‘Jackass’ Ryan Dunn Dies in Car Crash

June 20th, 2011 // 256 Comments

Around midnight last night Jackass and Viva La Bam star Ryan Dunn (left) posted the above photo to his Twitter account. Three hours later, he was pronounced dead in a car accident. TMZ reports:

34-year-old Dunn appeared in all of the “Jackass” movies — famously shoving a toy car into his rectum in the first flick back in 2002.
Dunn and an unidentified person both died in the crash which happened around 3 a.m. at Route 322 and New Street in West Goshen Township. It’s unclear who was driving the car.

So, basically two drunk assholes got into a car Porsche and luckily managed to only kill themselves instead of innocent bystanders. I’d say that’s a happy ending, but only if footage turns up of Ryan Dunn looking into a camera and saying, “I call this one ‘Natural Selection.’”

EDIT: For anyone who didn’t click that Porsche link, Dunn is confirmed as the driver.

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  1. SATAN


    • that sucks Dunn was a funny MF!

      • Big Ass Bunny Feet

        “So, basically two drunk assholes got into a car Porsche and luckily managed to only kill themselves instead of innocent bystanders.”

        That is dead on. They were most likely driving drunk and could’ve killed other people. Pretty fucking stupid. Glad nobody else was killed/maimed/paralyzed/all kinds of awful outcomes of drunk driving.

    • ME

      stupid is, AS stupid does now hes dead think hats cool?????????????

      yes, A REAL JACKASS !

    • ME

      DID YA SEEEEE THE CAR? THERE WERE NO BODIES DUDE! Couldnt possibly be! NOT a good idea, no matter how much of a JACKASS U wanna be , I call ASSSSS HOLE dear god !

  2. Hugh Gentry

    I wish Bam was in the backseat.

  3. You idiots.

    RIP Ryan Dunn.

    I am sad.

  4. Hemingway

    Shit…I watched Jackass 3.5 with the lady over the weekend and said “You know, I’m surprised nobody’s died yet…” ;_;

  5. dont get it

    wow fish. way to be an asshole

    • Weaselmouse

      without disrespecting the dead, on my part, i gotta say he has a point though. (facepalm.) look at the above picture???

      • dont get it

        that pic proves that he had ONE drink. it does not prove that is what caused the accident. until a toxicology report comes out, it is not ok to assume that was the cause of the accident. it is rural Pennsylvania. for all we know a fucking deer ran out in front of them. fish calling his death natural selection is trollish.

      • hz

        You are disrespecting the dead, you (and Fish) don’t know who was driving, how much the driver had to drink(if anything), or if Ryan Dunn had any responsibility in this.
        You see a guy having ONE drink and you say they were “drunk assholes…who luckily only managed to kill themselves” literally hours after these men died, but hey you must have access to info the rest of us don’t.
        Last I checked driving with a couple drinks in you is still legal, and more importantly it doesn’t mean you deserve to die and be ridiculed immediately after

      • Ron Mexico

        dont get it – toxicollogy report? Its all burned up dude.

    • RoboZombie

      @dont get it:
      First timer?

      • dont get it

        nope. i usual find fish to be very funny. but today, not so much. it’s really tacky to make fun of this guys death.

      • S'up Bitches!

        dont get it doesn’t seem to know that much about this website. If you want disingenuous compassion go to a different fucking page. The guy stapled his balls to his leg and shoved inanimate objects up his asshole for a living, for fuck’s sake. He wasn’t exactly the second coming of Christ. That being stated, it was another fantastic post Fish.

      • Blonde

        Wouldn’t we all be MORE surprised if he WASN’T drunk driving?

    • Durr

      oh boo-fucking-hoo, your boyfriend died

      • kay

        drunk or not.. 110 mph is unnecessary and selfish, just glad he didnt hit another car

      • Anthony

        110mph?? how do you know that?? all i wanna for sure is if he and the other guy were drunk and probably being “jackasses” i have no remorse for anyone that gets behind a wheel drunk and thinks there fine to drive, but then ends up rapped around a tree dead. just the fact the car wrapped around the tree and they didnt hit anyone else proves they were being stupid.

  6. Awww I loved jackass and Haggard … R.I.P.

  7. Richard McBeef

    Should have stuck to riding in shopping carts. Much safer to do while drunk.

  8. david

    This makes me very, very sad. He was probably the only likeable one in the group.

  9. N

    Sad when you consider Dunn was by far the most stable, sane and likable one of the Jackass guys.

  10. the captain

    it’s simple: HE WAS ASKING FOR IT.

  11. Kamrynne

    R.I.P. ~ Ryan dunn ,

  12. Ryan Dunn Drunk Twitter
    Commented on this photo:


  13. MrsPlant

    This is kind of sad. But seriously, let’s not drink and drive. Just crash at a friends house for fucks sake and don’t waste lives. Fish has a point; they could have killed some innocent unsuspecting person coming home from a late shift at work or something.

  14. E-rock

    What!? Wow, thats sad. I live in the same town as these guys, never liked em, but thats still sad. Im good friends with two in the first pic that he is drinking with. Ryan was actually the nicest out of all the Jackasses. At least no innocent bystanders were killed. ;(

  15. Ms. Anthrope

    Who cares? I’m at work.

    • agnus

      he killed another person because of his drinking…..i’m not
      saying that anyone deserves to die but the asshole did
      it to himself

  16. Whoever wrote this article is a piece of shit

    I cried my eyes out when I heard this news because I’ve always loved Ryan Dunn. It is not cool to drive drunk, but he didn’t deserve to die. I don’t even know who was driving or what. The person who wrote this article is an insensitive cunt. I wish you were one of those “innocent bystanders” because you should be dead, not Ryan. I guarantee Ryan has done a lot more good for the world by making people laugh. Kill yourself.

    • Whoever wrote this comment is a piece of shit

      The hypocrisy in this post is astounding.

      • Blonde

        AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA… it’s funny cause it’s true.
        Did Ryan cure cancer by shoving cars up his ass?

      • Whoever wrote this article is a piece of shit

        What hypocrisy? Shithead. Who knows if they were drunk in the first place and like I said, we don’t even know who was driving yet. The article is heartless and stupid, just like you, so fuck off.

      • Whoever wrote this comment is a piece of shit

        Callings someone “an insensitive cunt” and then wishing death on someone is a little hypocritical, since if it actually happened there would be outrage against you. Is that clear enough?

      • nobody

        “Did Ryan cure cancer by shoving cars up his ass?”

        Thanks Blonde. I’ll be billing you for the keyboard I wrecked doing a spit-take with my coffee.

    • That Bastard Tony

      You do realize that if Fish were one of those “bystanders” that his point would have been proven. If the report comes back that they were intoxicated, I don’t care how much “good in the world” you do, you probably should have used better judgment. If it had to come down between these guys vs. a family of 4 coming home from a late move, I say spare the family and take these idiots.

      Just sayin….

      • Whoever wrote this article is a piece of shit

        Well I only mentioned the “bystander” thing because Fish is an asshole, so I wouldn’t feel bad at all if he was run over. Thanks.

    • rican

      @Whoever, where you Dunn’s spouse? Or did you love him because you idolized the guy even though your knowledge of him was limited to what you saw in the movies?

    • nadia

      you’re an idiot

    • AleisterCrowley

      Yeah.You really should think about some therapy. It’s sad when someone dies but ,considering you are one, you still need to act like an adult and keep your shit together.

  17. Acrylique

    You really couldn’t put up a better pic than one focusing on some fat guys with Dunn on the far left?

  18. Cock Dr

    “Jackass star”.
    Isn’t that an oxymoron?

  19. 2for2true

    Wow, really Satan? You’re about as funny as a ripe turd.

  20. Do_Freebird

    Fish is not the ass hole. You drink, you drive, you’re dead, you’re fault. West Goshen’s a little town and 322 is one lane each way in that town. The car was going over 100 MPH when it veered to the right, jumped a guard rail, and blew apart. It could just as easily have veered right and killed innocent people. The only ass hole was in the car.

  21. Alex

    Like little puppets, right Fish? Any reaction is a good reaction. Comments don’t post themselves.

  22. Jamie

    WOW! Who’s to say that he didn’t have a DD in the car? Do you have information that you’re not posting about the other person? It’s a little to soon to say he got what he deserved don’t you think? RUDE!

    • kay

      110 mph? you think that’s necessary? I sure as hell don’t
      drunk or sober, whoever was driving was going way too fast and being extremely selfish

      • Jamie

        His posting said drunk assholes. Nothing about speeding. Whatever the cause, a post without all the facts like he has written is downright rude. Think about the family of these two guys who lost their lives? Reckless yes, but shouldn’t post about drunk assholes until there is proof.

    • Mandi

      Maybe you read this before the edit, but Dunn was the driver, not a DD.

      • Jamie

        The original posting said that it was unclear who was driving. Story is developing. Stating my opinion at the information that this douche provided at the time. Either way, it’s hurtful for the family for him to be portrayed like this.

  23. p-rod

    Fuck you poster, yeah it further proves drunk driving is a bad idea but celebrating a guys death who has brought joy and laughter to perhaps millions of people? Rest in peace random hero

    • MasterKat

      Yeah, but if he’d killed you, you’d have been pissed. Ok, maimed. If he’d maimed you because he wanted to get drunk and rocket down the highway at 100+mph, you’d probably have a different word for him besides “hero.” And he was totally cool risking that. He gambled with his life and the lives of everyone unlucky enough to exist near him. I’m not glad he’s dead, but I’m not going to glorify a person like that either.

  24. Ryan Dunn Drunk Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    Just checked out MTV.com, being the whole creators of Jackass and all. Nothing. Not a mention anywhere. Not a fuck was given that day.

  25. Buttercup

    Never watched any Jackass stuff, but drunk or not drunk, going 100+ mph is one very stupid thing to do on our roadways (day or night). Guess what can happen and why it is against the law.

    Looks like he died the way preferred to live, with a huge WOW factor. Unfortunate for any passenger who didn’t see it the same way and/or who may have a family.

  26. Daniel

    He made a bad decision and look what has happened how can u all speak so ill of the dead and then to wish death upon others is the lowest of the low your sick

  27. idiots

    lol at you bitchy little liberal clowns talking about drunk driving go fuck yourselves

    • duh

      wtf does being liberal have to do with any of this, exactly? fucking tard

    • hz

      He’s saying it’s a “bitchy little liberal” problem because libertarians like him think drunk driving laws are just another form of government interference, incredibly stupid but there you have it.

    • drinkngRcool

      Defends drunk driving. I hear they need real, live, pseudo intellect, pseudo political crash dummies for car tests. Free beer provided.

    • Venom

      God, redneck white trash trailer park losers like you have to inject politics into everything, even when it is not political.
      Sad fucking loser.

  28. E-rock

    Fyi Fish, really really bad karma on your part. Its so easy to sit behind your computer and make fun of people, but his body is still warm… What if his good friends or family read this? You just lost a lot of followers, and frankly make me sick. you could use a major lesson in class, but I guess thats asking a lot of you. Peace out asshole.

  29. Bow Chica Wow Wow

    Never ever drink and drive! I did once, I must have driven home at like 5mph to make sure I didn’t crash, I was lucky I didn’t get pulled over but I’ve never done it since. Life’s too short but anyone who drinks and drives has it coming.

    • Jon

      Depends on the person, how drunk they are and how good a driver they are. It’s never a good idea though. Especially if that person loves to get wasted, that’s usually a sign of craziness and crazy people shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

      • Bow Chica Wow Wow

        I agree. There’s a huge difference between crawling home in a shitty little punto because you didn’t get off the work coach in time and tearing through the backwaters in a porsche while you’re completley wasted.

    • Jovy

      How the hell did you even make it to the car? Cause when I’m drunk I can’t even stand up without assistance and a bucket to heave in let alone make it to a car.

  30. Ish Kabibble

    Well said, S’up Bitches!

  31. Deacon Jones

    Well, that explains why West Goshen was all fucked this morning during rush hour…

    FISH, poor call on ripping this guy. Having lost a friend (from that area as well) to a drunk driving incident, and going to the funeral seeing so much pain amongst the family members and friends, I don’t wish this on anyone.

    Yeah, he made a stupid ass choice, but you don’t realize how much of a ripple effect this has on so many people until you go to one of these things, it’s fucking terrible.

  32. Mendacity 'R' Us

    A self-destructive nitiwt died early? Who’d have thunk!

  33. Mendacity 'R' Us

    Deacon, Fish didn’t scream this post from the back of the chapel.

  34. Burrito Supreme

    There are a lot of sandy vaginas here today. Where are the too soon jokes?

  35. Why was he out drinking with Turtle and a coked out Joe Rogan?

  36. Moar

    Dunn was a good guy. Screw you for saying what you did about him, was not even funny.


  37. How much of the Porsche was found up his ass? It seems important.

  38. lala

    I couldn’t agree more with that last paragraph. I mean, just because one gets paid to act like an idiot, doesn’t mean they have to be one all the time.

  39. The one

    Lol who ever wrote this is a skumbag peace of shit no one deserves to die and who says he was Driveing or even drunk for that matter get your facts befor u post shit u fucking retarded fuck

  40. truth

    I live in West Chester and I can tell you for a fact that Sundays around here are the day every hipster doufus gets shit-faced stupid. I don’t know if it’s because there’s a sense of entitlement they all feel because their parents have/had money and they weren’t as successful so they show up to their shitty jobs at PacSun in the Exton mall all hungover or if it’s the sheer boredom of living too far away from Philadelphia to be cool yet close enough to realize they aren’t smart or competetive enough to make it in a big city environment. The poster who claims we live in rural PA and that a deer may have jumped out in front of them is total bullshit, deer are as common as road signs out here so you know to ALWAYS look out for them after dark if you’re sober enough to do so. These guys feel like they can get away with this stuff because the worst thing that ever happens out here is the occasional garage break-in so the police are like Barney fucking Fife. If it really was a deer then I say we send it over to the Magera residence to really take care of some business.

    • Let me know when you are done using the Ninja Deer. I have people to send him to as well…

    • Deacon Jones

      That part of 322 is crawling with those fuckers, it wouldnt surprise me.

      • we lost two hs kids locally two months ago, on a road known for deer. driver was going 100 mph (they were ‘hilling’ – dukes of hazard shit.) knowing there are dear there didn’t equate to taking precautions (speed limit, seat belts). hick drivers are gona be hick drivers. and that’s one year after another teen from the same school died hilling on that road.

  41. Let’s wait on the tox report before jumping to the conclusion he was drunk. But driving 100 mph is still plenty reckless.RIP jackass. Thanks for not plowing into a minivan full of children.

    • kimmykimkim

      I don’t think there’s going to be a tox report. Isn’t there nothing left?…wait, they said they recognized chest tattoos, so maybe..I don’t know…maybe I should catch up on some Dr. G Medical Examiner…but I agree dude@dude, 100 mph is pretty damn stupid whether you’re drunk or not, whether you’re on a highway in the middle of the night, especially when you know there can be deer out there! He certainly didn’t deserve to die, but when you drive that fast, how can you really expect to get home safely? Its really sad man. I just hope they didn’t suffer and that maybe their last moments were the most fun they’d had ever. Sometimes u just gotta change ur thinking to not get so down about it. It’s like my old friend, Laura, who worked on a giant ship and was swept away but a HUGE wave off the coast of Nova Scotia. We died doing what she loved. Not exactly the same situation, but you get it.

  42. Melster

    He’s off to meet the Great Jackass in the sky.

  43. Mendacity 'R' Us


    “The one | June 20, 2011 at 11:42 am Lol who ever wrote this is a skumbag peace of shit no one deserves to die and who says he was Driveing or even drunk for that matter get your facts befor u post shit u fucking retarded fuck”

    LOL=11-year-old girl posting

  44. What are the chances we could get lucky and find that Snooki was the co-pilot?

  45. amber

    Fish you’re a fat ugly fuck.

  46. Elle

    Sad news…but atleast when someone says “who died?” you can reply with “some jackass” and be right every time.

  47. Maggie

    In general, nobody goes, “You asshole/scumbag/douche,” when someone goes, “Drinking and driving kills.” But when it does happen and someone points it out, it’s somehow disrespectful and rude.

    You know, in some places, one drink is enough to hit the illegal limit. It’s not really about how much they drank, it’s about making poor decisions that potentially could have impacted other innocent people – and that’s exactly what the author pointed out.

  48. SHADE

    Wow… Your a real fucking cunt. Have some respect!

  49. jenster

    A bunch of retards that made their career out of doing dangerous ‘stunts’ & 1 of them dies & were supposed 2 be shocked? How the fuck is steve-o still alive?

    • drinkngRcool

      And don’t forget “respectful” and “reverent” for someone who laughed at death until death finally had the last laugh.

      And, would YOU allow any Jackass member to drive YOU home (drunk or sober)? Talk about risk taking. It’s right up there with the guy on a motorcycle who pulled a wheelie to the right & front of my car on the freeway while a truck was filming from behind. Family and “friends” should just start crying and saying their goodbyes and R.I.P. now while the person can actually hear them.

      My friend got drunk the other night and wanted to drive home. I said, “No. I’ll take you home or you can stay here.” “What, do you think I’m a drunk?” (Wealthy drinker becoming overly defensive about the topic.) I answered, “No, I think you’re loaded.” I drove her home in her own car and then drove myself home in it. She took a cab the next day and couldn’t even piece it together that I have her car keys. So, a life was saved! How come this didn’t make national news?

      Maybe his death will be more effective then all of the “Do NOT try this at home!” disclaimers on the show, which is probably like waving a red cape in front of a bunch of young, impressionable baby bulls.

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