UPDATE: Ryan Jenkins charged with murder

August 21st, 2009 // 137 Comments

Megan Wants a Millionaire contestant Ryan Jenkins has officially been charged with the murder/mutilation of his wife Jasmine Fiore (above.) New details reveal her teeth and fingers were missing when her body was found. People reports:

“Ryan Jenkins is an animal,” said Robert Hasman, a former boyfriend of Fiore’s. “What he has done to Jasmine is unspeakable.”
Authorities believe Jenkins has fled to his native Canada, walking across the Washington state border.
Orange County District Attorney spokeswoman Farrah Emami tells PEOPLE that Jenkins would have to be apprehended and extradited for any trial to proceed. Emami also says there is no special circumstance attached to the charge that would make Jenkins eligible for the death penalty. Canada would therefore have no reason to resist extraditing Jenkins once he is captured, she says.

In the meantime, producers of Megan Hauserman’s reality show, which has been yanked off the air, snapped into spin control and issued the following statement to TMZ:

“51Minds was not aware of Ryan Jenkins’ record when it cast him on “Megan Wants a Millionaire.” Obviously, if the company had been given a full picture of his background, he would never have been allowed on the show.
The company did have in place what it thought was a thorough vetting process that involved complete background checks by an outside company for all contestants on its shows. Clearly, the process did not work properly in this case.”

Of course, everyone has known VH1′s vetting process is less than thorough ever since they gave Bret Michaels a reality show that allowed him to spread hepatitis to truck stop strippers and single moms while pretending to not be bald. A crazed millionaire killer who’s watched too much CSI was only a natural progression.

UPDATE: Added photos of Jasmine and Ryan at the The Palms hotel in Vegas on August 3rd two weeks before her murder. Courtesy of TMZ.

Photos: Getty, TMZ

  1. snarfy mcsnarfpants

    so if she was “pretty” would you guys still be mocking her? unbelievable! imagine if this was your daughter/sister/friend. despite who/what she was and what she looked like, idk, respect for the dead, man.

  2. Strippers Are From Venus

    This chick looks like an alien.

    I’m talking about a freakin’ stripper-from-outer-space type of alien.

    The kind that want to suck your soul out of your nose with a straw.

    Thank you, whoever did the deed, for doing your part to save the human race.

  3. lemonicious


    mommy didnt give you enough love? fucking faggot.

  4. Strippers Are From Venus

    This chick looks like an alien.

    I’m talking about a freakin’ stripper-from-outer-space type of alien.

    The kind that sucks your soul out of your nose through a straw.

    Thank you, whoever did the deed, for doing your part to save humanity from this potential evil.

  5. Bigo

    She looks like plastic,… it’s fantastic!!!

  6. #35 – that about sums it up…

  7. Mikey

    @46…Sid the Sloth!!! OMG, that’s too funny, ‘cuz she TOTALLY DOES!!!


  8. george

    Her face looks like Jessica Rabbit

  9. Ashley

    Respect the dead!!! Seriously, someone lost their lives unjustly and all you can think of is how aesthetically pleasing she is or isn’t. Why don’t you focus on how much of a piece of crap her ex is. He’s the one who’s ugly and I mean UGLY!!!!

  10. Ashley

    Respect the dead!!! Seriously, someone lost their lives unjustly and all you can think of is how aesthetically pleasing she is or isn’t. Why don’t you focus on how much of a piece of crap her ex is. He’s the one who’s ugly and I mean UGLY!!!!

  11. Kid Simpson

    Why is she getting bashed over being killed and the guy isn’t getting as many negative comments? Domestic Violence is a real issue. Who cares what she did for a living. No one deserves to die at the hands of their spouse or lover.

  12. Sarah

    Sad…Horrible way to die. This guy is sick. Sounds very gruesome. Rest in peace…

  13. zuzuspetals

    It’s a terrible tragedy this woman died in such a gruesome way, but it appears she was ravaging her own body with plastic surgery, anyway. Her money would have been better spent in therapy to gain to self-esteem- perhaps she wouldn’t have fallen prey to this man. Christ, she married him after knowing him for 2 days.

  14. Paula

    62 – I agree, I feel absolutely sick to my stomach, not so much even over what happened as for the blatant disrescpect for a woman savagely murdered, and all you pathetic pieces of shit care about is what she looked like beforehand??? What will people say about you when you die? Good loking or not, your souls are fucking ugly!
    All I have to say is, karma’s a bitch and you will get what you deserve for making such cruel comments.

  15. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    @48 A D I V O R C E means half your money and alimony being paid to your cheating spouse. Dicking with her ex-boyfriend when she had a husband, then she got what she deserved and that should be legal.

    Had their genders been reversed or if Rhianna had beat the crap out of Chris Brown when she saw those text messages then you would be rooting for her, I know I would. I don’t care which way the gender flows, my reaction would be the same.

    Domestic violence is only when violence one inflicts violence on another for no reason, like the burning bed.

    But cheating and adultery, all bets should off. The problem today is that the law wants to say it’s OK to screw around and reward you for it and many of you just want to feel you can f*uck around on your spouse and not have not have an consequences. When people really should be scared sh*t to F*ck around and then they would think long and hard about getting in a relationship or marriage if they can’t be faithful.

  16. gotmilk?

    62, no one is saying anything about the dude because there’s nothing to say. “ohh what a bad man!” see, that’s not exciting. it’s just stating the fucking obvious.
    it’s clear he’s the scum of the earth. end of story.

  17. attention whores

    karma is a bitch. if these people weren’t whoring themselves out for a living, then perhaps they wouldn’t have such awful things happen to them.

  18. I know it’s wrong but some of the comments here are pretty funny, like #2. I’m pretty punch drunk at this point. May she rest in peace but I think her money would have been better spent on a chin implant than a boob job. On another site someone commented in all caps that she should have been born a shark with that face. I laughed so damn hard I nearly pissed myself. It’s kind of funny to see people’s reactions to her being called a ‘model’. One newspaper went so far as to describe her as a ‘slain beauty’. Do they not realize we have eyes? Yeah, news rags need to stop throwing around the word ‘model’ & ‘beauty’ because it really annoys most people. The term ‘stunner’ would be more appropriate in this case, if ya know what I mean.

  19. Beck

    Three distinct groups of morons posting and reading here:

    1. Uncaring low-lives who post the ugly & violence-condoning stuff.
    2. Idiots who are seriously offended by comments of Group 1, as though intellectualism or normalcy is expected on a goddamn *celebrity gossip site*.
    3. Fools who analyze groups on said sites.

  20. Wow

    I wish I’d stopped reading after the 4th or 5th or TENTH “she deserved it” comment. The bashing of idiot celebrities or Jon Gosselin I can stand. The horrible way this woman died – cheater or not – is incomprehensible and in no way excusable. I hope they catch that f*cker.

  21. #34 on #15. Thanks. Funny

  22. Kelley

    She looked like a Bratz doll with all the silly surgery.

  23. miau

    hey superfish, what about a R.I.P. jasmine, at least…??


  24. miau

    @ 68: my desk is smarter than you are


  25. miau

    @ 68: my desk is smarter than you are


  26. Realty Bites

    I gotta say, personal preferences aside, she was hot enough that she shoulda been able to find a better guy than this douche-hole. Dunno, he’s hot, has a BMW, oh and will smash your fucking teeth down your throat in a fit of rage… nice taste hun…

  27. Reality Bites

    I gotta say, personal preferences aside, she was hot enough that she shoulda been able to find a better guy than this douche-hole. Dunno, he’s hot, has a BMW, oh and will smash your fucking teeth down your throat in a fit of rage… nice taste hun…

  28. Amy

    #66, that is not how the law works. But thanks for playing anyway.

    Who cares if she was cheating on him? He was cheating on her by being in Megan Wants a Millionaire WHILE HE WAS MARRIED. They were both cheating. I mean, wtf do you expect when a cocky loser marries a stipper/model/playboy rep after 2 days? If they had divorced, she wouldn’t have gotten anything as they had been married for such a short time, and she had money from Playboy. She couldn’t have touched anything he had by himself prior to the marriage and she couldn’t have touched his retirement unless they had been married 10 years or more. Plus, both had extramarital affairs. Get a clue. There was no reason to murder her….other than his HUGE ego was prob hurt when she was openly cheating on him. If he can’t have her, nobody can mentality. It didn’t matter that he was openly cheating on her as well. People that sick don’t look at things logically.

  29. Blech

    Sounds like the product of a really possessive, nasty relationship. I don’t care what this girl looks like or what she did for a living, it doesn’t give a douche the right to do away with her life so cruelly.

    I’ll be happy to see what develops from this story.

    Good luck to this douche in the big house.

  30. Lol-ing!

    It’s a sad way to go… RIP
    But right now, I’m just dying of laughter at the comments left here..
    I’m going to hell.

  31. Sally

    Also, this guy only married her for a green card…they used each other. I don’t see how he got so obsessed that he killed her when it was obviously just a marriage of convenience.

  32. Jennyjenjen

    @29, thank you. Made my day.

  33. Tom K

    LMAO @ #2. AND #8.

    LOL I’m still laughing!!!!

  34. Jamie's Uterus

    He should of gone after that horrid Megan instead. He would of been a hero instead of a fugitive.

  35. Jennyjenjen

    @34 Thinking the same thing, we have a real sleuth on our hands.

  36. Jennyjenjen

    @66 So did your ex cheat on you with your best friend or the bartender? It’s time to let it go buddy, you probably sucked in bed. Your fault, not hers.

  37. eltopo

    She was actually kinda cute. To anyone calling her a butterface… I invite you to submit pics of your gfs as evidence. No pictures of lubed-up hands, Real Dolls, or your sisters/moms accepted.

  38. WTF

    #79 THANK YOU. It isn’t like he cared about her when he was on I Love Money either so how is he going to come back and try to be all possessive and psycho? You bet he was probably all up on anything that had a pulse.

  39. FromOutOfNoWhere

    @87 You know you pretending a woman ain’t right.

  40. Huh

    You people making fun of this poor girl are no better than that murdering sack of shit.

  41. FromOutOfNoWhere

    Also @66 yes she did, Do I need to come by and pull her head out of your ass, since that’s where I shoved it when I caught you 2 together.

  42. #29, only call me if you want to sell, buy, or rent a home. Thanks =)

  43. Annie Loves Anal

    66. First of all, he married a stripper. What the fuck did he expect. Second, if you are so fucking stupid that you marry a stripper after knowing her for two days, and don’t (I think) get a prenup, you pretty much are thinking with your dick, and not your head. How is that her fault. He knew she was a stripper, and by looking at her, you know that fidelity isn’t exactly at the top of her “to do” list. What you’re saying is she should be murdered because her dipshit husband couldn’t find a clue even if it fucked him in the ass?

    If you are so fucking stupid that you marry a girl like that and expect her to be all “perfect wife” than yeah, you deserve to lose half your money. Think of it as a dumbass penalty. A fine for stupidity, if you will. You might start thinking with your head instead of your dick. personally, I hope your ex took you to the cleaners, because the way you read, you are king shitbag of fucknut island. No one deserves to die over a fool and his money, which were meant to be parted.

  44. Anaconda Deuce

    The worst part is that there is no f’n way a millionaire should get caught with murder. Shove her in a suitcase and throw her in the garbage. Retarded!!!! A real millionaire would have called in a guy like the “Wolf” in Pulp Fiction. He’s just a dumb ass

  45. omg

    Wow. I cannot believe some of these comments. No one deserves to be killed in such a gruesome way. Her looks have nothing to do with it. I hope that stupid piece of shit gets caught soon.

  46. Just_As_it_IS

    Man, the guy didn’t have to kill her, he should have just deflated her.

  47. Fati

    Nice guy.

  48. devilsrain

    75. & 76. Yet you still don’t understand the concept of clicking “post your comment” once

  49. Jenna

    Number 50: You are stupid, you need to get your facts straight before you go making assumptions. Ryan was just looking for a green card so he could stay in the US; he even told Megan that if he married her he wouldn’t make her sign a pre-nup (basically he wanted to buy his way into the USA). He had only known Jasmine for like 2 days when they got married and then it was annulled (according to reports) like a month or so later. He already had priors/a record for assaulting an ex-girlfriend (not Jasmine, but ANOTHER EX). They said he started beating on Jasmine very soon after they were married as well. Therefor, it seems that they were already divorced when she text messaged (not hooked up with, just text messaged) her ex-boyfriend. No matter what u think of the girl’s looks or lifestyle, she was someone’s daughter/sister/friend ect. , how would you like it if it were your daughter/sister/friend that people were talking about? It is extremely sad that people are saying that she DESERVED what she got because she wasn’t pretty enough or because she cheated. She did not deserve to be murdered, her fingers and teeth removed, and then dumped like trash. NO ONE deserves that. Even if she had been cheating, SO WHAT? People cheat everyday, do they all deserve to be strangled to death? It’s hilarious to me that you people can hide behind your computers, no one knows what you look like, and then you ridicule someone that has been brutally murdered knowing their family could potentially read this crap. She was pretty enough to get into Playboy, model, strip, whatever she did. My heart goes out to her family, how terrible it must be for them. The crazy thing is that Ryan is a nice looking guy, he had money, was on his way to reality fame and he threw it all away by murdering this poor girl. He not only hurt this poor girl’s family, but his own family as well. I just wonder if Megan had picked him if it could of been her he killed instead of Jasmine. I wonder if Megan ever thinks of that? One thing is for sure what goes around comes around and those that are talking trash about a murder victim, well let’s just say You’ll get yours one day. For the record, I think Jasmine was a pretty girl, maybe she wore a little too much makeup and maybe her facial features are not classically beautiful, but she’s exotic looking. Whoever implied that Sophie Monk isn’t pretty either, are you insane? You must be blind. I don’t think Megan is pretty, but she is fun to watch on TV because she is so conceited. I just hope this incident makes her go back and think about how she acts and that she’ll come out for the better b/c of it. That way atleast something good will come out of such a tragic event. If I were Megan I’d be sick thinking I made out with a maniac that killed his ex-wife. I know that VH1 is claiming that he didn’t win Megan’s heart, but I wonder if that’s true. It’s a little strange that they pulled the show, what are they hiding? If I were Megan and I had picked him, I wouldn’t want anyone to know either.

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