SAG Awards: I Think Natalie Portman Might Be Pregnant

January 31st, 2011 // 36 Comments

Here’s Natalie Portman at the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards last night looking ridiculously good for a woman who could drop a kid on the red carpet at any second. Granted, I don’t think she’s that far along, but lately I’ve developed an incredible gift for concocting scenarios that require Mila Kunis to be around Natalie Portman’s birth canal. Say, for example, it’s a washing machine overloading, or she lost her keys in it. Or they’re two ballerinas competing for the same part which sounds ridiculous now that I just typed it.

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  1. she has the beer gut i wish i had

  2. Happy Spillmore

    she looks like shes either really gassy or about to shart.

  3. No, she just had the bootleg Kim K. ass surgery and they put it in the WRONG area..

  4. Cock Dr

    Few gravid women can look so cute.

  5. Clyde Frazier

    She’s expanding and demanding awards this season.

  6. Nancy

    That bump grew twice as big in like a week. Maybe she’s having twins.

  7. Chlamydia Jones

    She carrying Sean Penn’s baby, he fucked her standing against a wall in a restaurant.

  8. ew

    whatever happened to modest maternity clothing? accentuating the underneath of the bump like this looks disgusting.

    • Realist

      She’s not accentuating anything, you twat. It’s loose-fitting. No reason to wear a tent. She’s looking good.

  9. Gilberator

    Naboo is all aflutter. Rumor has it, her baby’s daddy is a Jedi.

  10. Screen Actors Guild? Man, I’ve been going by “Team America: World Police” and calling it the Film Actors Guild this whole time. Though I have wondered why they would pick such a silly acronym.

  11. kulit

    now that she’s pregnant and has gained weight, she bears a striking resemblance to Lea Michele. no offense to Lea, of course.

    • She looks nothing like that vapid TV skank whore Leah Michelle. Why the beak alone weighs as much as Portmans baby ponch!!! Portman, even pregnant, is more attractive than Leah Michelle. Good lord man you must be really deep in your closet to think what you think.

      BTW, kulit? Glee isn’t for STRAIGHT MEN ….

  12. Happy Spillmore

    Hey mamamoney…

    “What you got to loose,it might change your life”

    Nice ghetto SPAM, moron.

    Doesnt your hoodrat ass have something better to do?

  13. jojo

    Those titties will become Scarlet Jo like in 5,4,3,2,

    • yep

      no, her titties will never be the saggy mess ScarJo’s tits are. they will stay small and perky even after breastfeeding. this is why having small tits are always better than big ones

  14. it’s a real life RoseMarry’s baby.

  15. Eugene

    Was she wearing her range free, environmentally friendly engagement ring? What a pretentious douche …

  16. Natalie Portman SAG Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey, remember that time I went down on you? Yeah…so, how ya’ been?

  17. She looks cute as a mom. Definately dolled up as expected for a red carpet. Betcha she looks more like the average trailer park pregnant woman on her off days. Hair up in a knot, grimey sweatshirt hanging over her belly, grey or puke pink worn out spandex short tights fuzzy slippers and a smoke hangin out the side of her mouth hahahahahahaha

  18. Not for nothin’, but how come we don’t call this award the “Saggys”?

  19. burton

    short women often show faster than taller ones, because there is less room for the baby to grow, man shes gonna have a ton of stretch marks!!!

  20. Jessie

    what is wrong with all you people?

  21. Natalie Portman SAG Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks glowing, good for her

  22. vicki

    Definatly more than 3.5 months pregnant. Young women usully are only begining to show at this stage.

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