for the love of God… Unleash those Bad Boys…

  43. my comment

    Not loving the outfit, but Hayek is always gorgeous.

    She puts that creepy baby-collecting skeletor, Angelina to shame.

  44. ssk

    That dress and those cheap-looking shoes just don’t mix.

  45. kiss

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