Ryan Jenkins blames Jasmine Fiore in suicide note

October 6th, 2009 // 40 Comments

Police have found a suicide note on Ryan Jenkin’s hard drive that gives a pretty fucked up look into what he was thinking while on the run for murdering his wife Jasmine Fiore (above). People reports:

In the letter, the Megan Wants a Millionaire star blames Fiore for his predicament, saying she was beautiful, he loved her, and she made him jealous by sleeping with former boyfriends.
“It was clearly defined that Mr. Jenkins was jealous of multiple side relationships that she had,” Buena Park Police Sgt. William Kohanek tells PEOPLE.
Jenkins doesn’t mention in the one-and-a-half-page letter Fiore’s death, the manner in which she died, or that he was a suspect in her death – very incriminating omissions, Kohanek says.
“The lack of acknowledging that he’d just lost his wife speaks volumes,” Kohanek says.

Just so we’re clear, Ryan Jenkins essentially blamed the woman he murdered, mutilated and shoved in a suitcase for her own death and his eventual suicide. Then again, Jasmine did text her old boyfriend that one time, so clearly this was her plan all along. Strippers: Nature’s most diabolical masterminds.


  1. Jim

    He could have said her butterface drove him to suicide and everybody would have understood completely.

  2. Stuey

    Pretty fucked up thing to do. Wonder what the text said.

  3. It's Me Fuckers

    she has a knock-out body but her face is just weird.

    COCK day should be coming soon!

  4. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I hope he’s getting molested by Hitler and Saddam at the same time in hell.

  5. Aerialgreen

    Ryan will be burnin’ right about now… bet his personal hell includes being ass-raped by Jasmine-mask wearing imps.

  6. dirty

    Is it wrong to beat off to pictures of a dead girl?

  7. Max Planck

    He marries a stripper and wants her to stay home and cook.

    He should have married Marion Ross instead.

  8. Nice to see ole’ Fish Face back in the news. I’d nearly forgotten about her.

  9. arealcad

    Say what you want about her face but her eyes were so far apart that she must of had great peripheral vision.

  10. Jimbo

    “Is it wrong to beat off to pictures of a dead girl?”

    Not at all. I’ve been using JonBenet Ramsey for years now…

  11. Amy

    He was really fucked up. Glad he’s gone. Did he really expect someone like her to not cheat?

  12. weird stuff

    in some cultures, even today, he could legally do what he did to a cheating wife.

    just sayin…

  13. Clamhammer


  14. Hank

    In Texas, it’s still legal to kill a man if you find him in bed with your wife.

    Ryan should have shown a little patience, and lured her to Dallas.

  15. She is…opps sorry…was fug. Probably slept with all those guys so they would buy her the make-up she needed to keep drawing her eyebrows on half way up her forehead.

  16. el ces

    Heh, love.

  17. JADE

    Damn you all are some sick fucks.
    You know if mamma came down the stairs to your basement bedroom and saw you write shit like that she would slap the snot out of you. Grow up boys..

  18. everybody

    #17 – excellent impression of a humorless deadly dull school marm.

  19. Cash

    Huh. So he marries a whore, then murders her for acting like *gasp* a whore? Yeah, that was well thought out.

  20. Karen

    Ryan should have held out for a jury trial. Show a few film clips of this chick’s behavior the weeks before her murder, and they’d probably find justifiable homicide and let him off free.

  21. Ted

    I wonder how that smokin’ ass looked all jammed up in that suitcase.

  22. I’m with #1. He will be forever known as THE BUTTERFACE BUTCHER.

  23. Jim Lahey

    Rotted face, nice ass.

    Come to think of it, she looks like a female version of Stewy!

  24. Hello There

    All women are sluts! Close your stupid legs! Whores!

  25. GuntherBunky

    How is it murder if he didn’t kill a person?

    She woulda been acceptable if she had a human female head.

  26. Darth

    She looks like as the prototype monogamous type to me.

  27. bad photoshop in the stomach area, not enough photoshop in the face area

  28. Turd the third

    Plastic and fake all over with a really really ugly face. I read that she made money doing a nude bodypainting sort of shtik,,, that type of girl was ultimately destined for a suitcase, such a waste.

  29. Jibbly Biggins

    Wow, not one word of condolence from anybody for this girl who was slain and her fingers cut off by a psycho with control issues and a stripper fetish. What a douche – and sad for her family.

  30. Just sayin'...

    Ryan Jenkins saved the world from any more of his f*ck*d up sh*t, which is a good thing. Way to go Ryan! The world thanks you. Too bad there’s one less fine ass in the world :-(
    (and I’m sure that if Jasmine had wanted us to remember her for anything else besides her ass, she wouldn’t have become a stripper.)

    Now, why couldn’t OJ have offed himself when he learned the cops were after him? Let this be a lesson to all you seriously f*ck*d up insecure douchebags out there! If you get so jealous you’re capable of murder, make sure you murder yourself first. The world will be a better place for it. :-)

  31. Jason

    Its so unfair! that should of been Megan in that suitcase in Las Vegas, not a ex girlfriend! So, So unfair!!!!

  32. Jason

    Its so unfair! that should of been Megan in that suitcase in Las Vegas, not a ex girlfriend! So, So unfair!!!!

  33. rant stupid fucks

    #14: kill a man, not kill a woman. lure HIM… you stupid fuck. PROOFREAD.

    #20: justifiable homicide: “a killing without evil or criminal intent, for which there can be no blame, such as self-defense to protect oneself or to protect another” <– wtf are you thinking? that this is applicable? don’t try to sound smart when there’s nothing upstairs

    yay for capitalistic America, which made this man, the producers who allowed him on national television to win money without a background check, and most of all, AMERICAN CITIZENS for watching to partake in this fuckfest. the irony is that jasmine wouldn’t have been bent over a car if it weren’t for all of us talking about her and vice versa.

  34. wow!! So sexy!! ^_^

  35. My God she had a perfect ass…

  36. dp

    way too skinny. why do people think those ribs sticking out like that are attractive?

  37. Uh, that did just happen right?

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