Sage Stallone Found Dead (1976 – 2012)

July 16th, 2012 // 37 Comments
Sage Stallone Rocky V

While Sylvester Stallone was at Comic-Con promoting The Expendables 2 last week, his son Sage Stallone (Seen above in Rocky V) was reportedly lying dead in his room, possibly for days, and according to TMZ, it looks like an accidental overdose:

Our sources tell TMZ … Sage “lived like Howard Hughes” … he often spent days in his room which was “littered with junk,” including an enormous number of cigarette butts, beer and soda cans, and food.
We’re told there were two drawers filled with various pill bottles, some of which were “huge.”
Our sources say Sage was living like a hermit … no one had spoken with him since a week ago Friday. Although the housekeeper had been there earlier this week, she had specific ongoing instructions never to enter Sage’s room. In fact, we’re told the housekeeper was told to never even knock at the door.

Except, strangely, Sage’s lawyer is claiming he didn’t drink or do drugs which makes the cause of death.. cream soda overdose? Via People:

“Sage didn’t even drink,” the attorney, who knew the son of Sylvester Stallone socially and professionally for more than 15 years, tells PEOPLE. “There was a report that his room was filled with liquor bottles. Actually, they were empty bottles of Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda.”

I don’t want to speculate here, but hypothetically speaking, let’s say I did, my money would be on never fully recovering from being replaced as his own father’s son in Rocky Balboa by Milo Ventimiglia and then watching him go on to bang Hayden Panettiere. That or living in constant fear of being crushed by his dad’s Hulk arms. Either way, poor kid never stood a chance.

Rest in Peace.

UPDATE: Turns out Sly never returned Sage’s calls. Yeesh.


  1. cc

    RIP indeed. I never read about this kid being a ‘problem-child’ or someone that made a fool of themselves regularly.

    Looks as though depression claimed another victim.

  2. Livinus Nwambe

    Oh man. It’s hard losing a child, my condolences to the father and family.

  3. Kevin

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course it wasn’t drugs. People with money don’t do drugs. It is perfectly normal for a 36 year old to just die…

  4. yahoo

    proving once again that celebs make the shittiest parents

  5. EricLr

    I’d put my money on him growing up a spoiled Hollywood piece of shit whose dad let him do whatever he wanted and never told him “No,” or smacked him upside his head when he was screwing up.

  6. Dude of Dudes

    I have 4 kids. Im not making any jokes here. I feel bad for the family and for Sage.

  7. I’d be willing to believe the soda-pop overdose theory if it were Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray Soda, because, y’know, yuk.

    Yes, you read that correctly. Celery-flavored soda. Dr. Brown really makes this, and there are people who actually drink it.

  8. Arlene

    Is it a crime to hate your kid, or your parent(s), for that matter. His career obviously wasn’t going well, and Daddy cut the apron strings. Kid couldn’t handle it, so he went tits up. Who cares!

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Actually he worked in movies behind the camera. His career was doing well.
      And go fuck yourself, you soulless cunt.

  9. Marie

    Lesson learned once again through a tragic early death of those who seemingly lead a charmed life…fame and or wealth, yours or someone else close to you, DOES NOT gaurantee health, or a fulfilling life. Take note kids and those who still believe this.

    My sympathies to his family.

  10. Another piece of shit overdose. Fucking loser. An entire world of possibilities and you fucking piss it away. Moron! If I was Sly’s son, I’d be waking up every day going “FUCK YEAH, I’M SYLVESTER STALLONES FUCKING SON WOO-HOO!!!” before going out and using my fathers increible wealth to travel the world and fuck bitches.

    • My guess is that you figure every celeb kid has unrestricted access to their father’s “incre[d]ible wealth” simply by taking Dad’s wallet out of his pants while he sleeps and making off with the contents – with him none the wiser.


  11. achilles wrath

    Well that must have knocked the stuffing out of him.

    Sly, thinking of you at this difficult thyme. Sorrel to hear of your loss.

    Sylvester Stallone was asked who he will be boxing next.
    “My son”, he replied.

  12. To echo an old sentiment, no parent should have to bury their children. Condolences to the family.

    That said, I love the quote from the lawyer: “He just had his whole life ahead of him.” Really? But I guess it does sound better than something like, “He had the remainder of his life ahead of him.”

  13. jou

    sly you fail as a dad!

    R.I.P Sage I remember you when I was little I saw you in the rocky movie :(

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  15. Nope

    Sounds like:
    1) Stallone & his son had a falling out over something, and he wasn’t returning Sage’s calls or acknowledging him.
    2) The lawyer needs to STFU and let the police report what they find. Him trying to spin doctor the situation before the police release their findings is beyond obscene.
    3) More than likely Sage drank & drugged himself to death. His recent pics show him to either be sick or stoned; he looks dead in the face.

  16. My condolences to the Stallone family.

  17. Browny

    I saw an interview many years ago (on Oprah… okay, okay) when Stallone was promoting the film in which he and his son starred. I felt so sorry for Sasha. He was a child and his ego maniacal father turned every single question asked (of Sasha) into ‘this is all about me’. Shasha looked totally bemused, as did Oprah, and my thought at the time was: that boy will not have a great life. The father sees him as an extension of himself. And so it came to pass. People should be licenced to procreate. They should have to pass a rigirous test to weed out the narcisstic ego maniacs like Stallone. Poor Sasha, unhappy accident of birth. RIP.

    • Whitey

      Hey Browny. First of all I didn’t find your story to be truthful in the first place. Why? Because Sasha has probably never been in the spotlight like that. Second, I don’t think Sasha would look bemused when appearing on tv with her husband who according to you was acting like a psycho.

      Now, the fact is they never appeared on Oprah together so you just told us a big lie. Look it up at imdb. You can’t pretend like it’s another show either because you told us that “Shasha looked totally bemused, as did Oprah”

      Don’t Spread LIES!!!

  18. anonym

    celebrity kids are always fucked up…

    I’d take the millions of dollars, but not the lifestyle.

  19. CrazyBlood

    They eventually found his body, so somebody cared.
    But, obviously, not his parents.

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