Ryan Seacrest: Sophie Monk is where now?

April 9th, 2008 // 61 Comments

Ryan Seacrest and Sophie Monk were spotted together last night while leaving a restaurant in LA. Ryan tried to act like the two weren’t on a date: “Hello, there, paparazzi. How are you this evening? Yes, I’m TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest. What’s that? Sophie Monk? I don’t know what you’re talking- GO! GO! Seacrest knock-out gas!” As Ryan and Sophie made their getaway, Sophie asks “Do you always bring knock-out gas on a date?” Ryan Seacrest just put his hands in his pockets and started whistling. Sophie would wake up hours later in her own bed swearing she saw Randy Jackson climb out the window while wearing a ninja suit.

Video after the jump of TMZ asking Sophie this morning about her date with Seacrest – only to be saved by a homeless woman before she can answer. Funniest shit I’ve seen all week. Must see.


  1. Yo Moma

    She is HOT!!!! Oh yeah, FIRST BITCHES!!!

  2. He loves the attention – but she seems to be shying away from it as well as him

    Look at that expression of her face versus his

    Perhaps it is because she is chilly
    But then he could have at least put his arm around her

  3. mike

    instead of a date maybe he was just giving her fashion advise. Seacrest OUT…of the closet. see what i did there…

  4. anon

    In none of the pictures does it look like they’re actually together – or maybe Sophie doesn’t want to admit she’s going out with Ryan Seacrest..

  5. nipolian

    All well trained bitches walk three steps behind their man.

  6. Sanity

    Please. The only way he was on a date was if Sophie’s brother was waiting in the men’s bathroom.

  7. Tapeworm

    That’s one gay son of a bitch. Just look at the fucking blue shoelaces. What a hipster douchebag knobgobbler.

  8. Auntie Kryst

    Wow scandalous..

  9. Lisa

    Or maybe he is full of himself and is ignoring her on purpose. My first thought was what an ass for leaving her behind. If in fact they are there “together”.

  10. jumpin_j

    Why is he doing his Jude Law impression? That doesn’t even work for Jude Law.

  11. Joe C

    I didn’t realize she was a midget. I suppose she must be to date micro-man.

  12. BigHead33

    i wonder how the elevator ride with the crackwhore went

  13. Anna

    That homeless lady seems nice…seriously!! That’s awesome. I wish I had a homeless lady to escort me around and kick all the perverts around.

  14. combustion8

    jesus, what a feg.

  15. luna

    what is a sexy fox like her doing with a douche bag like him

  16. joanne bon jovi

    she looks like a pretty version of jessica simpson

  17. Stickman

    What a fag….
    PC dipshit run-a-muck.

  18. tp

    she’s a chub

  19. Shannon

    #6. Good to hear your Lab is doing well with her daily beatings.

  20. Lame

    Nice weave!

  21. Ash

    um can we focus on the fact that a homeless lady helped sophie out? how is this not quality entertianment! I hope she got a shitload of raman noodles and a hug! that was freakin awesome! I think she should have her own superhero series on saturday morning cartoons… they can call it “homeless crackaddict who waves her hands and saves shit”… k so the title might need some work

  22. Beter

    She is a million times hotter than Paris Hilton

  23. RENEE

    I used to think she was pretty, but then I realized it was a “distance” thing; she looks cute from a distance, but doesn’t look too good up close,…and she also kind of reminds me of RebeccaRomainstamoso’connellwhateverthehellhernameis; who I can’t stand the sight of. Either way, they both look kind of look chipmunk-y. Oh yeh, and Ryan is a flamer…I don’t mean that in a negative way; it just is what it is. Nice beard, Ryan.

  24. #6 – I agree. But if you pay a little extra, they’ll let you piss on ‘em too.

  25. tight lipped smiler

    What’s worse? The armpit of a pap in your nose or greasy-from-the-dumpster crackwhore hands on your face?

  26. deacon jones

    I bet Jimbo would jump all over that homeless chick. He hasn’t gotten any action since his sister was in town

  27. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    after recent posts involving Spencer Pratt, Chris Angel, and now Ryan Seacrest, i’ve come to the conclusion that we actually have three different categories of ‘Douchefucker’.

  28. 27- Fuck you Deacon. Fuck off and go lick your mother.

  29. Ript1&0

    Binky wasn’t here last night. He’s been here for the last 393 days, every night, consistantly.

  30. sm

    I thought Binky was a girl.

  31. kool

    So she’s an Austrailian pop star? And she’s been in a bunch of lame-ass, straight to DVD movies that nobody ever watched?!? So why do we care about her and who she goes out with?!?! Worthless whore.

  32. SLASH

    Wait, what??? I thought she was like Miss USA or something. Isn’t she the chick who was married to that loser in that lame band Lincoln Park or some shit?

  33. Ript1&0

    Ript doesn’t care about being “titless” because, well, he is.

    As for me, go gawk if you want. Next we’re gonna stab me to see if I bleed, reprove the theory of gravity, and set up a giant rat’s maze to see if any of us have a brain.

    No, it’s NOT the best I can do.

  34. PunkA

    That’s funny. I thought Seacrest was gay.

    Sophie has sunk low to help her career by dating the host of multiple lame programs. I mean, since he is gay, it was a staged agent date for both of them.

  35. Binky is in love

    Probably some muslim bitch though.

  36. NY Ted

    AHHHGGGG! Is there any place on earth that I can go that I won’t see this clowns face…??? Everytime I turn on a media source there he is Mr. No Talent himself…Ryan Seabiscut!! Why doesn’t someone prop him on the top of the next space-shuttle and send him into outer-space!!…he’ll get along just fine out there as his head cavity is already a empty vacuum!

  37. Ted Mosby

    Marshall and I had a threesome with Sophie.

    Barney and I had a threesome with Seacrest.

  38. SLASH

    Oh, and by the way, can someone tell this chick that it’s not nineteen eighty fucking one anymore and to put the pants back to the Goodwill she bought them from?????

    Oh wait, she probably wasn’t even born yet back then and has no idea there was already a go-around.

    Whatever, Poodle Skirt anyone??

  39. BunnyButt

    Shouldn’t that read “Ryan Seacrest and his beard”?

  40. Niks

    Of couse he would date a hipless, assless wonder of a woman that looks like that. Take away her implants and she has the body of a teenage boy.

  41. papazoa

    I’m sorry. She is just plain fugly.

  42. Melanie

    Isn’t that the same homeless person that helped out someone else? Same street, same M.O., everything. I can’t remember who the other star was….It’s going to drive me crazy!

  43. Niks

    I don’t think her face is ugly. But her pale emaciated body is nasty. Looks like she’d be awful in bed.

  44. havoc

    Wait a minute.

    Wait just a fucking minute.

    Ryan Seacrest is heterosexual?

    I thought he was like a registered pillow biter.


  45. katii

    hahah that was awesome, way to go homeless lady

  46. Hey, number 45

    dating a chick with the body of a teenage boy minus bolt ons doesnt make you hetero

  47. justtheobvious

    She is hot. I’d let him T-Bag me just to taste her…

  48. sameshitdifferentyear

    Honest to Poseidon, that has to be the most fucking amusing video I’ve seen in weeks.

    The evolution of treatment of the pazverouzaz3zzihk4i, and by the way when did we stop calling them “gossip camera guys” or some shit like that, is in some ways, a metaphor for the evolution of society itself.

    Or is it a simile… or analogy…

    The really good video, is what those two bitches talked about on the way up to the top floor. Unfortunately, no one will ever see that one.

    And, did the “gossip camera guys” interview the self-appointed assistant (who knows if she’s actually “homeless” or not what the fuck maybe she has a deed for a house tucked away in her sock) after she got back down to ground level again?

  49. Jamie's Uterus

    He probably wants to do another crap reality TV show for the E! network with this unknown bitch.

    Also, is there any real proof that Seacrest is a homo? I don’t doubt it, I just like to see the proof….!

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