Zac Efron & Ryan Gosling Might Be Playing Han Solo and Luke Skywalker Jr.

Apparently most of Hollywood understands that the prequels were horseshit thanks to George Lucas writing, directing and making everyone act in a giant green-screen thunderdome while he sat on a couch because, according to Latino Review, Disney has already had meetings with Zac Efron AND Ryan Gosling for Episode VII because people who are obsessed with Star Wars might have girlfriends that are interested in handsome men? You lost me:

As for what role Efron would be playing, we don’t know. He could be a Solo kid. But what I was told for sure is the Gosling went in for Skywalker’s son. Yes, that’s right Luke’s kid.

Of course, without seeing the script it’s hard to say whether it’s true that the movie stars a Han and Luke Jr., or even if one of these two got the part(s) because actors are a superstitious, secretive lot. It’s not like one of them is out there dropping hints. Subtle, subtle hints. Don’t be ridiculous.

Photos: Getty, INFdaily