Abbie Cornish leaves Ryan Phillippe’s wandering penis

February 22nd, 2010 // 32 Comments

Abbie Cornish has bailed on Ryan Phillippe amidst rumors he cheated on her just like he did with Reese Witherspoon. It’s a shame there’s no way she could’ve seen that one coming. People reports:

“Abbie ended the relationship with Ryan and she moved out of their home,” the rep tells PEOPLE. On Sunday, the actress was spotted removing her belongings from the house she shared with Phillippe while he visited a friend with children Ava and Deacon.
The split follows months of tabloid speculation that Phillippe has been unfaithful to Cornish – regularly hitting the nightclubs and being linked to other women. When asked about the cause of the break-up and whether Phillippe cheated on Cornish, her rep replied, “No comment.”

You know who I feel sorry for in this situation? Ryan Phillippe. It’s really no fun to hook up with random women unless there’s a wife or a significant other with an emotional investment in your children waiting back home. Call me an old romantic, but sex should mean something, you know? I guess I just care too much. That’s my problem. *looks forlornly out the window*

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  1. He's a loser

    This guy is majorly f-ed up. He breaks up his marriage by cheating, then he breaks up the relationship that broke up his marriage by cheating on her. What a loser…

  2. Ally

    Im an Australian and as far as our actresses are concerned she is boring as hell with no personality just like Nicole Kidman. Ryan is boring too. Team Reese – well at least she got away from him.

  3. A product of the planet of the apes

    Fuck everybody.

  4. Giorgio!

    Thank god, he is way too good for her. By the way she is the one who broke up his marriage to Reese, Karma is a bitch huh Abbie?

  5. Hotti-from-Johannesburg

    he cant keep his ish in his pants like our president Jacob Zuma!!!!! cheaters r losers!

  6. on the loose

    she’s a fatty

  7. LAWDY,LAWDY...l

    Oh Please….he’s a cheat and she got what she deserved for messing around with a married man. Did she REALLY think he was going to be faithful to her??!! It ain’t a pretty picture Ms. Cornish when you’re in Reese’s shoes now. Karma is a BITCH!

  8. he's a douche

    It seems like he has serious problems with women that are more successful than him. When they got together no one knew who Abbie Cornish was, and it was right around the time she was getting oscar buzz for her role in Bright Star that the cheating rumors started to emerge.

  9. Me

    What is an Abbie Cornish?

  10. anonymous

    It seems almost like Ryan was just waiting to get caught .

  11. Erica

    I’m glad she dumped his pubescent ass. She can have anyone she wants now.

  12. abbie cornish has got to be the worse name in the history of this planet (and that includes all them strange paki names in india).

    I suggest she change it to Foghorn Leghorn

  13. zuzuspetals

    What a piece of shit he is. It’s clear that he thinks far too much of himself, but it isn’t clear why. Of course I don’t feel sorry for her since she knowingly dated a cheater.

  14. SO RIGHT

    I kind of agree with # 8.

  15. Ryan Phillippe

    I’m sick of sleeping with these insipid Manhattan debutantes. Nothing shocks them anymore.

  16. Veronica

    He’s the only one to judge. He was married, not Abbie. He made his mistress, current lay, friends with his kids and then cheated on her. Bad husband, bad boyfriend, bad father, bad actor, bad perfume ad.

    BTW, Abbie is boring but looks hot with her kit off in ‘Candy’.

  17. The ONLY Heterosexual Male in the Joint!

    Just as well: This one had a horse face. Oh what? Is the guy now supposed to stand up before selected media and “friends” and apologize for having a penis. a la Tiger?!

    “I am Ryan: I apologize for having and using my penis.”
    “I am Tiger: I apologize for having and using my penis.”
    “I am Bill Clinton: I apologize for having and using my penis.”
    “I am John Edwards: I apologize for having and using my penis.”
    “I am Mark Sanford: I apologize for having and using my penis.”

    Holy crap people: God gave you a penis – use the damn thing before it’s useless! This country is on a mission to deprive men the use of their penis. There is a penis embargo in this country! While we have failed miserably at building a barrier that will keep out illegal aliens, we have managed to succeed wildly at building a barrier between American men and their penises. The world is laughing at our collective penis, American men. THAT is not shrinkage — rather it is the shame and ridicule heaped on you for using a part of your anatomy the way God intended.

    Here’s how I would have “crisis managed” Tiger: Hello folks – I am a man – I use my penis. Good bye and see ya at the Masters!

  18. Cheap Suit

    That sure looks like a crappy suit he’s wearing. The cut of it is garbage…c’mon if you’re going to be a sharp dressed dude, do it right.

  19. Jeff

    man that chick is fuckin beautiful

  20. Zam Zam

    No idea who that fat average broad is. I find it surprising a guy looking like he does settles for such average poontang.

  21. captain america

    as long as she continues to suck his cock the FAGGOTS stay out of sight!!

  22. lori

    He looks like a douche. And he’s short too. He’s got a little man complex. Poor little guy.

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