Salma Hayek has an ass on her chest (It needed to be said)

October 11th, 2008 // 70 Comments

Salma Hayek filmed scenes in Brooklyn yesterday for her upcoming cameo on 30 Rock. Judging by these photos, they’re going to need to debut the episode in fucking IMAX. Even then people will walk out saying “Needs more screen.” Except me; I’ll be using suction cups to begin my ascent of Mt. St. Boobies until the fire department hoses me down. I’m a film lover.


  1. boogermeister

    Now that’s a rack and I am so thrilled to be the FIRST loser to reply. All other losers follow me

  2. Mexican dairy products give me the shits

  3. CaptainMorgan

    Keira Knightley and now this!? Black and white. What a difference!

    I’m not big on hairy women, but if Selma waxed (and a thorough inspection would be required to be 100% sure), I’d be all over that.

  4. Quiero Titties

    This is why I love spanish chicks.

  5. latin@s

    omg capatin estupido, se ve que intelligente eres…. transaltion moron,,, i can see how stupid you are, this woman just had a baby not too long ago, i think she looks great!!!! i am a huge fan of hers, and obviously there are some stupid men who never learned to keep their mouth shut!!!! so next time captin dipshit, keep your stupid comments to yourself!!!!!! and fyi her name is spelled salma estupido!

  6. Loo

    I think she’s beautiful. Too bad she’s Mexican.

  7. IwanttodieinbetweenSalmastits

    I want to be smothered to death by those tits!!!!! What a way to go!

  8. My goodness, I dont think you need viagra to give those a bakers dozen delight…

  9. scott

    holy shit. hahaha

  10. scott

    holy shit. hahaha

  11. ToTellTheTruth

    Her kid looks like a pig faced midget…

  12. Medicated

    If my ass were THAT big- I’d diet.

  13. bam

    11 – why are you looking at the kid?

  14. Lee

    Now that’s just misshapen.

  15. onlocash

    Fucking sellout whore ! I still love her though

    oh Yeah to Comment number 6 (Loo) fuck you and congratulations you survived your own abortion you piece of shit fag

  16. Brownie

    Man I would love to lay a sloppy turd to rest right between those mammaries. I would even put a flower in top.

  17. JT

    It looks like she’s read the Christina Aguilera guide to motherhood

  18. InTheWorstWay

    All of you no pussy gettin’ dudes and you never gonna get laid women who are dissing on this fine ass woman, need to take notes because this woman is has defied the logic of what a baby can do to a woman’s body. She came out looking even better than she began with. Whoa mommi!

  19. Com

    Wonderbra… Meet the steel girder! She’s still hot. But wouldn’t want to see those things loose in a tee.

  20. This is what they call: “DESPERATE”, folks!!

  21. Pancho Villa

    Hijo de la chingada! Quisiera sentarla sobre mi cara como si fuera una banca!

    Translation: She’s a very attractive woman.

  22. IKE

    Baby fat. Gotta LOVE it!!

  23. How dare you call that little kid an ass?!

  24. Mike KO

    Well, what do you know -
    – some times, in the movies; they actually focus on the plot??
    (Meaning I’ve seen her on the big screen before, & did not notice anything more then her Lovely face & how she play the part)(a fair talent)

    Really now – [to the real losers here] – Get a life!!
    It has to be a result of; – what is there…
    &&&& how it is reshaped by clothes & For The Camera -
    Meaning – like the rest of hollywood – its an illusion,
    Created to sell non-realities to people to those lacking their own
    Our “suspension of dis-belief” needs to end sometime!

  25. Bob

    She looks very hot, I don’t understand why #6 is concerned she is from Mexico?? that seems a bit odd doesn’t it?

  26. poopoo

    click nooooow! i order u to:

  27. poo

    click nooooow! i order u to:

  28. britney's weave

    cute baby!

  29. Sheva

    cute babies!

  30. Britney2

    No one cares about your judgements on women. She’s too fat, she’s too thin, her boobs are too big, too small, blah blah blah. Beauty is subjective and if you’re wasting your time commenting on this site, you’re probably unattractive yourself. People are people, everyone has feelings and Hollywood is not real. Now go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

  31. Boobies

    did she get a boob job?

  32. @11 you know that’s a beautiful baby you punk.

  33. woodhorse

    This just in: Dow drops over 300 points upon hearing news that Fish works on weekends…..

  34. woodhorse

    at least her ass isn’t up around her throat like Janet Jackson. No wonder the concert tour got cancelled.

  35. james

    this woman looks hot in this vid at 1:29 in the hot tub scene! and the flashing lights part <33333

    I can feel you -

    BEST PREVIEW of heavy rotation:

  36. heck man

    I’d give her a full body wax and then hit it until I’m a dried out prune

  37. yuck


  38. Melania

    Those are her own. She’s had no boob job.

  39. menotrouble

    great, great woman.
    but also: great headline.
    still, the one who should lose weight is alec balwin. compared to him, she looks like twiggy.

  40. supersex

    i’d like to take a bite out of the hairy taco.

    mexican bitches, you gotta love them

  41. UK_Matt


  42. Fernando Narcos

    I came.

    i know its so cliche,but that’s what happened.

  43. Guest

    She always looks desperate to me for some reason. She needs to calm down with those boobs.

  44. Fuckyourrottingcorpseandgotohell#6

    Mexican’s are fucking awesome! She looks good and her baby is super cute. Some of you are right though, she might need to cover up more often.

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  46. Dani

    Valentina Paloma is soooo cute!!!

  47. Ana

    She just looks fucking ridiculous now with her huge implants and breast milk competing. She used to be attractive when she had a normal body.

  48. Mike

    Whats really cool about one of the pics is proof that Baldwin is just another short, fat, old guy. I spent probably 15 minutes on that one looking for the vette.

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