Is Ryan Seacrest Getting the Sexual Misconduct Shakedown?

Ryan Seacrest is denying claims that he was “engaged in various forms of misconduct” with his stylist between 2007 and 2010. Because of the statute of limitations, the woman accusing him cannot take him to civil or criminal court… so she’s bringing in some classic mob tactics.

According to TMZ, the woman’s lawyer got in contact with Seacrest and his lawyer and told them that it would cost $15 million for them to not take this to the media. They refused and the price dropped to “seven figures” because negotiation 101 says to aim high out the gate.

“The woman — who worked as Seacrest’s stylist — alleges Seacrest engaged in various forms of misconduct from 2007 to 2010. Seacrest has adamantly denied the claims.

Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ, the woman’s lawyer contacted Seacrest’s attorney and first demanded $15 million and, when the lawyer was told to take a hike, later said somewhere in the 7 figures would be acceptable.

Our sources say the woman’s lawyer had a meeting with Seacrest’s attorney — Seacrest was on the phone — and her lawyer read aloud a press release that he said he would send to the media unless Seacrest met her financial demands.

The lawyer for the accuser tells TMZ, his client ‘wanted an apology from Ryan and validation of what had happened and what she got was a complete rejection of the allegations and a request that she not go forward with an interview with NBC investigators.'” (from TMZ)

Did Ryan Seacrest treat her like shit/make inappropriate comments/touch her ass, etc? Probably. I have no idea because there is no specific information beyond “various forms of misconduct,” which could be anything from grazing a boob and not apologizing to sneezing into someone’s vagina and calling them your bitch (and c’mon… it’s Ryan Seacrest and this is a female stylist — that’s kind of fishy).

You have to admit this smells like a shakedown. And not the good kind of shakedown that involves Sisqó judging a dance competition in Cancun — this is the bad kind. Now that the story has broken, E! is conducting an internal investigation into the woman’s claims… maybe he should have just shelled out that hush money and called it a day.

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