Abbie Cornish leaves Ryan Phillippe’s wandering penis

Abbie Cornish has bailed on Ryan Phillippe amidst rumors he cheated on her just like he did with Reese Witherspoon. It’s a shame there’s no way she could’ve seen that one coming. People reports:

“Abbie ended the relationship with Ryan and she moved out of their home,” the rep tells PEOPLE. On Sunday, the actress was spotted removing her belongings from the house she shared with Phillippe while he visited a friend with children Ava and Deacon.
The split follows months of tabloid speculation that Phillippe has been unfaithful to Cornish – regularly hitting the nightclubs and being linked to other women. When asked about the cause of the break-up and whether Phillippe cheated on Cornish, her rep replied, “No comment.”

You know who I feel sorry for in this situation? Ryan Phillippe. It’s really no fun to hook up with random women unless there’s a wife or a significant other with an emotional investment in your children waiting back home. Call me an old romantic, but sex should mean something, you know? I guess I just care too much. That’s my problem. *looks forlornly out the window*

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