Sacha Baron Cohen is wacky

June 22nd, 2009 // 87 Comments

Here’s Mike Myers Sacha Baron Cohen at a photocall for Bruno in Berlin. The only thing missing from these pictures is a T-shirt with the word “poop” on it which would’ve been absolutely hilarious provided I traveled back in time and showed them to my eight-year-old self. In the meantime, I’m going to ask everyone to ignore the fact I just suggested a young boy should look at pictures of a quasi-naked man. Honestly, I don’t know what that’s all about, I just type whatever pops into my head. Dolphin getting a lap dance ham sandwich.

NOTE: I didn’t really feel the need to censor these pics, but if your boss is freaked out by a felt penis, you might want to steer clear of the Muppet porn today. (Oh yeah, that shit’s out there.)

Photos: Flynet

  1. ash

    i fucking hate that guy

  2. billy bob


  3. uh

    I liked the Bruno character on the Ali G Show, but it seems like he’s going too far with the movie. And the bull outfit was funny, but he can’t do it again like this….

  4. wakas

    Why did I look???????????? My eyes they burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jon H

    That’s not even original. There’s a weird-ass family picture on the web that has a mother, father, and small kids dressed in outfits like that. And the little daughter is touching the father’s felt penis.

  6. g_girl

    HAHA love it! But where’s Eminem’s face?

  7. Lee

    I’ve never wanted to PUNCH someone in the FACE for so Long and so Hard before in my enire 40 years of existing.

  8. Mean Jew

    This guy is a mean jew in real life. He is so stupid, let’s not make him richer

  9. Deacon Jones

    I can’t fucking stand this faggot.

  10. Joe Melnick

    Enough already, the constant exposure and ‘outrageous’ antics are just boring now.

  11. Nick

    Stop reporting stories on him, it’s so annoying.

    His stunts aren’t funny anymore…they’re just desperate and will not make me see his movie. Ugh.

  12. Max Planck


  13. Inmate #2648927

    Cool costume…but doen’t he have it on backwards??

  14. Inmate #2648927

    Cool costume…but doesn’t he have it on backwards??

  15. Inmate #2648927

    Cool costume…but doesn’t he have it on backwards??

  16. FACE

    It is racist because they intentionally gave the black gut the smallest junk. THe old lady with the huee bush and the saggy juggs is funny though. And the chick next to her is suppose to be a tranny I suppose.

  17. Izzy

    His stunts just reek of desperation to me, nothing funny about that.

  18. hot mess

    If you can’t laugh at this, you need to take the stick out of your butt and smoke some weed!

  19. I’m not sure if “wacky” is the right word here… insane, demented, even sad might be more fitting.

  20. mikeock

    I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with Bruno this and Bruno that. Borat sucked monkey balls and this new gay movie will be even worse.

  21. Hulk Hogan

    WAAAA WAAAA, would you like some cheese with your whine?!?!? This guy ROCKS and he’s HILARIOUS…much more original than you duma$$ ppl will ever be.

  22. e-rock

    @ #18- EXACTLY!! O MY GOD, Im crying laughing so hard looking at this clown!! I LOVE HIM!!! How can you NOT find this guy hysterical?? Look at him!!! Everyone needs to pull the sticks out there asses, and lighten the hell up!! Laughter is the cure for almost everything, and you guys need a fricken factory of it, sheesh. LOVE BRUNO!!!!

  23. LawnGnome

    Remember when this guy used to be funny? Yeah, I can’t either.

  24. havoc

    Much like Will Farrell, this guy has apparently established being fucking annoying as a new form of comedy.

    Let’s piss people off and film it. Revolutionary.


  25. Newcastle

    LMAO at the grandma saggers in the background.

  26. fuck-U's

    Funny shit. Almost as funny as those ass-clowns who have nothing worthwhile to add other than “FIRST!” who get owned when their post shows up SECOND! Fucking douche-holes.

  27. Vomit on jewish rye bread

    This dude is a fucking idiot. Just like Howard Stern his brother, they rely on shock instead of cleverness. And this is what we are becoming. Vulgarity replaces wit.

  28. uh

    #8- He went to Cambridge. So he’s probably a whole lot smarter than you.

    #9- You can save your intolerance for someone else, he’s straight and has a baby with Isla Fisher (which is probably a lot better than you will ever do)

  29. friendlystoner


    well said. those who call him stupid are just ignorant of the fact his comedy has more to it than its slapstick aspects. cant be bothered to explain it. would be like explaining to george w bush how to add 2+2.

    cant wait for bruno. borat was hilarious!!!! Booyakasha!!!

  30. Deacon Jones

    I’d probably laugh at him if he wasn’t a horned Jew.

    “Throw the jew down da well, so my country can be well!”

    C’mon, everyone from the top!

  31. Rodham

    For people that act like pigs, funny they don’t eat them.

  32. Sydney

    I fucking love Sacha Baron Cohen, he’s hilarious. :P

  33. Sydney

    I fucking love Sacha Baron Cohen, he’s hilarious. :P

  34. Tom K

    He is funny!!!!! Even I have to admit that!

  35. Tommy

    Deacon Jones, we get it – you hate jews. So posting the same variation of that theme here under multiple names. Reposting doesn’t create the “crowd effect” you desire. Fortunately, there are far fewer racists than you’d like to imagine, so you just look like the lonely wacko that you are.

    Oh, and go see the movie – everyone wil be laughing, and we’l have the added bonus of watching your head explode with hatred!

  36. gladsadmad

    I agree with you #29, Anyone who really watched the Ali G show know that many of his skits are social commentary with vulgarities and bathroom humor mixed in.

  37. antoine bugleboy

    #16 – not only did they give the black dude the smallest junk – but they hung the asian guy completely against the grain as far as stereotypes go.

    somewhere on those suits there’s a “made in china” sticker.

    that must be a fun sweatshop to work in.

  38. Andie

    I dunno. The funniest part of Borat (to me) was the naked chasing scene. I loved the HUGE black bar for Borat and the little bitty one for the other guy. That was the funniest thing in the whole movie. Maybe I just don’t get it or whatever, because I never did like the Ali G show either. And this really isn’t funny to me. Not funny ‘ha ha’ anyway. Hm, not laughing. Oh well, everybody else: enjoy!

  39. Plobes

    forget the nipples and schlong, that outfit looks SO itchy it’s making me uncomfortable

    i bet he got a rash

  40. That shit is pretty funny, I like to see people get freaked out by that sort of shtick…

  41. Jaz

    Please Zeus!! Let this creep’s 15 minutes be over soon! He’s so strange for an alleged adult.

  42. Danielle

    He tries wayyyyy to hard for attention and to be different.

  43. titsonsnack

    Oh ho ho, what is this craaaazy guy going to do next? He so crazy.
    Seriously this is like, sub-Tom Green behaviour.

  44. piper

    Enough already with this asshole! Can you over promote a movie? Yes, and he’s driving an audience away. I wouldn’t pay a dime to see that faggot on screen.

  45. boo

    Wonder how long it will be before John Mayer shows up in this outfit?

  46. mikeock01

    he’s enjoying this a little too much.

  47. Darth

    Did his grandmother knit this adams costume?

  48. Rhialto

    I see he made a few small modifications.

  49. my comment

    He is funny as fucking hell!

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