Ryan Jenkins found dead in motel

August 23rd, 2009 // 72 Comments

By hanging himself in a motel room in Canada, VH1 reality star Ryan Alexander Jenkins has basically confessed to killing and mutilating his wife Jasmine Fiore. The AP reports:

Canadian police say fugitive murder suspect Ryan Jenkins has been found dead of an apparent suicide in a motel in British Columbia. Sgt. Duncan Pound of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police border integrity unit says police responded to a call about a dead person in Hope, east of Vancouver, and then called investigators who were part of the massive manhunt for Jenkins.
The real estate developer and reality show contestant was wanted in California on first-degree murder charges after the mutilated body of his ex-wife was found near Los Angeles.

Well, at least now we don’t have to lie to the Canadians about not giving this guy the chair. (We totally were, hosers. Ha Ha!)

Thanks to Jamie Lee and everyone who kept an eye on the news while I sat on the couch watching True Blood and Mad Men like some sort of Greek God of Lethargy. Good lookin’ out.

Photo: TMZ

  1. Narcissus

    Good. D-bag.

  2. spicy

    holy shit.

    actually, i dont give a fuck

  3. udunome


  4. Alexa

    Welcome to hell, asshole.

    He was identified by his fingerprints. I love irony.

  5. Melissa

    if only he had only committed suicide before murdering someone else. you see, sometimes suicide IS the answer.

  6. jim eh

    I didn’t this trash in my country , but the coward decided not to face justice, oh & superficial writer, a big FUCK YOU from Canada .

  7. jim eh

    *edit* I didn’t want this trash in my country , but the coward decided not to face justice, oh & superficial writer, a big FUCK YOU from Canada .

  8. Julian

    So the guy won a shitload of money in a reality show, bang a mediocre chick while doing it, then he decided to waste the money in Vegas where he decided to marry an ugly-as-fuck stripper, then, realizing his mistake, killed her, and finally hang himself in fucking Canada… Not the brightest guy.

  9. Joe

    @jim eh, and all the Canucks,

    There’s a lot to love about your country, but your justice system leaves a lot to be desired. Anyone who has seen “Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father” (available on DVD, Netflix, etc.) knows what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t, you should see it – it will change you forever (unless you are a heartless douche).

    So, good sir, it’s not fuck us, but fuck you.

  10. Taz

    now we can all move on from this lame story

  11. angry

    Didnt expect this, the story was sad but really interesting. Know we will never know all the details of what really happened.

  12. the real culprit

    murdering pseudo celebs is getting waaay too easy.

  13. novicenurse

    As I a Canadian, I will agree that our justice system needs reform. We are way too nice to criminals (we are bleeding heart liberals, you see). Anyway, this cowardly douchebag is dead. Good. I for one appreciated Thesuperficial writer’s little joke about the US being able to stop lying to Canada about seeking the death penalty for him. ha ha, well done.

  14. Richard McBeef

    Fucking christ I don’t give a shit about this asshole or the dead hooker or man face mcmanjaw from earlier today.

    i want more heidi and spencer they at least made themselves famous for being worthless rather than making themselves famous for getting stuffed in a suitcase or for stuffing someone in a suitcase. Fuck. i almost wish that dead hooker was still alive so absolutely fucking no one had ever heard of them.

  15. Yoda

    It’s too bad really, there are a lot more skanky pseudo-celebrity whores out there who could use his special treatment.

  16. Glenn Moon

    Another Canadian here. I wish to express my appreciation to him for saving everybody here a lot of trouble, not to mention a major shitload of money. Rot in Hell now, you living-Bratz-doll-mangling douchebag.

  17. poom

    I’m Canadian and I laughed at Super’s joke. I love how Canadian’s often get all pissy when American’s make fun of us, as though we dont do the exact same. I’ve never met a Canadian who doesn’t. Patriotism can be a little excessive and ridculous at times; we’re all on the same fucking planet, what goes around really does come back around, we all rag on each other, we’re all stuck in this nuthouse together, that’s life, so really we all just need to calm the fuck down already and realize we all shit out the same hole. We’re just one big fucked up giant ass family, with ugly french cousins. (aw, je joke).

    Anyshit Super’s on fire on the weekends, I pissed myelf over every story’s commenary. Thanks for that.

    Well at least this guy can’t hurt anyone else. Still it’s pretty awful to see someone wreck so many lives(including his own). Would be nice if human beings weren’t capable of this kind of shit.

    Oops guess my post was a little too feelingsy for this site. Oh well.

    BOOBS ARE HOT. There I fixed it.

  18. K

    wow..he just fucked VH-1′s line up. Wat are they gonna do now? Now that homeboy is dead they’re never gonna bring bac “Megan wants a millionaire” and will never air “I love money 3″

  19. friendlyfires

    Another fucking murderous coward. At least let relatives of his deceased wife dance on his body while wearing cleats, then pound the shit out of it with ginormous mallets until it’s flat like a veal, cut it up and feed it to the poor starving sharks and barracudas in the Pacific ocean – better than let the media sharks feed off this tragic story

  20. great

    I love how they didn’t even manage to track him down. Some skeeze motel just called the pigs about finding a dead body (a monthly occurence I suspect). Stellar job dicks, I feel so safe knowing that all we have to do is pray all the bad guys just off themselves, since apparantly people wanted for murder can just take their asses right across the border without anyone noticing.

    I guess the media may be good for something after all.

  21. Yeah! The Butterface Butcher is dead…

  22. Mister Bored

    He should have bought OJ’s lawyers… and then VH1 would have been able to top this in their next iteration of these love shows.

  23. Dank

    Good riddance scumbag.

  24. OJ Simsonaire

    I bet you 500 dollahs this is the cock sucker that killed my wife nicole brown, holy hell ive been looking for him for years now. I’m glad we can all put that mystery behind us now, thanks superficial for printing this story I feel like a new man!!1
    Orenthal Jayford Simpson a.k.a the guy that didn’t kill his wife with a machete

  25. The Wicked Witch of the North

    Too bad he didn’t decapitate himself or something equally as cool…hanging yourself is so 90′s.

    Although, either way I’m glad he’s dead, I sure as fuck didn’t want our tax dollars wasted on yet another piece of shit.

  26. Dank

    Not sure why people are saying this is so tragic. Its not like he murdered anyone famous or contributed anything good to society, he murdered his stripper/mode/porn star ex wife. Not exactly heart breaking.

  27. VH1 The Channel for Skanks and Murdering Fiends

    Now maybe all you jackass douchebags will think twice about going on TV!!
    And to all you non-jackass douchebags : I told you so.

  28. What a COWARD….but at least he saved us a lot of tax dollars!

  29. Sadie

    Hey now.
    I’m Canadian, and I’m ALL for the death penalty.
    And I can also say my mother and step father, who are both security guards in a maximum security prison, are all for it as well.
    This guy just cheated his way out.
    So fuck him.

  30. FahQ

    @ 9. “Joe.”

    OJ Simpson is still breathing.
    US justice system = fail.

    That is all.

  31. Truth Doctor

    He was an hero

  32. do you think his last poop stayed in his pants or slithered down his legs and onto the floor? always a crazy white guy

  33. Ryan the Canadian

    I just drove through Hope and I can tell you this (unless you are aware); it is the last place one would want to check out. Here I was telling everyone that this bastard had walked across the border into Mexico. I hate being incorrect.

  34. Ryan the Canadian

    With regards to the justice system: he saved Canadian and American taxpayers $ by taking his own life. You should send the family a case of Pabst you Yankee fucks……look what it cost you to get OJ in prison on some lame charges…. your Police force sucked ass on that one. LAPD made the Winnipeg Police look like Ace Slueths……and those guys would fuck up booking a Walmart Shoplifter.

  35. Reaping What They Sowed

    What a PERFECT..ending!

  36. Irvin is the best person in the galaxy

    What a cocktease!

    I was at least expecting an OJ Simpson style chase.


  37. I feel so safe knowing that all we have to do is pray all the bad guys just off themselves

  38. Whether you thought this girl was beautiful or not she had pussy power over many man including this loser…Some guys get wrap up into one chic it just drive them to the brinks, hope he down a Molson Canadian before the deed….

  39. AmericanWhiteTrash

    How fitting. Good riddance you narcissistic sociopath. Piece of shit.

  40. Khalil

    @7 Eff you back, eh, Hoser.

  41. Dread not

    Dollars to donuts some wet backs living in Canada tried to use this MF’er as a piñata. Hung himself. Pffft, yeah, right. You’re alright with me, Canadians.

  42. yuki

    how was this douchebag even able to get a motel room?

  43. happyslappy

    Was it his wife or ex-wife?????

  44. biteme

    what is the fun in marrying a stripper if you can’t kill them?
    RIP my honkey brethren

  45. sadsa

    ROTT IN HELL CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUTHA FUCKIN MENTAL SCUM

  46. havoc

    Was his peepee tied up too? I think David Carradine started a trend…..


  47. Crusty

    So.. next time a murdering cowardly fuck decides to go down the murder – suicide highway, he should be encouraged to do the suicide part first. Once complete, he’s free to murder anyone he wants.

    And to those thinking along the same lines as this douche bag, making your victim’s identity harder to establish by cutting off fingers and removing teeth are just part of the process.

    In this case, the police matched the serial numbers on her breast implants against that industries database to verify her name.

    Take notes..

  48. Jesus Juice

    Are you reading this O. J. ?

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