Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson kiss it up

May 16th, 2007 // 53 Comments

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson were spotted in Hollywood Monday night catching the Damnwells’ show at the Troubadour. They arrived separately and greeted each other with a hug and a kiss on the lips.

“In the foyer they were talking and had their hands all over each other,” says the source. “He kissed her a couple more times in the club. He was totally sweet. She went to the restroom and he went to check up on her.”

Ryan Reynolds used to be engaged to Alanis Morissette, so to go from that to Scarlett Johansson is like trading in a Kia for a Ferrari. I’m surprised his penis didn’t explode the first time he met her. I’m also surprised at how much I can bench press. 800 pounds! That’s a lot, right?



  1. cheatedhearts

    Her eyebrows look horrendous

  2. But her boobs are as glorious as the Sun God …

  3. n

    white hair and black eyebrows…yuck. well at least her hair doesn’t touch her anus like ryan’s ex.

  4. Kate

    Why in the world do people insist that Scarlett is hot? She is just bizarre-looking to me, not in an exotic, cool way but a retarded kind of way. What is the big deal? Boobs are no big deal, especially if the girl’s a butterface like Scarlett.

    And Alanis Morissette may not be that cute, but at least she’s got some talent and something to talk about besides her “curves” and her boobs. Lol.

  5. Sara

    Wait.. isn’t Ryan Reynolds still with Rachel McAdams? I like to keep my Canadian couples Canadian ;)

  6. bungoone

    i think you mean Ryan Gossling.

    seems like you don’t know much about Canadians.

  7. lisa

    #4-I agree. I don’t get the Scarlett Johansen is hot thing. Not ugly, by any means, but I am not getting it either. What ever.

  8. King Kong plays Ping Pong with his Ding Dong in Hong Kong.

  9. First of all…they’re a couple-BFD
    Secondly, I press 850
    And third, what kind of insecure fucking weirdo checks up on his girlfriend going to the bathroom? Afraid she snuck out the window???!!!???

  10. Kate

    # 7: You’re one of the ones who sees past her boobs. You’re a rare one. Lol.

  11. The_Squizz


    (must get wipes to clean screen);(

  12. NicotineEyePatch

    I’m normally a fan of the platinum blonde hair and dark eyebrow contrast, but she looks like shit with it. Wait, who is this again?

  13. JungleRed

    This girl’s a real slut. A regular Colin Farrel. Is there any dude in Hollywood under 35 that doesn’t have her stink on him?

  14. BarbadoSlim

    Hahahahahaha AWESOME!…so this one time…oh, wait, Waaaait, I don’t give shit about this.

  15. honeycomb'sbig_yeahyeahyeah!

    Oddly, in the budding romance stage of relationships, the things that later will annoy the piss out of you (like being ‘checked on’ when you’re trying to make a deposit in the porcelain bank) seem sweet.

  16. Martin

    I don’t know but I think Alanis has more charisma and talent that this ugly blonde.

  17. There were photos of Ryan Reynolds having a burger with Jessica Biel a few weeks back. Now Scarlett jumped him. And only a few months ago, Scarlett jumped Justin Timberlake shortly after Biel had a fling with him over in Europe. What is going on here? Is this some weird Cruel Intentions kind of love polygon thing?

  18. leasypoo

    I find her attractive….or maybe i’m just jealous of her super boobs….yeah that’s probably it….but still if i was going to turn gay i’d rather it be with her than hohan

  19. hendero67

    How can this have happened? How can the superfish have posted a pic of SJ without letting us see her boobs?

  20. kananga

    Have any of you above ever been laid? This site and it’s GEEK squad of readers has dropped to the level of critizing Scarlett?????? The eyes, the face, the smile, the BODY and the great fun attitude? Your all a bunch of LOSERS. Good lord – who is pretty if she isn’t?

  21. kananga

    #20 I agree with you!

  22. Scarlett Johansson is being “romantically” linked to alot of celebrities nowadays. i don’t mean to call her a slut, but she’s a slut. honestly, if you’re seen kissing that many people, then something’s wrong with you. either you’re a slut, or you’re VERY emotional…either one, she’s a slut

  23. Superfish

    #20 and 21, if i may interject, Be-YAWN-ce. even though she’s getting annoying, she’s still hotter than scarlett.
    Carrie Underwood…yes im a country man.
    Eva Longoria…she’s old, but hot
    Kimora Lee Simmons
    Tila Tequilla…im also a myspace freak
    a couple of other whores too but since im bored, ill let it slide

  24. Superfish

    …did i happen to mention Alessandre Ambrosio? Most of the Victoria Secret models? they’re hot too.

  25. J

    800lbs is a lot, if you’re a girl.

  26. captain obvious

    Am I the only one who sees the connection???! Scarlett is obviously a lesbo, or at least bi (she did after all date yummy,manly & hetero Josh Hartnett). And Ryan Reynolds, I love the man and think he’s hilarious and hot…but sorry, he also sends my gaydar screeching loud and clear. I think what we’re seeing here is the good ole’ Hollywood “Beard”. Scarlett & Ryan’s pseudo romance is all a cover for the fact that they are both gay celebrities. And I believe Jessica Biel also fits into that category as well. Now if you make the connections in the stories, the common denominator is Jessica Biel, which equals Jessica Biel + Scarlett Johansson=lesbo lovers. Or something along those lines. Anyone with me on this? Oh yeah, and Scarlett is way over rated imo. She reminds me of a Christy Mcnichols type (another gay celeb, ages ago). Scarlett does have a certain something (nice figure, creamy skin), but overall that nasty voice and certin manliness abt her just ruins it.

  27. Hot Water Burn Baby

    #23 – Kimora Lee Simmons?!?

    She looks like a Sumo wrestler!

  28. The superfish guy is on coke

    You guys say, “slut” like its a bad thing. God bless her for being a slut! I mean we really need to get over this my-pussy-is-golden-and-you-must-earn-your-way-into-it passe attitude. C’mon! Its the new millennium for fuck’s sake(literally)!

  29. [Xenu]

    nice eyebrows horse face

  30. just lookin at this
    ugly bitch hurtz my

  31. Chauncey Gardner

    You know, sometimes this broad can be sort of fuckable. But, most of the time, she doesn’t. And, I don’t know what it is, but I always get this feeling when I look at her that her hygiene is bad, like maybe she doesn’t wipe her ass as much as she should after taking a dump.

  32. lambman

    Scarlet is a mouth breather with a bulbous nose and annoying monotone voice. And she did it with Benicio del Toro in an elevator. Alanis has about 25 times as much cash and has been looking great lately (did you see her “My Humps” parody?) I say downgrade!

  33. lambman

    also she looks like an idiot with that cheap bleach job

  34. lisa

    Yeah #29!!!!

    “Scarlett does have a certain something (nice figure, creamy skin), but overall that nasty voice and certin manliness abt her just ruins it.”

    regarding Scarlett, my little eyes just don’t get it……now the 2 Jessica’s, Biel and Alba, I get it!

  35. Dave74

    totally agree with #29

    I saw Alanis last month in a club here in LA – JEEZ she’s HOT and really really nice girl – I wouldn’t trade her for fake Ferrari ScarHO – Ryan you are stupid!

  36. Dave74

    I mean I agree with #32 but with #29 too – lol

  37. llllllllll

    She looks like snow

  38. 15piecesofflare

    Chauncey, it’s like you’re some sort of oracle or something… You keep saying the things I’m thinking exactly! Can I be your bitch?

  39. SSuper

    Damn Scarlett, get them eyebrows done, too…YIKES

  40. Hotdogger

    Ugliest. Cunt. Ever.

  41. NoShit?

    You see, last time I wrote that she is igly on this site and some guys called me crazy, blind and stupid. You understand me now. I love you guys!

  42. nira k

    Scarlett (harlot) looks terrible. What is it that these naturally pretty girls want to make themselves look sooo un-natural.

  43. Tracey

    Who cares.. shes overrated and he’s a joke!

  44. dani

    i love all these people who are commenting who
    are saying they don’t give a shit.
    then don’t effing comment.

    i personally LOVE ryan reynolds.
    i got his autograph in a picture frame.
    i love this couple better than that
    stuffy alanis morsett.

  45. Slippery Jim

    Ryan Reynolds is so obviously gay.

    Another male actor trying to pretend he is hetero. It is 2007 for cripes sake. Why pretend?

  46. dimitra

    scarlett johanson is super hot.She has arisocratic beauty but at the same time she is sexy.Also she is an amazing actress.

  47. petra

    i love ryan reyolds..i think he is the sexiest man on planet earth. when i found out he was dating scarlet johansson i was very pleased. she is sexy and a great actress. ryan and her go perfectly together…both are completely sexy and great actors. all the people that hate them are fucked up. you all keep commenting on how terrible she looks. ya, i have to admit that is a bad picture but everyone has bad pictures..probably 90% of everyones pictures make them look like shit. if you look up pictures of scarlett she looks really sexy in most of them. and she looks sexy in most of her movies too…except “scoop”. who cares if her hair and eyebrows look bad right now..i know all of you have looked terrible at one time in your life. you guys are rediculous if you think that picture is what scarlet accually ussually looks like.scarlet and ryan are beautiful.

  48. scarlet johnson is such a bitch f u c k her shes a hore , always trying 2 destroy some onens life , like piece of cake
    i hope she burns in hell
    the b i t ch will always be a b i t ch
    f u c k her

  49. scarlet johnson is such a bitch f u c k her shes a hore , always trying 2 destroy some onens life , like piece of cake
    i hope she burns in hell
    the b i t ch will always be a b i t ch
    f u c k her

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