Ryan Murphy Hates Slash, Too

January 27th, 2011 // 61 Comments

If you haven’t been near the Internet in the past 24 hours Glee creator Ryan Murphy has launched a hissy fit after Kings of Leon refused to let their music appear on his show. Ryan’s prima donna behavior is, naturally, being fueled by Perez Hilton because apparently saying “no” to Glee is the equivalent of burning gays at the stake while simultaneously de-funding music education in every single school across the country. But lost in the mix was Ryan’s retort to Slash who had the following to say about the show. Via RollingStone.com:

Glee is worse than Grease and Grease is bad enough. I look at Grease now and think, ‘Between High School Musical and Glee, Grease was a work of art.’”

Ryan Murphy, of course, hopped on his sequined high horse and began hurling sassy bombs, setting gays back to their days on the plantation. — Wait:

“Usually I find that people who make those comments, their careers are over; they’re uneducated and quite stupid.

Oh, snap, girlfriend!

Look, I don’t want to rehash anything that IDLYITW already covered and twisted a few tits because apparently no one understands satire or the true meaning of homophobia. So I’m going to make fun of music majors, who are probably the worst, most self-absorbed group of assholes you’ll ever meet. Allow me to illustrate:

If my son came up to me and said, “Dad, I’m gay,” I’d greet him with love and acceptance seeing as I could be no more mad at him for having brown hair. You are how you’re born.

Now, if he came up to me said, “Dad, I want to major in bassoon,” I’d beat him within an inch of his life with a hammer.

The moral of the story? Glee is that hammer. — Or is it the gay son? Honestly, it’s not important. Slash is awesome, that’s what I’m trying to say here.

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  1. DKNY

    So if your son came up to you and said he was gay, would that make him a Gay Fish?

  2. DinoHunter

    uh oh, If he IS a gay fish, hide him from Kanye!

    and yeah, Glee blows big moose chunks.

  3. KB

    I hate Glee, there I said it

    • Facebook Me

      Glee is a flash-in-the pan. Slash is a rock icon. Fish, GREAT anology about the scenario if your son was gay, I might use that myself.

  4. alex

    Think this Ryan Murphy is getting a tiny bit of an ego?

    When you step on people on the way up, you will most certainly meet them on the way down.

    Fuck you Ryan Murphy.

  5. Fletch

    I really have no feelings about glee one way or the other. I don’t watch it, haven’t watched it and will not watch it. Am I homophobic? Nah, I just hate drama queen gays like Murphy and Hilton.

  6. weasel hunter

    Do you know who I want to hear singing Kings of Leon? Kings of Leon.

    I will give this guy credit for achieving the feat of turning face-stabbingly bad songs into songs that make me want to destroy the universe. It brings a sense of purpose to my life.

  7. Ryan Murphy is a little bitch that needs to get over himself.

  8. Dont bother replying, trolls

    Slash’s solos are predictable, so..

    • Burt

      Yes, I know homeless street performers who can play circles around him…But that’s besides the point. He’s entitled to refuse, and if he does so because he dislikes the show, well that’s as good a reason as any.

  9. Izzy

    Fuck Glee. Slash is a badass! Good for him for saying no!

  10. I always thought Glee was the gayest thing on TV, and people called me insensitive. Now it turns out the entire gay community thinks Glee is the gayest thing on TV, and they call me insensitive. What the hell do they want?? I mean other than penis.

  11. Fuck Ryan Murphy and Fuck Fox Broadcasting!…stick your artsy-fartsy “Glee” up your twat, I mean ass…no difference.

  12. J

    “Glee” sucks. I’m still pissed that it beat “Modern Family” at the Golden Globes. Bullshit.

  13. Rick

    Ryan Murphy is upset because “Slash” reminds him of his chronic anal fissures.

  14. richierich

    “setting gays back to their days on the plantation”

    oh thats hilarious, this is why i love this site. fuckin win!

  15. Kate

    Glee creeps me the fuck out. There’s something wrong with the way they edit the singing, it gives me uncanny valley vibes.

  16. In your allegory, Glee would be the bassoon, because that would be what your son would be careening his life’s trajectory towards. And also because Glee blows.

    • babooda

      Glee would be the bassoon because of the odd-ball sound that issues forth from even the best played bassoon! Which is just like the odd-ball sounds emanating from Ryan’s mouth every time he opens it or for that matter every time anyone on his show except Jane Lynch, says or sings anything !

  17. Captain_Insano

    The gays never should have been given the vote.

  18. One more reason to hate Glee.

  19. Jimmy Fury

    I don’t give a shit about Ryan Murphy, Slash, or KoL but I am curious about how the IDLYITW post was satire… is the poster gay? Some huge gay rights supporter in RL?

    Cuz if not i don’t get the satirical aspect of it… it just looks like a rant about why he hates gay people…

    • TomFrank

      It was a rant, just like the time IDLYITW covered Chastity/Chaz Bono’s gender transition by trashing everyone who’s ever had a sex change. (“It doesn’t mean that God made a mistake, it just means you need to double your dosage.”)

      I have a bad feeling that that “no one understands satire” up there sounds like a license to be racist/homophobic/etc. and then go, “What? I was making a joke! Chill out!” as if that makes it all right.

    • LambOfTheCloth

      Agreed. I’m a homo and I’m happy to hate on Glee (because it blows) and to make fun of myself in jest or what bitchy queens like to do, because I find it both annoying and embarrassing. But I don’t find anything in IDLYITW’s post to be satirical or particularly funny, I mean, I get his annoyance, but it’s pretty blanket-related. We’re not all hissy-fit havin’, z-formation snappin’ queens. And we’re often just as embarrassed by bitchy fools as everyone else is. Meh. But once again, this is why Superficial pretty much owns, he is funny and offensive in all the right ways.

  20. Amy

    “If my son came up to me and said, “Dad, I’m gay,” I’d greet him with love and acceptance seeing as I could be no more mad at him for having brown hair. You are how you’re born.

    Now, if he came up to me said, “Dad, I want to major in bassoon,” I’d beat him within an inch of his life with a hammer.”

    I need to quote this one day. And include “stage acting” with the bassoon. I’d be completely cool with my kid being gay, but if he wants to do arts shit when he grows up, I’m disowning him.

  21. Aussie Mama

    Slash can say what ever he wants, cos he’s Slash. So, so cool, for ever.
    Glee….never got into it, so can’t comment there.

  22. Tom

    I don’t see this Nathan Followill guy calling him gay, but a girl, and what’s worse: making fun of the minority of gay people, or the half the world who are female?

  23. JuiceinLA

    wait- perez hilton is still alive? WTF, I feel like someone slipped me a chunk of Charlie Sheen’s Coke brick and I blacked out for a year….

    • babooda

      Alive and still lacking in musical, as well as, any other kind of taste. Just look at the long line of highly talented and original artist whom Perez thinks are so “Faboosh and Fierce” starting with Lady Crapola and Justin Bieber.
      Yeah, Perez is still alive, lacking in any real value and also, “setting gays back to their days on the plantation”. Fucking Hilarious,Fish!

  24. G-Spot rocks the G-Spot

    Yeah…because Glee has contributed more to music by shoveling shitty covers of shitty songs made famous by shitty people who had those songs written for them by equally shitty commercial songwriters and are now being performed by equally shitty “entertainers” on Glee.

    That Murphy asshole has obviously never enjoyed the song Mr.Brownstone because he’s been too busy getting it in his brown stone.

    I can’t believe Glee exists.

  25. marie

    I’m a 20 year-old girl so I think I can get away with liking Glee. That being said, I absolutly HATE Ryan Murphy for so many reasons. That man is the most pretentious cunt I’ve ever seen. I like KoL’s (I although I despise those douches as people) and Slash’s music but everyone has a right to his opinion; Murphy basically comes out as an hysterical moron for what he responded to these artists.

  26. Veronica

    I can’t even sit through an episode of Glee. I tried, but couldn’t. I also couldn’t give a fig about finding out the details of this hissy. However, I believe the creators of Glee also created Nip/Tuck, so I let them off the hook for the next 10 years or so.

  27. dead peter

    Glee’s retarded. You go on and do your gay ass singing and dancing. I’ll be sucking some cock in the boys locker room, feeling like a real man.

  28. Aggie

    I hate that when something is associated with the gay community you lose your right to dislike it. I’m not homphobic , I hate Glee cuz it’s an AWFUL show.

    • Jimmy Fury

      Only uptight morons with no confidence would think anyone is homophobic for disliking something that just happens to be associated with the gay community…
      I hate most things associated with the gay community and i *am* gay.

      Then again I was once accused of being a self hating closet case for thinking Britney is a useless cunt…

      Nevermind you make a valid point…

  29. Burt

    Mmm, you guys going all homophobic don’t know that Slash describes participating in some pretty gay stuff in his autobiography, do you? His hatred of Glee has nothing to do with homophobia.

    • Aussie Mama

      I read his biography and don’t remember anything even slightly gay man. Plenty of drug trps etc, but most certainly nothing gay. He’s all man, no lines blurred there at all.

  30. Snoski Roc

    Glee sucks! Slash rocks!!! I don’t think Slash’s time is over in regards to relevance, and he’s a musical genius so…I believe Ryan Murphy’s 15 minutes are almost up…Or so I hope.

  31. RasputinsLiver


    Fuck Mario “Perez Hilton” Lavender. He’s just an illiterate, low-brow, self-hating root smoocher who’s even attacked his fellow light-in-the-loafers.

    And, fuck Glee as well. What a gizmoid program. I’m with Slash and anyone else who tell the Gleetard Murphy to take a fuckin’ flyin’ leap and dive deep head first, mouth open, into Liberace’s rotted stink hole.


  32. Brooke

    I couldn’t agree with Slash more.

    What made me sad was when my brother’s college put on a glee club show for everyone (it was awful) and in the program it listed where the sources for their music was. At one point, they started singing “Jump” by Van Halen, and I’m like “Fuck yeah, some decent music!” and then I looked at the program and it said “‘Jump’ from the series Glee”. I fucking hate Generation ME, and after watching two episodes of Glee decided I’m not a fan of it, either.

    And I agree with Fish, too. If my kid ever said he/she wanted to be an idol I’d disown them.

  33. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    Do you gays claim glee? Good Gawd you guys suck, I might rethink my position on gay marriage now because Glee sucks so bad. Outside of Queen what have we gotten from you fruits?
    the village people
    Ru Paul
    and now Glee
    is there any real talent in the Phage community?

    • Jimmy Fury

      “Outside of Queen what have we gotten from you fruits?”
      Judas Priest, Imperial Teen, Green Day, The entire 70′s glam scene, Sigur Ros, REM, Placebo, The Germs, The Gossip, Pansy Division, the 90′s riot grrl scene…. I could keep going but I’m still not sure why anyone would need to go outside of Queen to begin with.

  34. wim

    be honest: WHO LIKES THIS GUY?

  35. OzzyStillbourne

    The IDLYITW article was fantastic. Now I’m just waiting for people to get offended on the gays behalf.

    • dead peter

      You know, if you really want my honest opinion (You don’t. I don’t care.), an asshole like Ryan Murphy says some dumb, pretentious shit, and people like Todd from IDLYITW stick it to every gay person out there, saying, “This is why people hate you.”

      Nevermind the fact that if you said the same thing about any other minority out there, you’d be like, “Hey, dude, not cool.” But since half the shit we wear has glitter on it, gay people are pretty fucking easy to get pissed off at when you’re having a bad day. And take a poll or just notice the tension in the room when two guys kiss, even around some people who say they’re fine with it. Pretty alienating. So it only makes sense some might have a chip on their shoulder, but a lot of gay people, I think, have a pretty good sense of humor about a lot of things. Except being told that you’re hated and that you’re like a spoiled child.

      So you know what? Todd can suck my dick. Sure, his article was doing everybody a favor by showing people the undeniable link between musical theater and delusional thinking, not to mention spotlighting Ryan Murphy’s uncanny ability to fall in love with the smell of his own asshole. But then, he turned it into a pretty lazy post about how gays throw tantrums to get what they want. Parades and glee clubs and special rights. Is that it? I’ll add another: Don’t lump us all in with some stupid prick and stoke people’s homophobia in the process. Straight people who say and do stupid shit aren’t considered representatives of all other straight people. I want that same privilege. And by the way, don’t tell me what Lady Gaga and Madonna said like I wrote the press releases for them. Bitches crazy–also not my fault. You give me all that, I’ll let the marriage thing slide. At least until Rachel Maddow says otherwise.

      • Becky

        For real.

        The Superficial defending IDLYITW’s satirical integrity is like Stephen Colbert standing up for Ann Coulter. Todd’s posts are always lazy raunch.

  36. Frobz

    Glee is an atrocity and the sooner it has been canceled, the better. It is the “Guitar Hero” of TV shows, taking perfectly good (or thankfully forgotten) songs and farting them out with a shiny new teenaged sheen.

    Slash is right. And you know what the worst thing about this idiotic show is? It’s not that it resurrected CRAP like Journey. The worst part is, a whole generation of teenaged idiots is walking around thinking the music of Heart, Journey and others is “That music from Glee.” They have no clue about the original artists who made the music, they just think “it came from Glee.”

    Fuck Glee.

  37. babooda

    Well, that is really telling them,Mr.Gay Producer of a soon to be forgotten “musical” TV show. Your point is dead on, except for a couple of facts…A. Flash is not washed up, career over or uneducated. B. Did you attend The Juilliard School: Music Division? I think not, but Slash did, which makes him considerably more talented than any of the nitwits your show has in its’ cast.
    Slash is a rock legend or icon, who’s versatility and style, which you would be highly aware of ,had you ever attended a G & R or Velvet Revolver concert is amazing. You on the other hand are the producer of a badly constructed “tribute band” of a show, who gets pissy when real artists refuse to have their music mutilated by your crop of minimally talented posers. Stick with using and commenting on pompous little idiots like Justin Bieber or the oh so musically talented, Gwyneth Paltrow and leave the music of real performers alone, then you won’t be getting your panties in a bunch every time they refuse to have their music brutalized by one of your choral atrocities.

  38. Mickey R

    Glee sucks and Ryan Murphy looks like some sort of slimy creature. I’m not sure which, but he’s clearly an ass.

  39. Slash

    Glee fucking sucks

  40. jz

    Haha.. Awesome article. I hate glee. It makes me sick to the innermost parts of my being!

  41. Gleefuckyeah

    I watch Glee while fucking five different bitches at the same time. I’m clearly not gay.

  42. martina

    SLASH CAN SUCK MY DICK…if i had one ;)

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