Ryan Reynolds Made Blake Lively Watch His Dog

December 15th, 2011 // 7 Comments

“What’s that, boy? Ryan’s trapped in a well and only naked pictures of me can get him out?”

Ryan Reynolds is rich and can easily afford to hire someone to watch his dog for him, but clearly it’d be more fun to make Blake Lively do it while she’s busy filming Gossip Girl in New York this week. Sort of like how Derek Jeter can easily afford jewelry or Olive Garden gift cards, but instead chooses to give women he just ejaculated in an old baseball from under the couch. Love is a dance!

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News


  1. Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds Dog Baxter
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  2. I’m a cat person, but I gotta say, that dog looks so adorable and friendly. I feel like he deserves his own posts. You know, one of those deals where a random photo of a celebrity shows the face of a new star in the making. Like Brad Pitt’s assistant.

    • Frank Burns

      plus he got Blake to wear something besides her usual ‘hippy chic’ or whatever she calls her typical style

  3. Venom

    “Bitch watch my bitch”

  4. Blah

    She is such a w****. First Leo then right to Ryan. She is dating to up her profile. Who does she think she is? Nicole Kidman?

  5. Little Perry

    I think it’s so cute that she and the dog look very similar, same color hair and its collar matches her outfit.

  6. forrest gump

    …………even his mother refuses!!

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