Police: Ryan Dunn’s B.A.C. Was .196, Over Twice Legal Limit

June 22nd, 2011 // 259 Comments

That was fast. TMZ reports:

West Goshen Police Chief Michael Carroll told the Daily Local News … Dunn’s B.A.C. was .196 … nearly two-and-a-half times the legal limit in Pennsylvania, which is .08. Carroll added, “No other substances were found in his blood other than the alcohol.”

In before someone says: “God, don’t the police realize someone is dead?! Ryan was so nice! Don’t act like any of you don’t make mistakes like driving 130 mph in your Porsche drunk as shit. I can’t believe they brought this up after he just died. I’ve been sitting here crying my eyes out, and it makes me so angry that people keep bringing up it’s Ryan own fault for killing himself and that guy. Okay, so he made one mistake, Jackass 3 was so LOL. I fucking hate you jerks.”

UPDATE: A bunch of you sent this in, so here’s Bam and his mom talking about how Ryan is going to “eat it” one day because he always “drives like an asshole.”

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  1. mon

    Someone should forward this to Bam next time he thinks about bitching out at Ebert.

  2. JP

    Guess that guy in the video won the death pool after all.

  3. echz

    Man … Didn’t Nick Hogan pull pretty much this same gag a few years ago? Except … he lived?

    • Carrie

      Yep, and I believe the Marine that was in the car with him is a vegetable now. I don’t remember anyone back then being on Nick Hogan’s side, do you? Funny how that martyr stuff works.

  4. Teresa

    You so nailed it!

  5. Carrie

    And in a move that should surprise absolutely no one who is up to date on current events, the WBC will be there to protest Dunn’s funeral. Can I just say, I’d rather they’d picket Dunn’s rather than his passenger’s? Oh, WBC, you crazy fucks.

  6. Reginald

    Fuck him. He’s a scumbag. Being a scumbag killed him. We can only hope that scumbag being a fatal condition spreads to the rest of those maggots he hangs out with.

  7. anonym

    Darwin vs religion.

    Darwin wins.

    at least dunn won’t be contributing to the gene pool.

  8. kcarroll26

    I have been the Designated Driver for my drunk friend for the last 20 years. I do it, not because I don’t like to go out and catch a buzz of my own from time to time, but because I want to live to see another day. I know, even with her best intentions, that she will not be able to stick to a single glass of wine and at some point in the night I will be holding her hair back while she pukes. For this reason, I have severely limited the amount of time I spend with her. She refuses to see she has a problem and I finally refused to stop enabling her by being her ride home.

  9. Reginald

    Whoops, my bad. After all this time trashing Ryan, I read an updated accident reconstruction report. It turns out he wasn’t driving at all – stuffing a hot-wheels car up his ass wasn’t enough for his artistic vision, so he was bent over gripping the tree while his bud tried to ram the Porche home. It got a little out of hand, obviously, but imagine how fucking funny it would have been if it had worked – can’t you just see the expression on that ER doc’s face? Ha! The man was an artist, practically Jesus, really, sacrificing himself for his fans and his art, and gone too soon. (Sniff, sob.)

  10. Ed

    He stuck a toy car in his ass and made enough money to buy a Porsche . . . this country’s circling the drain.

  11. Jesus-Is-Lord.com

    Please accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Only he can save you from eternal damnation. I just hope Ryan Dunn accepted Jesus in his life before he died or he will be facing an eternity of hell fire for his sins.

    http://www.knowgod.org to find out more about God and salvation. Please don’t put it off.

  12. GrimlyFiendish

    Everyone associated with “Jackass” are fucking brilliant. They realized, quite young, that you don’t REALLY have to work for a living. All you have to do is shriek “EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEMEEEEEEEE” and do stupid shit and suddenly you’ll attract sponsors like mosquito bites. And that’s what it’s all about…sponsorship. RIGHT BAM BAM? I can’t think of any good reason why a skateboarding shithead like BAM BAM has so much money, except for the idiot 30-something marketing idiots that think he’s the way to “connect” with the “hip and happening youth.” But hey, he exploited their stupidity and we didn’t.

    Oh what? Jackass Beardo drank himself stupid and drove into a tree? That’s still marketing money in the bank. And he still had more money than everyone here, dead. GOD FUCKING BLESS AMERIKA

  13. the captain

    he had special contact lenses.
    HE SAW “LIFE” AS A FUN FAIR, folks!!

  14. That Guy

    I wonder if he was alive to hear the moaning and crying of his friend. Or to experience, if for only a few pained moments, the smell of splattered antifreeze, brake fluid, gasoline, blood, and urine. Perhaps the sound of the car’s door chime was still ringing, just as he remembered it. The sound would both comfort him and then, slowly, frighten him as he became fully conscious of the blood, torn flesh, hair and small piece of plastic, glass and cloth that covered the mangled, twisted interior.

  15. American

    Sad for his friends and family. Not sad he’s gone. The world is no safer by one person. What an asshole!

  16. Ryan Dunn Drunk
    Commented on this photo:

    This just sucks.

  17. doodles

    Proof he tried to kill before: http://youtu.be/zbhh_fcfl_k


  18. Blech

    It’s like… instant karma.

  19. Chase

    we all make mistakes, sometimes we die because of them. I feel for him ( in the manner that he died) and his family, but you should be man enuf to give him an RIP the way you did gary colemen. I mean, what if HE drove drunk and plowed through all those chicks from facts of life?? you’d prolly take the day off and call it ‘whatcho talkin’ bou’t’ day…..I know he didn’t, but he was kinda short so that’s still funny. I miss tootie….

    • Minako

      A Jackass “star” or Mother Theressa, what he did was wrong. I’m sure Fish would have the same response no matter who it was that “simply made a mistake”.

  20. Cuthbert

    Pisses me off, reports like this. Shows ignorance by too many people. Don’t talk about something you don’t understand.

    ANYBODY can drive with a BAC much, much higher than that. If you can’t drive with a BAC that low, give up your license to drive at any time. You dont’ deserve it. Obviously Dunn crashed and died, but it was a speeding incident ONLY. The BAC level in this is far below any significant amount.

    Fucking idiots.

    • Carrie

      ^ Who’s this guy?

    • Anon

      You are so goddamn cool. God, I wish I was that cool. Can I please get wasted with you and you can drive me around in your Porsche down a dark, crappy road at 130 mph??

      Oh, wait. You’re just a fucking mong.

      • Carrie

        Whoever he is, he obviously doesn’t realize that Dunn was halfway to be legally dead. But that’s cool, this guy can obviously slam back 24 shots of Jim Beam and still be good to drive that bus of nuns and orphans to church. No worries.

    • eatAdick

      eat a dick douche-o

  21. jim x

    You know what would redeem Bam and the rest of the Jackass crew in my mind? If they walked over to the WBC and beat the living shit out of them, while filming it in 3d.

    Ryan was both their friend and a drunken asshole who killed his own friend with his recklessness. That’s hard for anyone who’s emotional to get their head around. I agree with Fish for telling it like it is, even while I understand the reactions of his friends.

  22. Cocknocker

    Dunn bun can’t be undone.

  23. Brooke

    Wow. That’s… that’s really drunk. Now that we know for sure he was totally wasted when he started driving, and especially now that we know reckless driving was apparently his “thing”, I can’t really defend the guy. He had it coming, and I’m just thankful nobody outside of his car got hurt. What an idiot. What a total waste. I understand wanting to party, but irresponsible shitheads make me sick.

  24. Hater

    Turns out Fish was right about Dunn being drunk.

    Too bad this entire incident showed Fish to be a total homo. The fact that he has the nerve to preach about the dangers of drunk driving while writing a post about George Clooney’s girlfriend breaking up with him is extremely pathetic.

    I don’t think I can read this blog with a straight face anymore.

    • Ish Kabibble

      Face-switch, jackwad?

    • Right on Hater!

      It’s also pathetic that sometimes he eats hot pockets while reading Hume.

      I got sick of this place that time when he was at a funeral and thought about this woman’s ass. And don’t even get me started on how he laughed at this kid dropping her ice cream cone while he was watching a news report on the resourcing of labor.

      It all made him him a homosexual, also.

  25. YM

    Fingers crossed something happens to someone fish cares about. Maybe it will make the sight entertaining again! maybe his dad can go back to shoving a crucifix up his ass. poor unfunny fishy

    • Anon

      Look, kid, I think you’re missing the midday lineup of your favorite Nickelodeon shows. Run along, now.

      • clover

        Anon my friend, it does no good to talk to these flamers. They are too stupid to realize that simply leaving the site will facilitate a sharp decrease in their irritation with Fish’s style.

  26. tara_mel

    To add a further note of this db’s idiocy, he has been charge 23 times in 13 years for driving offences including careless driving, speeding, and driving under a suspended license. And I’m supposed to be upset that he killed himself? No the tragedy is he killed someone else.

  27. SHADE

    “No charges against bar in Ryan Dunn death.”

  28. God is Black

    Yes ,this posting makes it 230 comments! Is this the highest comment count for 1 posting ever on the Superficial ?

  29. Luke

    Nobody was mad that you or anyone else said he was being irresponsible. I think it was more because you called Bam Margera a “little bitch” because he was sad about his best friend dying.

  30. Gin

    I’ve read all your post about Dunn’s death, now I can’t say I’m a huge fan of his but I’m human! A man fucking died, left a fiancé n family n friends behind!! N u can sit there n jugde him for a mistake that took his life! How would u feel if that was a close friend of yours or your partner?? Would u like to hear the shit your saying!!
    Everyone makes mistakes.. Even your rude self have made mistakes! It’s obvious wat his mistake was!! U have n a few other ppl’s comments have taken it too far! Have a bit more fucking respect!

  31. Danny

    Ya where are my comments??????To scared to put them on????? What the fuck?????? You put all these comments from the shitbag haters FUCK YOU and them !!!!!!!!!

  32. badwolf

    fucking drunks think they can do what they want and nevermind the consequences. well he has not only killed himself but has mudered someone else. his passenger NEVER had a chance. and now BOTH of thier families will suffer. for what …. a good time drinking!!! yes, i speak from experience.

  33. Danny

    1st where the fuck are my comments???? Assholes!!!put my shit on here!!!! Now to jesus-is-lorad.com piss off SATAN rules and now the rest of you fucking low life shit sucking ass licking burger eating cocksucking haters I hope you all catch on fire!!!I’ll bring the fucking marshmallows & hotdogs now fuck of and die!!!!!!!!!

  34. kay

    I don’t feel bad, does anyone else? Better him, then an innocent person who cross his path. Be responsible, call a fucking cab ..better yet why would your friend let you drive that completely wasted? FUCKING IDIOTS

  35. Ryan Dunn Drunk
    Jesus Christ
    Commented on this photo:

    If he was that shitfaced, at least he didnt die afraid. Probably didn’t even see it coming.

  36. Dr. FeelGood

    Years ago I let a friend who convinced me he “didn’t drink very much” give me a ride home (I had been drinking and didn’t want to drive).

    He hit max speed in his car (125-130mph) on the freeway and tried to do the same speed on the street. We took a turn at about 65mph, missed it of course and jumped the curb head-on into a tree, completely mangling the car.

    Shockingly, we only had minor injuries but I will *never* be a passenger in someone’s car who has had ANYTHING to drink.

    PS — If you have a bad ass sports car, take it somewhere you can drive it hard without killing people.

  37. Elena

    The ppl daht think its ryans’ fault for his accident are jerks . He was an amazinq daredevil as well as the other jackass crew ; he made everyone lauqh and done amazinq stunts . So everyone should notice what he really was instead of thinkin neqative . Ryan , you will be Missed !

  38. God is Black

    251 comments for a DOUCHE! A record for the Superficial!

  39. james

    I’m glad he is dead
    any idiot that drives drunk deserves that
    is not like we lost anyone talented
    and his show sucked anyway
    only retards view that shit

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