Ryan Phillippe Knocked This Up

March 14th, 2011 // 47 Comments

Ryan Phillippe‘s life just got a lot more fun. Apparently over the summer he not only dated model Alexis Knapp (above), but stuck his penis in her vagina without a condom on which somehow resulted in a pregnancy. Who knew that’s how that works? People reports:

Alexis Knapp, 26, an actress who dated Phillippe last summer, is pregnant and, a source says, “Alexis has told friends that the child is Ryan’s.”
The baby is said to be due in June.
Reps for Knapp and Phillippe did not have any comment. But the source tells PEOPLE that “Ryan is aware of the situation [and] totally prepared to take responsibility should the child be his.”

Yeesh. Amanda Seyfried is gonna love this.

RYAN: Amanda, there’s something I need to tell you.
AMANDA: Ryan? Ryan? Is that you? I can hear you, but for some reason I can’t see you…
RYAN: Shit, my bad. I was standing in front of you. *moves to her side* Better?
AMANDA: Much. You were saying?

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Sounds like a nice problem to have, except for the baby part.

  2. Happy Spillmore

    Now he can have a kid to name Felipe Phillippe

  3. what a cretin. can’t wait to see what he’s stuck paying for that genius move. and now everyone knows he’s a cheatin fool. well played, sir. well played

  4. Disco Dave

    Ahh, the horse jokes get me every time. Most entertaining post on the site all day.

  5. Cock Dr

    If she got pregnant under the misconception that he’s an A-list high dollar celebrity she may have miscalculated.
    Probably was hoping for a Bentley & a 6 figure yearly income. Instead she’s going to wind up with a busted figure, a squalling brat & a used Ford Focus.

  6. You don’t have any photos of her pre-knock up? Getting lazy Fish.

  7. Talk Hard

    Like the outie

  8. You can see that she’s pregnant, her belly button is already the size of Ryan Phillipe’s penis.

  9. cc

    Not a single nude photo of her anywhere online. How sad.

    Here’s a tip Ryan. You can only afford to randomly knock up some model after every 3rd high paying gig. EVERY 3RD.

  10. Thus proving the only lie bigger than “don’t worry, I’ll only stick it in for a minute” is “don’t worry, I am on the pill”.

  11. Bucky Barnes

    She’s pretty cute even without makeup. I’d be up for a round of punchin’ the munchkin.

  12. Mike

    why do tall women always look better pregnant than short one??? shes hot, even with that belly, :)

  13. T1

    ouch @ the seyfried joke and that model chick is pretty…

  14. The Critical Crassness

    Something doesn’t add up here….he dated her last summer….but she couldn’t be due in June unless she got pregnant in October…I smell paternity issues!
    The kid probably belongs to some broke, fat ass welfare case who couldn’t afford to support it! So, pick a celebrity you have previously dated and name him as the father.

    • Michael Jackson's Brain

      That’s the beauty of DNA testing

    • Kia

      I was thinking the same thing. I’m due in June and got pregnant in late September. Although I’m thinking in her case she probably isn’t knocked up by some broke, fat ass welfare case as most models aren’t slumming it often.

      • I also was thinking the same thing. But technically most of September is still considered Summer. So if they conceived Sept 20th, for example, the due date would be June 27th. @The Critical Crassness….if she got pregnant in October, she would be due in July.

    • dfgfdfd

      wow you are so romantic…people have to “go steady” in order to have sex, that’s so realistic…

  15. Ruth

    Aw, she looks like Megan Foxes more attractive sister.

  16. dfgfdfd

    shes actually really cute

  17. jen

    she’s very pretty, but she looks so young!

  18. Clarence Beeks

    I can’t believe none of these fucking morons use birth control.

  19. Amy Sandwich

    Is birth control equivalent to blistering boils for these people? It’s like none of them have ever heard of it. No pills, condoms, nothing. Bunch of idiots.

  20. Marceelf

    “Who knew that’s how that worked?” Umm, Alexis Knapp.

  21. XYZ

    Looks like showbizzers havent heard of birth control yet. Anyway, for the dork called Ryan Philippe, I have 2 words: paternity test.

  22. XYZ

    And btw, no single pic of her as a model. What is she modeling, cocks? I bet my head she is a prostitute/call girl who found a nice scapegoat in Ryan Philippe. Modeling is undercover prostitution anyway.

  23. the captain

    she was more like a “Beauty Queen” from a horror scene……….

  24. atotalcad


    You’re right about Amanda, you could land a Cessna between those eyes.

  25. Urbanspaceman

    She got what she wanted, 20 years of free money.

    • Chicklette

      Well, not exactly free…I’d much rather not have a screaming ass kid draggin my ass down for 20 years.

  26. Yomama

    Firstly, Alexis is only 21. She’s turning 22 in July of 2011. She’s modeled under the name Alexis Merizalde, her modelmayhem site confirms this.

  27. right

    if he woulda only cum in her mouth, on her face or tits, he wouldn’t have this problem. Learn from his mistake.

  28. right

    btw you know she got him a few drinks, (then) told him i wanna feel ur big dick inside me without a condom. Laid with her legs up in the air trying to hold his cum inside as long as possible. Then lit a few candles and prayed for the next week. The guy is a sucker. For him, he will be paying at least 25k/mo X 12….X 18. Plus yearly increases. He was suckered (by her) to juice her.

  29. Pen-a-lope

    She was pregnant in March of 2011 folks. she’s already had that baby.

  30. Chuck

    I just saw her tits and thought I’d hit up google. Now I’m here and far less interested.

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