Ryan Seacrest used to be a fatty


People magazine releases its new “Celeb Diet & Fitness” issue tomorrow, and in it Ryan Seacrest admits he used to be teased for being “chunky.” Despite playing football, by the time he was 13 he topped out at around 180 pounds. He says:

“I was overweight because I used to come home and eat a cookie sheet pan of nachos and watch Oprah every day of my life. I remember that feeling and I think that drives me now to run and work out because I don’t want to be back in that place again.”

I can sympathize with him being overweight, but why does he have to throw in that he used to watch Oprah every day? Everybody thinks he’s gay, he’s caught making out with Teri Hatcher, and now he admits to watching Oprah every day of his teenage life. If he’s this determined to be made fun of, why not just send out a press release that says he was born with a vagina?