Ryan Seacrest: Sophie Monk is where now?

April 9th, 2008 // 61 Comments

Ryan Seacrest and Sophie Monk were spotted together last night while leaving a restaurant in LA. Ryan tried to act like the two weren’t on a date: “Hello, there, paparazzi. How are you this evening? Yes, I’m TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest. What’s that? Sophie Monk? I don’t know what you’re talking- GO! GO! Seacrest knock-out gas!” As Ryan and Sophie made their getaway, Sophie asks “Do you always bring knock-out gas on a date?” Ryan Seacrest just put his hands in his pockets and started whistling. Sophie would wake up hours later in her own bed swearing she saw Randy Jackson climb out the window while wearing a ninja suit.

Video after the jump of TMZ asking Sophie this morning about her date with Seacrest – only to be saved by a homeless woman before she can answer. Funniest shit I’ve seen all week. Must see.


  1. nancy

    that video was pretty funny.

  2. didntneedtoseethat

    Holy $hit! I can’t believe the paps let the doors close on that elevator leaving Sophie alone with God-only-knows-who that freakish woman was! ‘Coulda shanked ol’ Sophie with a broken off crack pipe. Hey, maybe she offered her up a bowl. Soph definitely had that “SAVE ME!” look on her face.

    As far as the Sophie/Ryan date pics- the body language says it ALL. How far apart can 2 people be and still be in the same frame?
    C’mon outta the closet Ry… gay is the new black!

  3. Ryan definitely loves blondes!

  4. lambman

    I like that even homeless people don’t consider the paparazi to be human. They completely ignore the photographers and ask stars or other randoms on the street for money.

  5. Kissy

    That girl is so gorgeous….. But damn, she looks very uncomfortable in that first picture. And the shit with the homeless broad is hilarious!!!! I would have been scared to have gone into the elevator with her.

  6. Jill

    Ryan is officially GAY- BLUE SHOE LACES. (and full of him self)

  7. I really don’t get it?
    I think girls who are celebs themselves like it to be tricked by manly colleages,
    who they call boy-friends.
    99 percent of the men in “HOLLYWOOD” are FAGGOTS!!
    It’s the same story in england, france, holland as well as in AMERICA!!

  8. Coeruleo

    has anyone seen the billboards of him around town? he looks like he’d been up all night pnping. he must not have gotten to approve the shot they used. any sane person would demand a reshoot. of course he is working 2 jobs and all, but cmon. he looks out-of-it on those signs. seriously. that’s not good advertising.

  9. Davino

    Ryan Seacrest used to fuck Merv Griffin, that is how he got into show business.

    She’s a beard.

  10. onlocash

    She’s so totally hot and this guy is a walking Bonna-duce-bag
    They were probably just sharing makeup tricks..

  11. onlocash

    That picture says: Ok if the paparazzi show up unexpectedly
    like go stand over there. Cause I don’t want my boyfriend to see me going out with totally fine hot chicks and people might also think I’m straight

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