Saleisha Cooper was already a model

December 13th, 2007 // 133 Comments

Saleisha Cooper the 19-year-old winner of Tyra Bank’s America’s Next Top Model is apparently already a model. After winning last night’s final episodes, diligent researches discovered that Saleisha has a past working relationship with Tyra, according to E! Online:

However, sharp-eyed fans soon dug up footage showing Saleisha walking the catwalk in an ANTM cycle-six fashion show, as well as appearing on the runway in an episode of The Tyra Banks Show.

But, wait, it doesn’t end there! Saleisha has some other modeling work under her belt that should’ve excluded her from the show:

Viewers also found that Saleisha had appeared in a nationwide Wendy’s commercial that aired in 2006, seemingly in violation of an America’s Next Top Model eligibility rule that states would-be contestants “must not have previous experience as a model in a national campaign within the last five years (including, but not limited to, appearances on television and print advertisements).”

That does seem sort of unfair. It’d be like if I competed on the new American Gladiators. It’s a documented fact that I already professionally gladiate. Just so we’re on the same page, gladiating still involves getting sloshed on egg-nog then wrestling your parent’s dog naked at Christmas dinner, right? Because I’m practically a Jedi Master at that shit.


  1. VIV


  2. This show is a vehicle for the winners. It’s been obvious a few times they’ve had the winner picked out. the same with “Project Runway.” That show also has winners who’ve designed clothing for celebrities and made clothing for shops etc. It’s probably done like this: “Saleshia can do it. She will look good representing the show. We’ll give it to her unless she does something stupid.” Most likely the conestant doesn’t know they’re set up to win.

    So don’t think for a second anyone has a real chance at winning. It’s just like the presidency: you gotta be in the clique to get in and the only votes that count come from the clique.

  3. Tyra's a racist

    Tyra hates picking the white girl

  4. h

    i hate saleisha.

  5. They mentioned it countless time throughout the show that Salisha had experience as a model.

  6. Come on, give ‘em a break. Nigs always cheat, but it’s because they don’t know any better. And in any case, even if they knew, they couldn’t act any better. Don’t kick the dog, it’s not his fault he’s wiping his ass on the floor, it’s in his genes.


  8. nipolian

    Where are her roller skates and fat friend?

  9. Clem

    Nice made up name. How long before we get someone called Felatio?

  10. Elle

    Gotta give the bitch credit for winning the competition with the worst makeover out of the whole bunch!

  11. D. Richards (Dead fucker.)

    Where’s goddamn Ript at? Bitch, come hither.. Whore. (was that over-the top? Jeez, I hope not.) I’m on my knees. Produce the clitoris and I will eat like a rodent. I will eat you like vermin. -Dick

  12. em

    i must have no life seeing as how every single post on this site makes me laugh so hard i damn near piss my pants.

  13. D. Richards (Neo-Racist.)

    #9? You horrible woman! Not cool. Absolutely not cool. Likening dogs to black people. What were you thinking? That’s just plain wrong. What did dogs ever do to you, huh? Big woman. Making fun of canines.

  14. 23apples

    I don’t know why they’d waste the time and effort allowing this girl to win.. whether she has modeled before or not. She is NOT cute, there are tons of other girls that are far better looking than she is.

  15. The blonde chick was hot

    Tyra sucks balls

  16. Eat my shorts

    that wasn’t FRIST.

  17. TS

    What is the statistical probability of getting 4 total fucking retards posting consecutively in positions 1-4? Creepy!!!!

  18. Grace

    Out of the final three Jenna should have won, though Heather is the best. The most recent seasons of ANTM were really disappointing. They’re picking boring, irritating and unlikable girls as the winners.

  19. 1-2-3-4 and last but not least 19
    Bunch of ass wipes

  20. nipolian

    #20 – Two of them were the result of a double post so we are dealing with only 3 total fucking retards, one of which probably has a very shitty computer.

  21. TS

    Saleisha??? Sounds exactly like Shaniqua, Lafonda, Shaquana, Khanysha, etc…Seriously, come on now. This seem loke a trend that would have worn itself out rather quickly, but I digress…

  22. Floaty

    She also went to Tyra’s T-Zone camp.

  23. Elle

    Jennah has a case of the horseface. She should have never made it into the competition. Looked like a total crack whore.

  24. Maximus

    Thank you for that.

  25. Auntie Kryst

    Why is this a surprise to anyone? Saleisha was always in demand as a model througout European history. She was often associated with one nation’s modeling agency after defeating another agency in battle. She’s worked with all the greats including the Hapsburgs and Bonaparte. Before being traded to the Next Top Model show she was most recently working the runway for nation of Poland…Wait, did you mean Silisia?

  26. nagger please

    Every so often a nappy headed ho has to win so the other nappy heads don’t kill innocent people.

  27. carl

    god i hate top model, it’s been a joke for so long. and now they’ve resorted to picking the ugliest girls to win. but hey, i guess saleisha is the first male winner on top model, so i’ll give him that.

  28. A reality show that was essentially rigged. Get the eff out! Also Think before you cuss @33!

  29. TS

    Good eye, Nipolian. But still, 3 consecutive fucknuts…

  30. Final Comment

    Uhhh…who really gives a crap about this?

  31. nagger please

    #35.. shut up you nappy headed ho.. stop worrying about Britney.. You nappy heads make her look like a genius.

  32. Crackersarewack

    Britney is a nappy headed ho with a nasty weave so what are you talking about? I just love reading comments by fat nasty PWT. and every so often a nasty PWT has to hate on blacks because their race is full of pedophiles, fags and wet dog smelling honkeys..

  33. tp

    she has giant, spider fingers, which are freakin creepy!

  34. whitetrash

    other Nappy headed hos include:

    Hayden P.
    Lindsay Lo
    Paris Hilton
    Trashy Olsen twins aka the monkeys
    George Bush
    Dog the Bounty
    oh and the nappiest of them all Don “old wrinkled ball hair” Imus…

  35. raydurz

    I kind of figured they’d have someone somewhat attractive as America’s Next Top Model.

  36. nodonuts


  37. joshka

    Tulip head, mushroom head, whatever. Totally does not look like any model I’ve ever seen. What is she, 5 feet tall?

  38. ho yeah

    namn digger

  39. Perchaserol

    She gets the prize for stupidest name on the planet. What the fuck is wrong with people?

  40. Ralph

    #9, #16, #33…

    Your racist attitudes are pathetic….you are pathetic because you spew your filth while hiding under fake ID’s.

    I am so thankful that you ae a dying breed.

  41. anonymous bastard

    wow – another broad with an enormous chin.

    What is it with you americans and ugly chicks with man-chins? Is it some hidden homosexuality?

    If that is america’s next top model I pity you all.

  42. Rodney

    wtf?!!? look at her! she will NEVER be top model of ANY country!!

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