UPDATE: Ryan Jenkins charged with murder

August 21st, 2009 // 137 Comments

Megan Wants a Millionaire contestant Ryan Jenkins has officially been charged with the murder/mutilation of his wife Jasmine Fiore (above.) New details reveal her teeth and fingers were missing when her body was found. People reports:

“Ryan Jenkins is an animal,” said Robert Hasman, a former boyfriend of Fiore’s. “What he has done to Jasmine is unspeakable.”
Authorities believe Jenkins has fled to his native Canada, walking across the Washington state border.
Orange County District Attorney spokeswoman Farrah Emami tells PEOPLE that Jenkins would have to be apprehended and extradited for any trial to proceed. Emami also says there is no special circumstance attached to the charge that would make Jenkins eligible for the death penalty. Canada would therefore have no reason to resist extraditing Jenkins once he is captured, she says.

In the meantime, producers of Megan Hauserman’s reality show, which has been yanked off the air, snapped into spin control and issued the following statement to TMZ:

“51Minds was not aware of Ryan Jenkins’ record when it cast him on “Megan Wants a Millionaire.” Obviously, if the company had been given a full picture of his background, he would never have been allowed on the show.
The company did have in place what it thought was a thorough vetting process that involved complete background checks by an outside company for all contestants on its shows. Clearly, the process did not work properly in this case.”

Of course, everyone has known VH1′s vetting process is less than thorough ever since they gave Bret Michaels a reality show that allowed him to spread hepatitis to truck stop strippers and single moms while pretending to not be bald. A crazed millionaire killer who’s watched too much CSI was only a natural progression.

UPDATE: Added photos of Jasmine and Ryan at the The Palms hotel in Vegas on August 3rd two weeks before her murder. Courtesy of TMZ.

Photos: Getty, TMZ

  1. Truth Doctor

    Wow, horrible.

    Rest in pieces, young lady.

  2. Jenna

    Number 50: You are stupid, you need to get your facts straight before you go making assumptions. Ryan was just looking for a green card so he could stay in the US; he even told Megan that if he married her he wouldn’t make her sign a pre-nup (basically he wanted to buy his way into the USA). He had only known Jasmine for like 2 days when they got married and then it was annulled (according to reports) like a month or so later. He already had priors/a record for assaulting an ex-girlfriend (not Jasmine, but ANOTHER EX). They said he started beating on Jasmine very soon after they were married as well. Therefor, it seems that they were already divorced when she text messaged (not hooked up with, just text messaged) her ex-boyfriend. No matter what u think of the girl’s looks or lifestyle, she was someone’s daughter/sister/friend ect. , how would you like it if it were your daughter/sister/friend that people were talking about? It is extremely sad that people are saying that she DESERVED what she got because she wasn’t pretty enough or because she cheated. She did not deserve to be murdered, her fingers and teeth removed, and then dumped like trash. NO ONE deserves that. Even if she had been cheating, SO WHAT? People cheat everyday, do they all deserve to be strangled to death? It’s hilarious to me that you people can hide behind your computers, no one knows what you look like, and then you ridicule someone that has been brutally murdered knowing their family could potentially read this crap. She was pretty enough to get into Playboy, model, strip, whatever she did. My heart goes out to her family, how terrible it must be for them. The crazy thing is that Ryan is a nice looking guy, he had money, was on his way to reality fame and he threw it all away by murdering this poor girl. He not only hurt this poor girl’s family, but his own family as well. I just wonder if Megan had picked him if it could of been her he killed instead of Jasmine. I wonder if Megan ever thinks of that? One thing is for sure what goes around comes around and those that are talking trash about a murder victim, well let’s just say You’ll get yours one day. For the record, I think Jasmine was a pretty girl, maybe she wore a little too much makeup and maybe her facial features are not classically beautiful, but she’s exotic looking. Whoever implied that Sophie Monk isn’t pretty either, are you insane? You must be blind. I don’t think Megan is pretty, but she is fun to watch on TV because she is so conceited. I just hope this incident makes her go back and think about how she acts and that she’ll come out for the better b/c of it. That way atleast something good will come out of such a tragic event. If I were Megan I’d be sick thinking I made out with a maniac that killed his ex-wife. I know that VH1 is claiming that he didn’t win Megan’s heart, but I wonder if that’s true. It’s a little strange that they pulled the show, what are they hiding? If I were Megan and I had picked him, I wouldn’t want anyone to know either. Plus if I were Megan I’d be suing VH1 about now for not doing a proper back ground check.

  3. yeah… pretty sure that chick had it coming. marrying a guy she met at her strip club after knowing him for 2 days? sounds like a classy broad. she shouldve been smarter and not been dancing on the pole marrying random dudes and maybe she would still be alive.

    life lesson to all you whores out there. be smart:) wait.. am i serious? whores arent smart.

    oh well

  4. Brooke

    Number 66: So basically you want to kill more than half the population? The crazy thing in this situation is that she wasn’t cheating, they’d had their marriage annulled. People like you need to be locked up in a mental institution, because I don’t care if your spouse sleeps with someone right in front of your face, you do not kill them, yank their teeth out, chop off their fingers, stuff them in a suit case and throw em in a dump. It is sad that so many people do not take marriage very seriously these days, but the guy in this situation is just as guilty as the girl. They had known each other for 2 days before they got married, it was so he could get his green card, so yes she deserved to be compensated for that. Yet, I doubt she got a dime considering they hadn’t been married but about a month when they annulled the marriage. Remember, this isn’t the first time he has been accused of beating a woman, he had been arrested for that before. It really worries me that people like you think it’s okay to kill or beat a woman (which is much smaller in most cases than a man) for cheating or even possibly cheating. You’ve evidently been cheated on and yes it sucks. However, if you were dumb enough not to get a pre-nup then you have no one to blame but yourself. In this day and age when people cheat all the time and get married and divorced over night everyone that has any money should get a pre-nup. Plus, I’m pretty sure the law is that if you can prove your spouse was cheating while you were married then they don’t get your money anyway.

  5. the funny thing about this, is that its actually news. im sorry, but thousands of people die every single day, and im positive most of them are much more important than a random stripper and a rich dude. this is like the typical los vegas nightly news.. he just was on one trashy show however and now this story is all over the place. media is so fucked up. it just turns people in to dipshits.

  6. don't matter

    103: Ur pathetic, the guy deserves the DEATH PENALTY, he has that coming by marrying a girl ( no matter what she did for a living) that he barely knew just so he could get a green card and then getting mad when she annulled the marriage and started to move on with her life. Oh, it’s fine if he’s a male whore, but not okay that she strips, models, whatever for a living? He couldn’t stand for a girl he’d knew a couple of months to text message another man, so he brutally kills her? Yep, he’s one classy man, he should of been smarter.

    Life lesson: People who talk horribly about someone that has been brutally murdered and try to say that it’s the victim’s fault , will one day find themselves in a terrible situation, maybe one even worse than this, like ur daughter is brutally raped and murdered and then you will remember why this came upon you. KARMA.

  7. Phil

    So….am I the Nth person to say she looks like a human blow-up doll?

  8. Dayum!

    Ryan Jenkins = COLD BLOODED KILLER..


    It’s pretty F’d up when they ID you by the serial numbers on your fake tits..

    What is this world coming to..?

    Everything about the BOTH of them (and their whole story)..is WRONG in so many ways.

    May she..RIP (doubtful)

  9. Blah!

    She looked almost human as a brunette, almost.

  10. Kitty

    @88. Woo!

    I think she was cute. He looks like a douchemonger. She was prettier than Megan Manjaw from the show, anyway. And the pics just kinda creeped me out. Like, ew, was he thinking about killing her right then and there?

    The only episode of the show I watched was the one about the dog, where he went on the ‘romantic’ one on one date with Megan and the whole time I was on the treadmill at the gym like, this guy is a creep.

    “That bottle of champagne? You’re finishing that by yourself” then shoving his tongue down her throat.

    Then like two days later, he’s a fugitive.

    Moral of the story: Money isn’t always worth it. Also, don’t get the cell phone family plan with a nutjob. Poor girl.

  11. Crystal

    OMG I cannot believe some of the things i have read on here. Just amazing what this world is coming to!!! Who gives a fuck what she looked like, I will agree with most she was not pretty or even Model Material but she is DEAD! She was murdered in a HORRIBLE way. && She was murdered for cheating??? WTF was he doing? Trying to flaunt that he has money on some stupid VH1 reality show? Any body can get their own show these days I mean come on!!! && I do agree with the person that said its fucked up how much of a Headline this has become. Things happen like this all the time! I live by Baltimore and DC….. THe shit happens allllll the time around here! && it certainly doesnt get as much airtime as this has!!! JUST SAYIN…….

  12. Jenna'sADouche

    Well if she was stupid enough to go a trip to SF with him after he beat her, then she’s the one that’s pretty damn stupid.

  13. sweet like salsa

    i agree w. # 68

    her face = fetal alcohol syndrome like a motherfXer

    ladies…. don’t hit the sauce when you are preggo

  14. truejerk

    One question please:

    Is she that porn star Britney Amber? Looks just like her. Likes to change names?

    Regardless, RIP. Why is this news? Perhaps because he is a desperate man who has killed once and could do so a second time? Just a thought. Silly me.

  15. truejerk

    One question please:

    Is she that porn star Britney Amber? Looks just like her. Likes to change names?

    Regardless, RIP. Why is this news? Perhaps because he is a desperate man who has killed once and could do so a second time? Just a thought. Silly me.

  16. Galtacticus

    she had quite a remarkable face.A bit like a doll-face.Perhaps she had some face surgery done?

  17. Nero

    Teeth and fingers missing? That’s quite cruel. . .

  18. Renee

    I don’t get it… she was a fucking trashy stripper. Isn’t that how it usually ends for them? She had it coming.

  19. Told you she wasn’t pleasant looking. Maybe she was very charming.

    @ 15 – Dental records and fingerprints were probably altered by cosmetic surgery anyway.

    @ 21 – Maybe they paste celeb heads on top of her body.

    @ 118 – The stripper life probably doesn’t head in a positive direction anyway.

  20. seriouslywtf

    cant make a joke about this, for some reason this story just makes me sad

    stuffed in a fucking suitcase, jesus christ you have to be a sick fuck to murder someone you supposedly care about and who cares abouit you, and stuff them in a fucking suitcase

    hope this douchebag goes to prison and enjoys daily ass-rapings for the rest of a very long life

  21. you people suck

    Damn, what a bunch of misogynist dipshits. I hope you’re real proud of your little community here, fish.

  22. Shiraz

    I laughed at Jessica Rabbit, laughed more at Bratz doll, laughed really hard at Sid from Ice age, but she is NONE of those things. That is a MUPPET! That blonde muppet, Janice!

  23. Shiraz

    I laughed at Jessica Rabbit, laughed more at Bratz doll, laughed really hard at Sid from Ice age, but she is NONE of those things. That is a MUPPET! That blonde muppet, Janice!

  24. Anon

    She does look like Janice! Janice at sixty after some sort of horrible cosmetic surgery procedures gone wrong!

    I really hope she didn’t breed. Scully and Mulder really need to check in on her autopsy!

  25. booty

    Sorry she’s dead but she was FUGLY

  26. EuropeanGirl

    no chin, huge head, scary teeth : a playboy bunny? REALLY? WTF!

  27. mafme

    I hope a Predator catches and skins him. Due process is far too kind.

  28. Randal

    Since when is popping a blow up doll considered homicide?

  29. JEFF


  30. Bianca

    Is it me, or does this chick look like Lola Bunny from Space Jam?

  31. Bianca

    Is it me, or does this chick look like Lola Bunny from Space Jam?

  32. Of COURSE she's a Model

    She was about to become the spokesmodel for my latest, greatest invention, DoubleBaggers mating aid. DoubleBaggers – When you can still make out the outline of her face _ DoubleBaggIt!

  33. Anonymous

    Notice only the women are defending this little alien whore. She deserved to die so the ugliness wasn’t spread. She would have gotten aids soon enough anyway.

  34. blah!

    I’m still laughing at “of course’s” comments about this butterface brown “double” bagger.

    But stop comparing her to Jessica Rabbit. Jessica Rabbit was modeled after legend Rita Hayworth, the consumate old Hollywood beauty. Don’t you dare compare miss Alien autopsy to Hayworth! Sacrilige.

    Compare her to sid the sloth.

  35. Francesca

    I think the worst punishment for Jenkins, had he not knocked off early, would have been plastic surgery to render him just as monstrously ugly as his ho.

  36. Francesca

    “Told you she wasn’t pleasant looking. Maybe she was very charming.”

    Nope. Check out the TMZ footage where she’s grinding on Jenkins like a mongoloid monkey. She looked like she was letting out some sort of ape like grunt.

    I really hope I won’t have to see any more of her fug pics on tv anymore.

  37. EWWWWW! What is wrong with her face?!???!?!?!?!


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