Sacha Baron Cohen is wacky

June 22nd, 2009 // 87 Comments

Here’s Mike Myers Sacha Baron Cohen at a photocall for Bruno in Berlin. The only thing missing from these pictures is a T-shirt with the word “poop” on it which would’ve been absolutely hilarious provided I traveled back in time and showed them to my eight-year-old self. In the meantime, I’m going to ask everyone to ignore the fact I just suggested a young boy should look at pictures of a quasi-naked man. Honestly, I don’t know what that’s all about, I just type whatever pops into my head. Dolphin getting a lap dance ham sandwich.

NOTE: I didn’t really feel the need to censor these pics, but if your boss is freaked out by a felt penis, you might want to steer clear of the Muppet porn today. (Oh yeah, that shit’s out there.)

Photos: Flynet

  1. Nero

    Aside from his ‘nipples’ he doesn’t look too excited.

  2. banquo

    Much like the Ali-G show most of the things in the movie that are “People being fooled” are really people who are either hired actors, in on it, or just being good sports and playing along.

    Nothing original, funny or entertaining here, move along,..move along…

  3. Screaming Meat Nugget

    Go away, Bruno, just please go away.

  4. mandeer

    Modified “Christmas Story” Bunny outfit….. too far borat too far

  5. Row row

    he comes off as way too desperate. i can’t stand him and find no humor in anything he does. maybe if i was 10 i would find him funny…..

  6. dfdsfsdkflsdjilkx

    His hairdo is nice, but for some reason I still think he should be locked up in a mental hospital and definitely not allowed to be within 100 yards of any children.


    I hope the angora outfit he is wearing made him itch for days.

  8. RandyM

    I love Borat AND Bruno!!!!! Can’t wait to see this film!!!

  9. Anu Patel

    Tries too hard.
    It gets old fast.


  11. missywissy

    10 & 26 – right on! This guy is annoying as “Speidi”.

    Is it me, or has the Superficial writer gotten extra clever lately?

  12. FanTastic

    I always thought Cohen was funny, back when he was doing the HBO series, and I even thought the Ali G movie was funny…but this is just going to be a rehashing of clips from the series and “oh, look at how I can prove that people are biased, opinionated, and stupid.” I’m a fan of Cohen’s, but this is getting old quick.

  13. Sperman


  14. What a complete twat

  15. jenny

    I can’t believe you compared Sacha Baron Cohen to (gag) Mike Myers. Cohen is a genius. Myers hasn’t done anything worth watching in many many years. So not cool.

  16. The Truth





  17. bete noir

    I fucking hate Sascha Baron Cohen! He’s an idiot!

  18. Soup

    @#16: It’s not racist; it’s ironic. Notice how the asian guy has the biggest penis? Yeah. That would happen. Riiiight….

  19. Iris


  20. BaccusVD

    Publicity stunts, and attention whoring are usually endearing to me… but somehow this isn’t. I don’t really want to see the gay Borat movie, he proves comedy is a relative term.

    BTW #28 and #29 save me the Cohen jerk off session. I don’t want to know his education or a list of professional references. Both of you are ALMOST funny speaking in his defense, by calling others stupid.

    I suppose this makes you better comedians then Mr. Cohen in my eyes. You know with you guys ALMOST being funny.


  21. Tyler

    LOL! Its all the Yanks that hate him cause Borat came to your country and made you look like a bunch of halfwits haha.. He is a genius, and a VERY clever man (check where he got his DEGREE – Only CAMBRIDGE University), good on you Sacha, keep making us laugh.

  22. Isabella

    Dude i totally hate this guy!! he is just discusting!! I mean did you all saw the MTV Movie awards?! He ruined everything!! who the hell does he think he is by putting his ugly pale white ass in eminem’s face!!

  23. FAIL

    @72 I hope you know that Eminem was in on it…

    If not, fail troll is still fail.

  24. meena

    i don’t like ambush/sabotage-type “humour.” it’s candid camera and hacky, but with a bigger axe to grind. it is both exploitive to the minority stereotypes being aped and the majority rubes being had. i have to say, mr. cohen has some serious unresolved homosexual yearnings which he only seems to feel comfortable exploring under the guise of his “comedy.” he has attacked and thrust his crotch into the faces of just about every male his “bruno” character has come into contact with. oh, wait–it’s just for fun, right? just go ahead and get a boyfriend sasha. no one’s gonna tell your wife.

  25. Aussi resident

    Really, whether you find something funny or not is up to the individual there is no right or wrong.

    But is it just me or do these comments all reek of homophobia and racism?
    Nothing like an in your face gay – acting Jew to bring out the horrible underbelly in Americans

    I love this guy and so do most people i know.

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  28. israeli bruno

    I just wonder if he ever will do a show on Israelis killing Palestinians – that would be really interesting. And who will finance that – New Your Jewish financiers or the Hollywood Jewish entertainment industry?

  29. Rivahcat

    Sacha Baron Cohen is a one-trick pony. He is so NOT funny. His “humor” consists of blatant insults to various cultural groups, and he does not know the meaning of a light touch. His exploitation of the Kazahki people in “Borat” was just cruel. I have a fantastic sense of humor–but NOT his kind.

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  32. Tonchik

    I’m fuckin hate this gay. He is so ugly, his nose looks like a big penis and his mouse like are big hairy vagina, when he talks it’s stinks, yak. He is so unprofessional and 0 talented. You people make him richer and richer…….. he lives in LA in big villa on your money.
    I hope somebody will eventually kill him.

  33. tonchik

    You people are two faced ignorant’s , when is borat come to life from glorious country kazakhstan everybody nearly licked sasha cohen jew ass, all europe + guy’s etc etc
    Now after bruno half of you suddenly hates him so much? What will happens when he will make a comedy about your precious england?Let me guess you will a. Loosen up/laugh and suck his cock or b. hate him more/ stop paying for his next villa? hahahahahahahah imao

  34. Adolf

    This guy is a gay bell end

  35. jekz

    Hey tyler #71 haha your definetly a prisoner of mother england. I know a few doco’s I could do on the UK that would make you slag pome’s cry like bitches…

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